The Strangeness of Bodily Perception

I am very aware of how strange that title sounds.

Okay so first, the reason for this take (and why I'm anon) is that as of right now I am home alone and taking advantage of it. Meaning I have taken the oppurtunity to ditch clothing and lounge around in the nude save for my dressing gown which is really just there because it's cold and I didn't think it in good spirit to sit on the leather lounge in my birthday suit.

I'm sitting in my usual way, which is curled up slightly side ways with my legs up by my chest and the laptop resting on my knees. I've always been short, I've always been skinny, and I've never really noticed the stretch marks on my legs before.

The position I'm in is making me feel really short, and the way my belly has conformed, I feel bigger than I usually do. And the stretch marks are just annoying me with their sudden existence. My thighs have always been quite thick, so right now they're not helping me feel any smaller. Plus my boobs are sagging in their usual way. It's a thing, I guess. I also really need to shave but you guys do not need to hear about that.

There's not really much purpose to me writing this. I have noticed within myself a few exhibitionist tendencies, so I guess it could just be that. But I also just, I don't know. I actually have no idea. I'm going to stick with the exhibitionist theory, it's the best I can come up with.

But yeah, I'm nude right now and in a position that is making me slightly self conscious but not enough to not tell you all about it.

(I just realised the song I'm listening to is on an hour long repeat. Certainly answers the question as to why it's been on for so long)

Anyway. I am anon, which I am thankful for because this is th ekind of post that will probably have guys inboxing me asking for pictures or something.

Have a lovely day, and a good time trying to get the image of a nude me out of your minds.

The Strangeness of Bodily Perception

(cause why the hell not)


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  • nice take really


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  • I like your style lol!
    actually entertaining!

  • I dont know what I just read but I think I liked it


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