When it Comes to Holiday Shopping, Girls Are Cheap!

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Believe it or not, but the holiday season is upon us. Television commercials are all about advertising the hottest gift ideas and blowout sale prices, but we're wondering if it even matters? When it comes to gifting, is it really all about the price?

How Much Do You Spend on Holiday Gifts?

We asked the GAG Community just how much they're planning on spending on holiday gifts for their significant others, and over 1300 votes rolled in. The results? Well, apparently, the holidays are the perfect time to be thrifty.

Girls Are Cheap!

The majority of girls polled said that they're planning on spending less than $100 on holiday gifts for their significant others. So much for that PS4, guys!

On the other hand, guys said that they're most likely to spend between $100 and $300 on gifts for their partner. Ladies, keep that in mind as you're creating your holiday wish list!

The Results Are In...

When it Comes to Holiday Shopping, Girls Are Cheap!

Reasons for the Decline

Whether it's the bad economy or the trend of taking the DIY route for holiday gifting, there's no denying the decline in the amount girls are spending on holiday gifts for their mates.

Another theory suggests that many couples are on the verge of breaking up right before the holidays, but stick together to avoid being lonely during this time of year. Perhaps this is the motivation behind all of those cheap gifts? After all, why spend a pretty penny on someone you're planning on dumping in a few weeks? Makes sense to us.

What's On Your List?

Are any high-dollar items on your holiday wish list this year? If so, do you think you'll get them? Guys, maybe with a little sweet talking you'll be able to convince your girl to spring for something special. If not, well... you better start saving up!

What Do You Think?

Ladies, are you a "cheap" gifter, or do you spend more than the majority of girls on holiday gifts for your guy? Same question for you too, guys: do you align with the majority of the voters and typically spend between $100 and $300 on gifts for your girl?

When it Comes to Holiday Shopping, Girls Are Cheap!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    i don't really have anything on my list for my boyfriend. he just kinda goes out and buys cute little things that i would like haha. i'd feel bad asking him for things, to be honest. but, i'm kind of a cheap gifter. i don't have a job, but i do get amazon gift cards through doing surveys. so thats how i buy all my christmas/birthday gifts for people. i try to spend around $50 for my boyfriend. i also surprise him with random little gifts throughout the year. if i didn't do that, i could probably spend a little more on him. he's a simple man anyway. he doesn't want a lot of expensive gifts, so it works both ways!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • slackercruster
    Cheap? Don't care. She does not have to give me a thing. The girl herself is a priceless present. More than enuf for me!
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    • So you're saying that your value in the relationship is 0? lol

    • BiGrEdDoG

      We don't give gifts to each other, mutual agreement. It's silly and unless you drop some cash who cares. Although, we've been together for 16 years. I used to get something she mentioned off hand in a store. That sowed it up. But now she gets it herself before I have a chance. Or if if wasn't serious she sees a waste of money. But that's my girl, very practical. And for me

    • BiGrEdDoG

      And for me. The stuff I want is too technical.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • AleDeEurope
    The last thing I'm gonna look is the price tag, what I'm gonna focus is what that gift means to us. I rather have a $5 gift that means the world for both, than a $500 gift that has zero meaning. A gift should never be about the price, but the meaning of it. That smile she has when she hands you the gift, hoping you will love it; that right there is priceless.
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  • MiniMinions
    51% of girls vs 60% of guys would buy $100+ gifts. And you think a 9% difference is significant enough to make girls "cheap". Who are you kidding? If you wanna play it that way, BOTH the majority of girls and the majority of guys said they'd spend more than $100 dollars on gifts. Because that's how statistics work and not your silly little deduction.
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  • Hannah591
    I'm a cheap gifter but why spend so much for one day? Over the years, I would've spent a great deal on him if you added them all together, including his birthday. I also consider the fact that the relationship may not last so then it'd be a waste of my money. My boyfriend always splashes out on me, he's got me three presents already and I've got him one cheap one so far.
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  • linahh
    It doesn't have to mean that we're cheap. Nowadays more and more girls (and boys) decide to do some DIY gifts, which cost less but mean a lot. Generally, perhaps men will spend more money on the gift but women will spend more effort and time (of course, there are exceptions).
  • findingdreamland
    I don't think we're cheap gifter. Well i am talking about myself here. Probably girly stuff cost more than buying a guy.
  • purplepandas90
    I'm getting m bf a skateboard & it just depends on which one I think he'll like the best. If my favorite one is $200, he's worth it.
  • puplecard
    Fact: i am a cheap person. I just got into a relationship a month ago. My bf is in the air force so i decided to split his gift half shipping it to base n give him my nice DIY gift when he's back. I sent him a bunch of cheap foods but shipping was expensive. Then i made him an extra long air force banket with my perfume on it. Its the simple things i think that are the best. I couldn't ask to buy me anything specific because if you are going to give a gift id rather have something less expensive with a lot of thought/meaning than 1 expensive item that will be thrown in a pile in a week.
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  • bunnyy
    hahaha tell that to my bank account :(
    I like spoiling my boyfriend! plus he goes overboard so I must compete!! just kidding I just really enjoy buying him stuff because I want to make him happy and I love him. He has an entire new wardrobe for Christmas, and some expensive and stylish new winter boots! but I gave him those early since he was wearing sneakers with holes in the snow because he spent all his money on me... I think he got me a new phone he's bad at hiding things like that. But I've spent at least 400 dollars on him so far for Christmas.
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  • Kyndra
    Now I feel bad, I only spent 15$ for my boyfriend's gift except shipping.
    • The thought counts more than the price.

    • Kyndra

      @Anno_Domini I sure hope so, after seeing the poll results

  • alyssamcmillen
    True... but we are also considering all the other people we have to buy for more than the male population. And we tend to want to / think of more people to buy for compared to the male population.
  • Swigaway
    They aren't cheap. They bleed men dry
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  • WiiU89
    The best gifts... don't have a price
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  • kelaynak
    They aren't cheap.
  • GoldCobra
    Dammit girls, get it together!
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  • Anonymous
    Last year I knitted my girlfriend a scarf. She still wears it, and thinks about me when she does.
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  • Anonymous
    You have to consider that many of the cheap gifters are under 18 and probably don't have that much extra money to spend on a present for their bf/gf.