What's Bothering Me. (Just an outlet. You can ignore this)

Too much work

Too much pressure to do work

Too much shit in the family

Too tired

Too addicted to the computer

Too reliant on the computer to alleviate stress

Too much time to think

Too much in my head

Too much to think about

Too much to worry about

Too much to stress about

Too much to blame myself for

Too much to shift the blame to others

Too awake

Too afraid

Too insecure

Too happy to be sad

Too much faith

Too much to believe in

Too much to lose faith in

Too much to lose respect for

Too much to be wrong about

Too much to be fucking wrong about.

Too much. It's just too much.

What's Bothering Me. (Just an outlet. You can ignore this)

I am not doing well with life right now. I needed an outlet and this is what came out while trying to find a theme for art. Teacher told me to write down what's bothering me. This is what came out.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Aww:/ buck up and just be... no reason to worry no reason to cry no reason to do anything



Most Helpful Girl

  • And that's how it should be. This is a great outlet where you are not judged by your words. And hopefully you will no longer be haunted by your thoughts.

    • Hopefully. I doubt it, but thank-you for your kind words.

    • Yea sometimes life kicks your ass when you are at your lowest point! It's rising above that counts. And this is a start. You're welcome. Anytime😊

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  • The Slurpee machine at my local 7-11 is always broken. That's what is bothering me. Why can't they ever fix that machine?


What Girls Said 4

  • focus on solving one thing at a time. Don't take on more than you can stand

  • It's really a great outlet to pour out everything you feel.

  • you're strong for doing this on a public forum and hopefully it'll help some inspiration creak into you for your art. art is /definitely/ a good outlet -- and a cool one, to boot.

  • Cheeer uppp. Stay positive <3 <3 <3