Tourettes Guy, funny? I think not!

If you are a typical youngster in the 21st century, you are probably familar with many of the popular youtubers today. There's PewdiePie, Superwoman, Bart Baker, and of course, everyone's favorite drunken, neck-brace wearing, foul-mouthed character, Tourettes Guy!

He's gone down in history as one of the finest comedians it seems, with a famous web-series and priceless catch phrases quoted all across the internet. He has thousands of adoring fans, and guess what?

I don't think he is funny!

That's right, I said it. I find zero humor in Tourettes Guy. I am a teen who was diagnosed with Tourettes at age twelve, and I have suffered for many years. I have missed so much school due to appointments, been to so many docters, been on so many medications. My condition has caused me so much pain, both physical and mental, so much embarasssment. Going out in public is an upsetting ordeal for me. I will never escape the stares, the glares, the laughs, the judgment. I have dealt with nonstop bullying, and my condition has weakened my friendships, my relationship with my family and even my relationship with God. Making friends and boyfriends with my condition will always be a struggle, not to mention the fear of passing on this syndrome to my future children.

Speaking as a young girl with Tourette's Syndrome and not a cure in sight, I find Tourette's Guy revolting. I honestly don't understand how he can be considered a comedian. He doesn't even tell jokes or have any structure to his acts. He simply screams random words and calls it comedy. It's downright juvenile.

Not to mention offensive. Call me butthurt all you want, but when is it okay to make fun of such a debilitating conditon? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you can never make the best out of these situations with a joke, but there is a difference between laughing at and laughing with, and frankly I perfer the latter. And it isn't like he ever bothers to do anything do for the Tourette's community, like make a donation or spread awarness. He does nothing but promote the awful stereotype that Tourette's is all about swearing randomly.

This isn't true. Coprolalia is the proper term for involunary swearing and only effects a small population of the TS community. You'll notice that tics(the noises the movements) occur in a pattern, not randomly, unlike in the videos. And people with Tourette's also have motor(movement) tics, which Tourettes Guy fails to display.

Not only is his portrayal inaccurate, but I doubt he even suffers the condition. That's right, I think he's fake too. He is fake, disgusting, and gives people with Tourette's a bad name.

Tourettes Guy, funny? I think not!


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  • A female doesn't find something stupid and nonsensical, funny. NOOOO you don't say?
    But females always find dumb shit funny, they are never "offended" or triggered by stupid things online or in the media. They never complain about things simply because "THEY" personally don't find it humorous.

    This has got to be the very first time, I have ever in my life seen a female "offended", "complain", and "believe that everyone else should feel the same as she does".

    • Maybe I am just mature enough to realize that not everything is a laughing matter and see the humor in something so disgustingly childish.

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    • I wasn't what one would call whining. I made many good arguments, provided evidence and not to mention I have the advantage of knowing what it is like to suffer from a debilitating disease. Would you really be saying this if it was a video that mocked MS or cerebral palsy?

    • I would say the same thing regardless of the gripe. People make fun of everything. Those who get all butt hurt about stuff need to relax and get over it.
      Religious Jokes, Holocaust jokes, Dead Baby Jokes, Gay jokes, Race jokes, Sexist Jokes, Rape jokes... all of these are stupid and are meant to make hyper sensitive people lose their little minds, if people weren't so easy to trigger, then these jokes would not even stick around.

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  • LMAO I remember when I first saw that in middle school. I burst out laughing.


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  • You'd better just not laugh at anything since everything will offend everyone at any time.

    He's an actor; He made funny videos. Nobody is making fun of you personally, they saw humour in a dark place. I make fun of myself for my mom abandoning me, does that make me a disgusting person, too? Lighten up.

    Women are so boring.

  • The majority of comedy resides in mocking very serious issues.

  • haha! cartman is tourettes king.

    never watched it but i guess it was lame any ways...

  • Typical for a person that has a disease to not find another person with it, funny. Just goes to show, some people just don't have a sense of humor about their own diseases. Life's too short not to


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