My step brother out of the blew became randomly over protective? Is this normal?

I moved in with my mom and her new husband, this included her 20 year old son and 15 year old daughter. The other night I found out that my coworker I have been making out with and semi falling in love with got in a relationship with a girl who I frequently saw. It really hurt me because I don't give my time or effort to just anyone. I got really wasted while our parents were out of town and he was in charge. I got dropped off my a friend, who was sober, and started crying the second I got into the house. He hugged me and wrapped his arm around me all night till I felt better. He knew I was a virgin because we went to the same hs and that was my reputation. He came into my work and told the guy what an a**hole he was and what he was missing. He was super reassuring and made me feel better of the whole thing. We fought endlessly when we first moved in. Why is he doing this out of the blue?


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  • I don't know your circumstances, or what your step brother is like, but with my natural brothers, we fight all the time. But when push comes to shove, we'll have each others back every time.

    This is something that girls in general seem to have a hard time understanding, no offense intended, but guys can fight like dogs one minute and be best friends the next. It's part of being guys. The fighting becomes part of the bonding process. Men who fight get to know their opponent better than men who don't fight. Simply put, the most base instincts are drawn to the surface.

    I don't know if this was the case with your step-brother, but I would think that the fighting between you two, might have been his way of learning about you. It's kind of like how, with wolves, a male will investigate a new acquaintance by showing his fangs and growling. It's sort of a test to see if the visitor is a threat or not. So, the fighting was probably exploration into unknown territory for him.

    Hope this helps. sorry if it doesn't. I don't claim to be an expert.

    • It is funny, but there are a lot of guys that I didn't like when I first met and almost got in fights with that wound up good friends.

    • yeah, tell me about it. My brothers and I used to fight all the time, still do occasionally, but we're still thicker than thieves.

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  • Your step brother might have the hots for you. Oh well. You two aren't related so it's all gravy in his eyes. No genetics, no problem. Up to you how you want to handle it.

  • It's because he cares about you a lot because you're his little sister.

    Any family member can do that, even he's just your step brother.

  • even though you are his step sister you are still essentially brother and sister living under the same roof and he is going to fight with you like brother and sisters do but then he is also going to protect you. He is hard wired like this as he already had a little sister. god knows my sister and I fight like cat and dog but at the first sign that she is upset or been wronged I'm massively protective of her and would do anything for her. I think that its really nice that you have bonded like that.


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