Why do people in the south get married so young?

Not saying it is a bad thing, but it does seem rather peculiar to me. I have several cousins from the south and for all of them it seems like if you aren't married by 25 you're an old maid. You know the saying "ring by spring" to refer to the spring semester of a girl's senior year of college...well, at least in my experience that has totally panned out.

I, being a non-southerner, don't quite understand the mentality. If you love someone, I don't see why waiting a couple of years or so to tie the knot will change anything. But then again, I subscribe to a different viewpoint.

IF you answer that it's societal expectations or societal pressure, I agree, but I'm looking for something a little deeper than that. For example, do you think that in southern society people are expected to be married before they can be viewed as full-fledged adults? Do you think that even though statistics show that pre-marital sex is just as common in the south as anywhere else in the nation, that the public disavowal of "pre-marital relations" pushes couples to tie the knot so as not to arise the suspicion of others? Or do you think in part it has to do with the economic convenience of marriage? Or the desire to begin procreating at an earlier age?

These are just suggestions. I am really at a loss on the subject!


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  • I think women are supposed to be married before they are considered actual adults.

    I am from the south and I am 25 and not married. I am a real adult, I take care of myself. But I don't know many other women around here my age who can say that. However, I lived in Chicago for awhile and there were so many women there my age and older who were unmarried and who took care of themselves.

    It is also unusual to not have kids by the time you are 25 in the south. Most people don't make it past 22 without being a parent.


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  • It's the Bible Belt, they need to get married in order to have sex.

    • I disagree. Statistically, people in the south (yes, that means the bible belt) are just as likely, if not more so, to have sex at an early age. However, I would agree that they are less allowed to publicly acknowledge their sexual activities if unmarried.

    • Well, we don't really disagree.

    • fair enough! :-)

  • Idk me and my sister are dating and having amazing sex no reason for marriage here


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  • Ya know, it ispretty wierd, but where I am, most the people I graduated high school with several years ago or the class behind me even has kids or are married or both. It's like, they didn't really even find time to have a real life before starting a family or whatev. I am one of the only ones that don't have kids or are married, it's a weird feeling, it's like...ok am I missing something, should that be me? But I think I am good where I am at overall anyways.

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