WHERE did you (or want to) get MARRIED?

WHERE did you (or want to) get MARRIED?

If you are married, where do you get married?

If you haven't married yet, and want to, where do you want to get married?

Please vote in the poll and add details in a comment... if you want.

Married on the BEACH
Married in a GARDEN
Married in a CHURCH, TEMPLE or other RELIGIOUS place... by a priest, minister, rabbi etc.
Married at CITY HALL... by a judge
Married on a SHIP... by the Captain
Married in a LAS VEGAS Wedding Chapel
Something ELSE - please tell
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1 mo
This question gives me time to finally change my status. I've called her my SO for a while, though she's really my wife. We got married a few years ago... by the captain on a cruise ship, with just our close friends and family. Interesting that's the only choice in the poll that has no votes... too bad I can't vote for my own post.

I guess I'll be referring to my SO as my wife from now on. 😎
WHERE did you (or want to) get MARRIED?
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