Shattered Inside

Shattered Inside

I've been told

Time and time again.

How strong I am

How strong you are, my friend.

But how can I be so strong

So strong, as you say

When I am

Shattered inside.

Take a structures structure

Watch it tumble down.

Take the air from a balloon

Watch it deflate down.

If you take the thing that makes that thing stand

You'll be tearing it

To the ground.

I cannot be that strong

When I am shattered, falling down.

All my life I have been told.

My how strong you are.

If I could have only half your strength,

I'd be strong enough to fly.

But if you had only half my strength

You'd have barely enough to die.

All my life I have been told

You are so very strong.

Kids are dropping like flies

Yet here is where I stand.

They say I am so strong

So how can they be wrong?

Eh. I had this in my head so long ago and I started randomly thinking about it again today. I don't feel this way any longer, so you don't have to worry. I just wanted to share.

That ending is so weak. So, so weak. My god.

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