Women of the O. C. : Who was your Favorite Lady of Newport Beach?

This take is of the ladies of the O.C. Please feel free to list your favorites.

1. Marissa Cooper played by Misha Barton (Seasons 1-3 )

She's the troubled rich girl, who's best friends with Summer Roberts and the love interest of Ryan Atwood.

2. Summer Roberts played by Rachel Bilson (Seasons 1-4 )

She's the rich bratty spoiled best friend of Marissa Cooper and the love interest of Seth Cohen.

3. Teenage Kaitlin Cooper played by Willa Holland (Seasons 3 & 4 )

Women of the O.C. : Who was your Favorite Lady of Newport Beach?

She's Marissa Coopers trouble making little sister.

4. Hailey Nichol played by Amanda Righetti ( Seasons 1 & 2 )

She is the younger sister of Kirsten Cohen and kind of the black sheep in the family.

5. Kirsten Cohen played by Kelly Rowan (Seasons 1-4 )

She's the wife to Sandy Cohen. The mother of Seth and Sophie Cohen. The adoptive mother of Ryan Atwood.

6. Julie Cooper Nichol played by Melinda Clarke (Seasons 1-4 )

She's the mother to Marissa and Kaitlin Cooper with Jimmy Cooper. She's also the mother to Cooper Atwood with Frank Atwood.

7. Lindsay Gardner played by Shannon Lucio (Season 2 )

She's the half sister of Kirsten Cohen and Hailey Nichol, a product of an affair their father had with his secretary.

8. Anna Stern played by Samaire Armstrong (Season 1 with an appearance in Season 3 )

She's the girl that starts out helping Seth build up confidence to talk to Summer, but eventually turns into his love interest and a good friend.

9. Taylor Townsend played by Autumn Reeser (Seasons 3 & 4 )

She's the very intelligent, witty, over achiever who eventually becomes a love interest to Ryan Atwood.

10. Sadie Campbell played by Nikki Reed (Season 3 )

She's the cousin of Johnny Harper and comes to town after his death. She also is the ex of Kevin Volchok and the short lived love interest of Ryan Atwood.

11. Theresa Diaz played by Navi Rawat ( Seasons 1 & 2 with an appearance in Season 3 )

She's Ryan's ex from Chino, who he starts dating again for a short while.

12. Alex Kelly played by Olivia Wilde (Season 2 )

She's the bi- sexual bad girl who runs the local club hangout called the Bait Shop. She also had shorted lived relationships with Seth and then Marissa.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I loved all the first three, but Kaitlin has to be my favourite - super hot, funny, feisty, and just generally awesome :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • I actually live in OC and believe me no one looks like the

    • I never said they did, but Newport Beach is very rich wealthy community. That I do know, but this wasn't about Orange County this was about the show.

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What Guys Said 3

  • I watched an episode of this when it came out and that was enough, so tucking dumb.

  • I grew up in Huntington Beach (right next to Newport Beach), and I wouldn't touch any of those women with a 50 foot pole.

    • And never in my LIFE did I ever hear Orange County referred to as "The OC" until this stupid show came out.

    • Yeah I've always wondered about that. I got family from LA and none of them referred to Orange County as the OC either. Now I got that annoying theme song, California or whatever it's called stuck in my head ugh. Nothing against Californians, I love it out there, just the song lol.

  • Julie Cooper!


What Girls Said 3

  • Marissa and her girlfriend from the strip club. Julie was so creepy lol.

  • My favs are Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts.
    But tbhi prefered the guys ;)

  • Summer Roberts