Should I buy my ex boyfriend's son a Christmas gift?

My ex boyfriend & I recently went through a VERY rough break up. Throughout the relationship he treated me better than any guy ever did, but then overnight things changed & he broke up with me & started acting EXTREMELY rude toward me. Like 2 weeks after the break up he apologized for the things he said. He still has his attitude, but he told me he still wants to be with me ... even though right now we really aren't talking. He said he wants to see me after Christmas & maybe spend time with me on New Years. I really don't expect him to get me anything for Christmas because he's 21, has a 2 year old son, lost his job, & can barely buy things for his son. But he said if he can come up with money to get me something then he would, but I doubt that would happen & I'm not mad about it. I completely understand his situation.

Last night I was thinking about buying him something for Christmas, but then I thought about how he been treating me & how bad the break up was that I couldn't even decide what to get him. He really doesn't deserve anything from me especially because last week with all the drama going on between us, I still sent him $20 to go toward his phone bill & I don't HAVE A JOB NEITHER (because I leave for the Army in February)! I bend over backwards & bust my a** to make sure he's happy & taken care of.

Well anyway, last night after deciding I really don't know what I could possibly get him, I decided I would buy something for his son. I want to buy his son a pair of Jordans & Polo shoes. All together they cost $72 & like I said "I don't have a job either" so again I'm busting my a** trying to make sure I come up with the money by tomorrow so I can order them.

I still have feelings for him of course & him & I might work it out, but then we might not...its up 2 him. I just want to buy his son something because 1. I love buying things for babies & dressing them up & 2. Our break up has nothing to do with his son, so why should I feel like I shouldn't do things & buy things for him?

My friends told me I shouldn't do a thing for him or his son. I understand not doing a thing for my ex, but why should I feel like I shouldn't do a thing for his son who has never done a thing to hurt me?

The thing is I'm NOT trying to buy my ex back. Never would I ever use money or material things to win somebody over. Its just that I planned on buying his son something even before the break up. Whether we get back together or not isn't on my list of things to worry about because at this point I really don't care. But its the holidays & I just like doing nice things for people. I'm not & has never been the type to hold a grudge on people.

What would you do?
Should I buy my ex boyfriend's son a Christmas gift?
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