College Frat Initiation? over thinking it?

I'm a 20 year old guy and I'm thinking of joining a frat in college this fall. However this frat is well known for their one main initiation. They do what they refer to as 'art night', a night where our frat 'teams up' with a sorority...they set up an art studio where the sorority sisters draw and sketch the new guys. Essentially the new guys must act as 'life models' for our sorority other words, we must model fully nude, in front of our sorority sisters.

The official idea being that we must respect our sisters and must not keep any secrets or hide anything from them. But in reality I think the idea is to somewhat humiliate the new guys by having them stand, fully nude, while a bunch of girls stare intently and draw you. Unfortunately, only the new frat members pose nude for the sorority sisters...the sisters never do anything like that as part of their although they get to see us nude, we never get to see them.

I have a friend that is in the sorority, so I'm a bit worried about being nude in front of her. From what I understand, obviously there is a bit of giggling from the girls and whatnot and it seems a bit unfair that they get to see us, but we never get to see them.

I guess I don't mind being nude in front of a female friend that much and I know she will find it comical, but it kind of bums me out that I won't get to see her nude like she'll be seeing me. Am I over thinking this? Like it annoys me that she and the other girls will see everything I have, but I don't get to see any of them. Maybe I should just stop worrying and we'll just join and hopefully everything goes okay?
College Frat Initiation? over thinking it?
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