The top 4 most extortionate British football (soccer) transfers of all time

I'm not too sure how many people on GaG follow the British Premier League (BPL), but I wanted to make a short list of the all time most expensive players. I will add the prices in dollars and euros to help out. I will also add my opinion on whether they flopped (failed) or not. Enjoy :)

1. Angel Di Maria

£59.7m (87m euros / $92m) From Real Madrid to Manchester United.

The top #4 most extortionate British football (soccer) transfers of all time.

After an exquisite World Cup campaign with Argentina, Di Maria was all but set to become a huge player for the Red Devils. After the first few games, it seemed to be going that way, but after a poor passage his form dipped and he was sold on to Paris St-Germain in the French league. Definitely a flop.

2. Kevin De Bruyne

£54.5m ($84m dollars) From Wolfsburg to Manchester City.

Following a superb 2014/15 Bundesliga campaign with Wolfsburg, the Belgium internation is set for a career defining period in the blue half of Manchester. With 10 goals ad 20 assists from midfield, he is a perfect acquisition. Although he has yet to play, I'm certain he will achieve his potential and score plenty of goals and assists. A David Silva - Aguero - De Bruyne - Sterling front four makes me very afraid!

3. Fernando Torres

£50m ($77) From Liverpool to Chelsea.

As a Liverpool fan, this particular transfer saddens me to the core. He is a VERY talented player, but when he moved to Chelsea back in 2011, he became a shadow of his former self. His touch was awful, so was his finishing, and he even looked depressed and completely out of it. TOTAL flop. He is now back with his old club Athletico Madrid were he has found some of his form.

4. Raheem (the rat) Sterling

£49m ($75m) From Liverpool to Manchester City.

Another pricey player heading to Manchester, but also another Liverpool talent heading the wrong way (in my opinion). He's very gifted - arrogant at times, but very talented. He lacks in the finishing and passing, but his blistering speed does compensate. £49m for such a young and inexperienced played is a steal (for Liverpool), but a very risky purchase for City. He's scored a goal so far after 4 games... but we'll have to see how he gets on. He's got a lot to prove.


Hope you guys enjoyed this myTake. Feedback? Thoughts?


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  • I was so sad when Torres transferred.
    Liverpool forever

  • Ohhh Angel :/

    • And yeah Kevin and Sterling have just signed. Can't label them as 'flops'.

  • sterling and de bruyne only just got there...