Why Are Women Of Massachusetts So Stuck Up?

I was once a nice sweet guy, great sense of humor, a tad weird, and a self proclaimed romantic, I am 35 now, never had a true relationship, only had one woman in my life I ever truly loved.

I lived in Massachusetts all my life. And over the years in my search for the love of my life, I have found that from the time of birth women have been told that men are pigs, scum, and jerks, etc. On the other hand women are supposed to be the sweetest things, sensitive and caring, affectionate creatures.

I tried many tactics to entice a woman’s attention, from personal ads to dating services, bars, dance clubs, book stores, supermarkets, you name it, I've been there. Even on the train, on the street. One thing has never changed, the wealth of SNOBBY women!
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No matter where I've been, the plan was simple; SMILE! And say 'Hello'. In almost EVERY ENCOUNTER the result was that:

(1) she completely ignored me, turned her head in the opposite direction than me,
(2) she made a sigh or a grunt in response,
(3) or she gave a look that could most likely mean how dare I say hello to her!

Now I have been told I am negative, but how does me being negative EXCUSE these rude women of Massachusetts? Another example you ask? I was at a news stand and I noticed a cute lady reading a women’s magazine. I noticed the article she was reading was titled: 'How to attract today’s man'. So I worked up my courage and said 'Hi there.' She looked and me with blank eyes and went back to her magazine!

How about this one, I had to put change in parking meter and 3 cute ladies walked towards me. Did I say a form of greeting, you bet 'Hello' I said, one gal grunted. And all 3 kept walking. And I’ll bet you money they were out for drinks later and someone had to have complained, 'I just can’t seem to find any nice men!' Ahh if only she had said “hi!”

I think you get the picture of what I have had to deal with in the past several years in my search for female companionship! You cannot honestly say it’s all in my mind.

Now we have dating services out there ready to help themselves all geared to help ONLY women. Women get to call phone chat lines for free while men have to pay anywhere from $1.99 and up a minute. We have bars that offer “ladies night”We have dating clubs that women can join, no fees, and no obligations. While men have to come up with $2000+ in some cases!

Now for some reason some women are still complaining there is no equality among the sexes! This much is true, men are getting railroaded, ripped off in the dating game big time!

Of course you may argue, 'Not all women are like this, you’re stereotyping all women on the acts of a hand full' Ok, I grant you that one I've only been single all my life and been looking for love for ever 12 years. Your right, some women are not that rude. Some women know that playing hard to get is a big mistake because they would be alone forever if they were that rude, they may know deep down they have to offer what they can. I've been told I should LOWER my standards and look into dating these women, and so I did!
"We have dating clubs that women can join, no fees, and no obligations, while men have to come up with $2000+ in some cases!"

Now mind you, as I lowered my standards, my goal became simple, find a woman I can ENJOY being with! Not too hard right? Let me see if I can remember the women I met. Obese, bi-sexual, looking to experiment, freaks with glow in the dark hair, body piercing and excessive tattoos, one gal wanted kids MORE than a relationship, women who are more concerned with popularity than taking care of their friends who need them, one woman confessed before we met on the phone that she had herpes. Ok that’s enough. I want to be able to go to sleep tonight!

I just start laughing when women I don’t like start trying to give me guilt trip "Maybe you should lower your standards" or "You shouldn't be so picky." As if I had NO RIGHT to be happy! Now, for the record, am I bitter? Yes, am I angry? No, I am disgusted and disappointed. But I think you can see I have just reasons. As with all problems, before the solution can be found, there must be AWARENESS of the problem.

I pray someone out there has been listening, it would be a crime to the word if the problem got worse, there is no place anymore for women who play hard to get when shy men are afraid to say 'hello' or risk being accused of sexual harassment. Where women only talk to arrogant men and ignore the awkward guy in the corner. There are good men out there ladies, you just got look and listen!

Why Are Women Of Massachusetts So Stuck Up?
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  • PeiPei627
    I think the women you met were just stupid. I think people are just being stupid. I love talking to just about anybody. But for some reason, people play games and they don't give people the benefit of the doubt. They learned to just keep playing the game and even toss out simple manners, like saying at least hello back! My experience has been, guys will talk to me, but nothing more...even now. So to be honest, I've gotten to the point where I'm expecting guys, yes, will talk to me..but nothing mor
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Most Helpful Guy

  • dildo_guy
    Wat you need 2 do is find older women who don't or can't play the **** tease game. Younger women are on a absurd treadmill where they can only bring themselves to reward the 'sugar daddy' or 'pool boy' with blow jobs. The average male is a mere spectator in this charade and the article (and in fact every man's life) attests to this. All this bullsh*t is a statement of our f***ed up society. As many of the posters say, goto a third world country and people know how to live outside the 'jersey shore'.
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  • sballer5
    Oh my gosh, I went into this skeptical, but now couldn't agree more! I live in MA, but am a student from NH, and whenever any guy compliments me on the street (even a hobo!) I smile and say thank you. It's nice and flattering! but my friends will elbow me and tell me not to answer them! how rude.
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  • OfAfricandescent
    Wow, going by what you have written you are in a very tough place. The only things I could think of, to help you improve your situation. Would be to move, change your image, or wait.

