Why Is My Husband Hiding Playboy Mgazines?

My husband and I have been together 16 years. We are still very much in love and still have passionate,energy-draining sex. Needless to say I was shocked,hurt,and felt betrayed when I found a Playboy and Penthouse magazine hidden in an old pair of jeans in his closet. Why does he need to do this when we have always had an awesome relationship,and a wonderful sex life? Now I feel ugly and worthless and don't want to have sex anymore because I feel like he wants me to look like those women,and I don't. I'm so hurt and angry! When I asked him about it,he just said he was just looking and that was it. I don't look at naked men!


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  • It's nothing against you whatsoever so try to avoid making it all about you. It's merely the male mind at work which was designed by evolution to seek out and look at other women. Men were programmed to want to see and look around in order to find better partners for offspring, although that doesn't happen anymore in society, so he was simply looking at it because he was seeing what else was there.

    It was most likely purely for satisfaction and he doesn't even see them as people or anything, just as things to keep his mind interested and primal urges suppresssed. The same way men look at p*rn, do their business, and then stop giving 2 flying sh*ts about the people they looked at.

    The reason you don't look at naked men is because you do not have a males mind and are programmed differently, you don't need to look because women are less visual than guys. I'm sure you've had fancies of being with other people. Well guys are visual and seeing other bodies makes it easier.


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  • hurt and angry? really? Men are visual. looking at naked ladies gets the juices flowing and then he comes to you, silly. Instead of stopping having sex with him, why don't you do something that will blow his mind. Have a naked day with him. Have a p*rno day where the both of you watch p*rno together and have sex. Use toys. Get in touch with your carnal side and share with him. Clearly, if he has to hide nudie mags from you, you are up tight. Let loose and stop the drama. WOMEN!

  • He's just looking at them. It doesn't mean that he's going to have sex with those girls.


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  • your lucky if he's been loyal so far, I've seen worse of a lot of men...Believe me they love to look and imagine, while having sex with you. That's what they do...

    Take a playgirl magazine and look at men too..

    I think men get tired of the same woman, more then we do with them. Sad but true. I would be with my guy and we would be behind a woman with a nice ass, and I could feel that he liked it, or even worse want her...swear! And I'm one of those with a great body. Men..

  • I read somewhere that primary needs of men and woman differ. For a woman the need is to find a genetically desirable mate and the protector for their offspring. That means you want one man for yourself to protect you and a man to give you good genes. Now the ultimate goal is to find both in one man. A woman who has will not show interest in other men.

    Male instinctive needs are different. For them, like for women, it is about finding good genes, but it is also about having a harem. Spreading his genes to a larger number of females. Like for a woman winning at life biologically means to have healthy children and raise then in comfort, so it is for a man to have as many children of his own. Men and women instinctively ensure that the number of humans stays sufficient on this earth in different ways.

    That's why women are more child orientated and more protective of the child than anyone else, while men are more society orientated, protective of as many humans as possible. And since the number of humans depends on the number of pregnant women, men seek to sleep with as many as possible and protect as many as possible. A man will kill his child before his wife if she is giving birth and both are at risk. If Titanic starts to sink, men will send women and children in the boats.

    The reason I told you all this is to make you understand you husbands need to see more women naked is instinctual. It does not mean he wants to cheat on you, or that he doesn't love you. Some p*rn actresses are actually ugly (most not), but since they are part of the variety, they make money anyway.