PC Rigs or Consoles? A Deep Dive into the Next Generation of Gaming

Consoles or PCs? A question that has been bothering gamers for a long time now...

So let's rush headlong into the subject: You want a gaming machine and you don't know where to turn.



Well let's weigh the advantages and the disadvantages:


1. Since PS4 and XBOX1 there isn't a performance issue compared to PCs when it comes to the existent games because let's admit it, no matter how hard and heavy they are, consoles of the 4th generation have a ton of processing power. As a console guy, when a game is well optimized, it runs very smoothly on 1080p and frankly, I don't think there is a need for anything more. Besides, games are always made with the console power as their gnomon.

2. Consoles of 4th gen are way cheaper than their equal gaming PC. I mean it's 350€ to get a ps4 and at least 600€ to build a pc on your own(cause ready are much more expensive) with the same stats.

3. PS4 controllers feel the best from any PC controller I've ever experienced (but i might also be wrong I ain't sure what you think).

4. Consoles are made to last and you don't have to worry about your machine not being able to play a new aaa title (no need for new hardware for at least 5 years).

However, games for consoles are way more expensive than pc games. I give PCs that. Also, multiplayer is paid in consoles which sucks really much!


1. PCs are and will always be one technological step ahead. A PC is made up of easily removable parts that can be frequently changed or updated in contrast to the console which is made at one point and that's it and since pc power doubles each year I consider this very much of an advantage for pcs. It might a little useless though at times cause as I previously mentioned, games are made according to console specs.

2. Cheaper games and various easy ways to download them illegally and free.

3. Free multiplayer which used to be the case with consoles as well untill the 4th gen but heck, now it's a disadvantage of consoles.

4. More games (unknown titles mostly but still) to choose from.

5. Faster service maybe.

However, PCs don't have the exclusives that consoles get and they occupy a looot more space and effort in order to set them up...

In the end, I guess both have pros/cons but it's a matter of which you are loyal to from the beginning. PC gamers will most likely buy PCs and console people will buy consoles.

So, what do you think?

Did I miss something?

Give me your views!


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  • I know that you can do Mods on the PC where console gamers are simply stuck unless if a DLC comes out. But they are also very expensive.

    Over here, PC games tend to be cheaper. PS games also seem to be cheaper than Xbox for some reason (at least the games that I tend to get).

    • fallout 4 on ps4 and xbox one are actually getting mods

    • @ihatethiswebsite only after you get G. E. C. K. As of now the PC has hundreds of mods for Fallout 4.

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  • I'm a console guy. I've given PC games a fair shot, and I still have a PC gaming rig that I use as my household computer.

    For me, PC gaming is too solitary. I like the social factor of having that gaming console box in the living / family room, and being able to play with family and friends on it.

    I also like the selection of games better on console. The main genres I play are fighting, sports and single player RPG.

    Most of the games on PC are shooters, MMOs, or strategy.


    Plus with PC I don't have to worry about compatibility issues. I buy that console game and I'm 100% percent certain it's going to work.


    Also console games can be sold and traded!

    • I just like that consoles are much simpler and you can use it strictly for gaming. And the game is basically guaranteed to run very well on it

    • @ihatethiswebsite

      Very true about the game being guaranteed to run on it. I don't have patience to deal with hardware compatibility, intricate setting tweaks and all that other shit.

      PC games do have their advantages but im into simplicity and in-the-flesh social play, with decent graphics.

    • I think the graphics are definitely good enough for the average person. Pcs can look a lot better but your definitely paying for it.

  • In general, I think that PC gaming is better, but in order to feel that difference, you have to pay at least 1000$ which is very expensive comparing to consoles but if you are serious about gaming and pay for online gaming then the PC is cheaper on the long term. And it also depends on what kind of games you are into.

  • PC = Consoles :)

  • Just PC master race. PC is generally superior.

    PC graphics and Console graphics cannot be compared, the difference is just too big to do so.

    PCs can perform way much more than just games. You can listen to music, watch videos, create files, browse the internet, download stuff, voice communicate with programs and much much unimaginary more.

    (I can't play with console controllers FPS games!)

    Basically if you love gaming then don't get yourself tortured and get yourself a PC :)

    • PCs can perform way much more than just games. You can listen to music, watch videos, create files, browse the internet, download stuff, voice communicate with programs and much unimaginably more EXACTLY lol.

    • speaking about games tho I don't agree with your opinion on graphics cause 30-35 with 60 fps doesn't make any difference to me to be honest
      also i have learned to play everything on console so for me it's torture to play on pc with keyboard and mouse (fps games as you said) I literally can't

    • https://30vs60.com/

      I see a ginormous difference. But we all have our own viewpoints. By graphics I mean texture quality (but FPS is a reason too). My cousin migrated from console to PC and boy he said the difference can not be overseen. Just saying.

      Look, I know the console and PC gaming platforms are usually wars. I am not a combatant of any of those. I say we all should just get along with what we prefer :) Have a good day!

  • Well, very nice infos :)
    I am a PC player but i have PS4 too :D
    PC because of ur second point on PCs :D
    PS4 because of multiplayer games !
    Usually i download the games which are made for single player like resident evil, splinter cell, Max payne or...
    And i buy games like Fifa, Mortal kombat and... for multiplayer games :D
    And with the streaming option on PS4, i really prefer to play with PS4 now :D
    But playing using mous and keyboard is something else :D
    I'm not a fan of Xbox @ all :D (it's the only thing made by Microsoft that i don't like :D)
    And finally, paying for PS+ is cheaper than Xbox gold :D

    YAY PC

  • Someone's a little biased. Have you checked out /r/pcmasterrace yet? They have a couple rigs that can outperform any xbox or playstation at no more then 400 dollars.

    • are you sure? give me some pc stats

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    • For 400 dollars you're only gonna get parry. If you want twice as powerful, thats when it starts going up. The upside is that once you have a rig, you can upgrade it to a modern level by getting a new graphics card for less then a whole new console.

      If you don't want to make your own, you can just get one of the builds on that list. Yeah, you still have to assemble it, but it's also not that hard. Everything is labeled and all the plugs are built specifically for the outlets they go in, so you just have to find the ones that match perfectly and don't break anything while you're in there.

    • ok bro thanks for answering😉

  • Can't you use a PS4 controller on your PC? i1127.photobucket.com/.../...f.com-add-text_15.gif and overall nice take man