Are people really that complicated?

I'm probably not even old enough to be writing stuff like this since I haven't even lived half of my life. But, I will share what I think because I feel that there may be some curious people who would just read this for fun.

Let me just be clear on this. Every human on this planet have the same emotions. However, the only difference is when they feel that emotion and how the person expresses it.

I personally think, there are five types of people. If you watched the movie, inside out, then you'll kind of get why I relate people to them.

The most common type of emotion expressing people I see are the happy people. There are two sides of them. They are genuinely happy with their life and appreciate it or the happy on the outside but hurt and sad on the inside. Most people are the happy on thr outside but sad on the inside type of people. These type of people will open up to another person if they feel comfort and genuine worry from them. They want to be noticed, wether or not they know it themselves.

The second emotion I usually encounter are people who are shy or scared of interacting because they fear rejection. Hiding into their shell, they experience less rejection and judgement from others. Its a defense they put up which later ends up not really helping them or they crawl out of the shells themself and find their way.

Third type I see are the people who get overly jealous and want to control people. And this tends to be the ones in school who are considered popular in a sense. They do not like people being above them, if they see another person above them or with someone they like, all hell break lose and that person's life might become living hell.

Fourth type I've encountered is the type who gets angry very easily and become offended by the slightest bad comment they recieve. I've seen them on the internet and had this type of person as a friend. They tend to get into arguments a lot and on their face is written, you mess with me and I will bite. They are good friends but most times not so much. You guys will get into many arguments. Leading to an end of friendship or relationship.

Last type of people I've seen are the sad people who actually show it. Many tend to be the happy but sad on the inside but the ones who dont hide the sadness is either because they are seeking attention or because they are genuinely too indulged in their emotions to hide it.

Now you know the type of people I've seen and how I categorize them to find out how they think. How do you guys do it?

Are people really that complicated?

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  • I would agree that things aren't really that complicated if you break things down to basics.

    I would compare emotions with color.
    We have three base colors. Red, green and blue. These can me mixed into millions of variations of colors but still they are really just red, green and blue if we break it down to basics.

    If we understand the basics of colors we also understand the spectrum of colors. Same with emotions. If we understand the basics of emotions we can also understand the spectrum of emotions.

    And I think here is where things become complicated for many people. They don't know their "ABCs" about emotions so when emotions starts to mix they become very confused.

    Emotions are rarely "pure". They are often av variation of many emotions that result into an experience and people confuse the experience with the actual emotion thinking that it is the same thing when in reality the experience is simply your personal interpretation and expression of said emotion.

    I think people easily get entangled and caught up in their emotions to actually see them for what they are.

    Also, people often seem to think that emotions somehow are inflicted upon you failing to realize that we ourselves are the sole creator of our emotions.

    I'll end my rant here now. I just find emotions to be fascinating. Good take :)


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  • Yes I am complicated. I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. X O X O ~*~*~*~*

    Also if you die at 34 you will have lived half your life at 17, so.

  • Interesting take I like it.

  • Not complicated. Random is more like it.


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