My Take On Rachel Dolezal: A White Woman, Says She Identifies “As Black”

I keep seeing people saying Rachel Dolezal is no different than Caitlyn Jenner, and I can't ignore the feelings that stirred in me.

The two can't even be compared.

Are some African/Island cultures' main practicers of African decent? Maybe. But being black isn't a culture just like being white isn't a culture.

Being "black" means your skin tone is dark. It's a term used in social based systems of racial classification, to describe persons who are perceived to be dark-skinned compared to other given populations. Rachel's skin isn't darkly toned.

You cannot be born caucasian and identify as 'black' or 'chinese' or 'hispanic' for the same reason a cat can't identify as a dog. Skin tone is not a culture.

Caitlyn Jenner's story is much different. You can be born into the body of one gender, while psychologically and emotionally you are the opposing gender. It's not Caitlyn's fault she was born into a male's body when she should actually have been born a female.

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  • Sorry, but this is a sword that cuts both ways. You either believe in transcending what you are born as, and identifying as something different than your biology, or you do not. I'm on the side that doesn't believe in transracial or transgender. You are what you are, people should just accept it. If your Asian, your Asian. If you are a man, then you are a man. Risky gender altering surgery, and modifying your hair and skin tone does not change what you were born as. There are people who really are born intersex though, and that is a different topic all together. Intersex is when a person physically has a mixture of both male and female genitalia, and/or other sex characteristics.


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  • I get what you're saying. I'm sure those who are making the association are simply talking about an inner struggle that both may have shared.

    I don't know why she decided to live her life as "black" but apparently--and this is still unconfirmed by me--she may have gotten minority scholarships so what she was doing wasn't entirely good.

    If not, then I don't care if she decided to live as black or if some black person bleached their skin to be white. Who cares as long as they don't do anything illegal?


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  • If she identifies as black it just means she finds that black gives her more attention she the right kind she desires. There is also a very significant color spectrum where white is all the primary colors at its purest before bending through the Quartz and seperating. Black is all the colors absorbed. The visible white light or the absence of light, dark black. Obviously this makes for a color campaign for people by the colors of people in between and a sole yellow.

    • The quarts is the same as your cornea. (That is your eyeball).

  • i identify myself as an attack helicopter.

    • Now i identify myself as a Mexican taco. People need to respect my decision love me for the taco that i am. Im fine if people think that im originaly an attack helicopter.

  • You can't be born male and identify as female either. It is all nonsense. Brice has a Y Chromosome no matter how much people try to say otherwise. Rachael is far more plausible than Bruce. The problem is, Liberals don't want it as it undermines the special treatment blacks get in receiving preferences for jobs, college acceptance and promotions. THAT is why Liberals do not support it and that is what they are concerned with. their major problem though is the logic that they use with Bruce is the same logic that Rachael uses and they can't explain why it works with one and doesn't with the other. Lol.


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  • I agree there's no such thing as "transracial". I view the Bruce Jenner situation the same way
    though. If u can't change your race then you can't change your gender either.