Is he losing interest? or just settling in?

So I've been dating this guy for about 2 months. I realize there is a honeymoon phase. First month was absolutely amazing! We would see each other at lest 3 times a week and every time he would try to set up the next date. He would text me after I left saying he had fun. Or text me goodnight and sweet dreams. Now that happens everyone once and awhile. And a day or 2 will go by before I hear from him. Within the last week, I actually had to contact him last 2 times we hung out, but first time he said he was just about to call me and second time he was busy all day. He always answers my texts or phone calls. It's now been 2 days since I've seen/heard from him. But I know yesterday he had an all day engagement.

Am I being too paranoid here? Thinking back I realize maybe I don't tell him how much I like him or appreciate him enough. I'm trying to give some space, would suddenly telling him scare him off even more if he were indeed trying to pull back? Or would it be just what he needs to hear?

Also--sex, we had sex the first time around after a month and he still showed great affection, it's only been the last 2 weeks that I've noticed some changes. Could I have given it up too soon?


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  • lol this same exact thing happened to me. I was fed up so I brought up the whole "what are we doing/what's going on with us" topic and haven't heard from him since..about 5 days ago...i'm assuming it's over for us. but as for you, do w/e it is that makes you feel better. if it is to have that talk, or to explain to him where you stand and your feelings, then do it. just expect that the situation could go either way. good luck.

    • Thanks for your advice! I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this. I think I maybe overanalyzing the situation..but its what we girls do best right! haha....i'm definitely going to let him know how much I've enjoyed the time we've had so far and how wonderful he is. hopefully I'll hear from him soon. maybe he justs needs a weekend alone...i have to remember he has a life too!

      i really hope you hear from your guy soon and get things resolved. good luck to you as well!

    • Lol thanks for hoping I hear from him soon, but it's likely not's ok though and regardless of what your situation turns out to be (hope it works out in your favor though), we live and we learn from out experiences. and I don't think you're over analyzing anything. as females, we don't over analyze..we actually think about the situation, guys just simply don't think or discuss it. they're weird creatures and have this magic button to switch off their feelings..i wish I had that! lol

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  • if the honeymoon phase is already over I suggest you get out...i had a honeymoon phase for like 2 years...2months is a little premature I would say..