    How much you change your image, would depend on what you are comfortable doing. If I was you I wouldn't change so much that I wouldn't say hello to people, but it's your choice.
  • AlekNovy
    Everywhere I went, I used to see bitter, bitchy, rude women who are conceited.

    Now, everywhere I go I see sweet, loving women who are just desperately looking for love.

    Did all the women change? No, **I did**, lol. You (author of this article), are like the male version of a girl who cries "all men are jerks!"... If you don't believe me there's women who say the same about men, half the questions here involve "why are all men so stuck up" thinking lol.

  • OpenClose
    Warren Farrell spoke of this in "why men are the way they are".

    And Norah Vincent, a journalist, (and feminist?), decided to live 18 months as a man, and found a similar pattern.

    The best thing you could possibly do would be to become independent of relationships. And I could say that about men in general.
  • jaykay
    This dude has a point a very valid point, I'm from Montreal, Canada and it seems to be the same around here.

    Anyways, dude its pointless to say this, very few people will agree with you on this and the ones that do, won't have the balls to say it.

    Also you will royally get flamed be the ladies, VERY rarely do women see our point , they usually resort to name calling like "bitter" "frustrated" and such. Most women can't seem to think outside of their ideology
  • spartom
    For some reason, I myself have that image in my head of most guys even though I am a guy. I always like to think of myself not as a typical guy as in most are egotistical and obnoxious sometimes. Only difference is I think of a lot of girls as bitches because you hear all the time of how they are sluts or assholes to everyone! I am lucky though because I have the best friends now and it's a good mix. Few girls, few guys, gay guy, girlfriend who is amazing! Sorry your not as lucky you should move
  • Platinum07
    All I have to say is I salute you. I know the feeling and a lot of what you said mimics my experiences. No girls anymore seem to have values or high self worth. I changed myself for the better and I have women hitting on me now. I turn down most of them because they are just not worth it. A little taste of their own medicine.
  • martyfellow
    1. The code for behavior is never be nice to an unknownman...

    2. Women in the US love only Daddy, maybe their gay best friend, but really not heterosexual men, who they only relate to on the basis of how much money they have. In other words, most modern US women pretty much act like streetwalkers...
  • kimberlyinspired
    Massachusetts sounds like my law firm. Dude, you sound bitter. I can see. Not all women are just inviting with the arms open, and not a lot of people say hello ( I live in Vegas, no one here gives a shit) Try internet dating and don't try to impress, try to just be yourself. I tryed Internet, and I've found someone crazier than me. Dude, always here to say hi.
  • Crystallic-Oasis
    Ouch, I'm sorry that you've been so unlucky despite all your attempts at finding love. I've noticed lately a lot of women are thinking they are the best damn thing alive. It's annoying, and I know that deep down their hiding insecurities just like the rest of us. I think you maybe bitter, but who's to say it isn't justified?

    Maybe move out of State for a while, out of country maybe. I live in Canada, and depending on where you live you'll find some laid back, nice girls looking for a nice man.
  • aliciaxx
    I didn't realize this only happens in Massachusetts... What do you expect to happen when you walk up to a woman who knows nothing about you? Life isn't a romantic movie. You can keep trying that, and eventually you'll say 'Hello' to another romantic, but what I hear works for most people is that when they are happy with themselves and being single is when true love comes.
    • Itsmeeeee77

      And that’s when you girls reject true love

  • Sincere617
    I'm from Boston all the women here are stuck even the fat ugly ones think they're sh*t don't stink. the key is to never ever greet them (I know who would think being friendly wouldn't work) instead ask for something ask for direction ask for a lighter ask for whatever. That's how you start the conversation then you throw in some back handed compliments and there you go I leave the to you
  • ALWAYSclassy
    You should move to the south. most girls are friendly there lol. if a guy spoke to me, I would speak back just because that's the polite thing to do. if he didn't come off as creepy or scummy then it's okay to at least answer him.
  • MrKkibbles
    While I agree with most of what you said, I was disappointed by what some of your "lower standards" were. You think girls with colored hair, piercings and tattoos are freaks? That's what I wish I could get.
  • Itsmeeeee77
    I met a Massachusetts girl and she just played with me. I always believed in love and I fell in love with her and she dumped me twice and went with 2 different guys all morons. I won’t fall in love with MA girl again. Love hurts lust doesn’t and I better be away from all MA girls
  • OfAfricandescent
    As for waiting, unfortunately you could be waiting for a long time. Depending on your luck, and how long it would take these women to change. Good luck anyway.
  • geekygamer79
    I agree its a little ridiculous to say the very least you could not have been more right, and martyfellow that's just too funny but sadly very right on, they say one thing and mean/do another.
  • bestill
    Come down south...problem solved! Black, White, Hispanic, Asian...they all smile, and will respond back. hey, they even approach the men sometimes down here (im in NC btw)
  • jacquesvol
    When I say "hallo" to a random woman in Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Germany or elsewhere, guess what? They look the other side. Why? They were taught to do so by their fathers. And yes, their fathers are MEN.
  • Nutz76
    What you're describing is called a "bitch shield". Google that shit and learn more about how to break through.
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