There is a difference between having an opinion and being an asshole

So I've been ranting about this in my head for a while now. This is one of the biggest things that piss me off. I can not even tell you how aggravated I get at this. I HATE it when someone says something totally rude and uneccessary and then they go "Im just expressing my opinion." So if I went up to you and said "You are fucking ugly, i can't even look at you" would you be any less offended if I went "Its just my opinion"?

Being an asshole is one thing, but justifying your asshole-yness by going "Im allowed to express how I feel" alerts me to immediately hate you and never want to talk to you ever again. you're a walking youtube comment.

There is a difference between having an opinion and being an asshole

(I really like Ariana Grande, okay. she's not mom though. Rihanna is mom. Ari is more like auntie. But that one aunt that comes over and brings gifts and cookies even when its not a special occasion. But she's also that aunt that can get a little drunk sometimes and end up licking the donuts that the family was saving for breakfast tomorrow and ranting about how she hates America and fat people and she embarrasses the whole family in front of guests and you're like "Omg please auntie Ariana please stop. please im begging you, i love you but stop")

Hate vs opinion:

An opinion is your views, your beliefs, how you personally feel about something. So yes strongly disliking something is an opinion, but there are ways to express that belief without being completely rude. You CAN say your negative opinions. As long as you say it in a way where it doesn't hurt or offend anybody.

I am thinking of rude things people say to others and I am EASILY coming up with alternative things to say that are not as rude. So I dont see why its so hard NOT to be a jerk. If you can't come up with a nice way to say something, then you should just not say it. If you WANT to sound like an ass, then go ahead and say it.

Hate: That outfit makes you look fat and ugly.

Opinion: Im not too crazy about that outfit on you.

"Im not hating Im just saying my opinion"

Can you say your opinion in a non hateful way please? thank you. Love, Justin.

The 'Freedom of speech' argument

"I can say what I want, FREEDOM OF SPEECH"

Yes we have freedom of speech. We have the right to say what we want, but what we want to say is not always appropriate. I techinally have the right to stand on a table in the middle of a crowded room and say "My butt is itchy" but should I? Do i really have to? No I dont have to so i shouldn't. Even if my butt is really itchy i should refrain from saying it. because nobody asked and nobody cares.

"Im not rude, its just brutal honesty"

You shouldn't be brutally honest unless someone asked you to. Even then you should at least try and put a filter on what you say. there's a reason its called brutal honesty.

Homophobia vs Not supporting gays

I KNOW that people are sick of seeing shit about gay rights. I know LGBT related things get shoved down everyones throat. Im gay and even I am sick of it. But it is related.

Homophobia vs Not supporting gays = Hate vs opinion.

Not supporting gays is not homophobia despite what a lot of people may think. I understand when someone doesn't like the idea of gay marriage, because I know there are certain religions and stuff that believe marriage is between men and women. Even though i dont agree with the people who think that, I get it. And I never shove the whole "Omg people need to support us!!!11!!" thing in peoples faces. Believe it or not, just because someone doesn't support gays does not mean they hate gays. There are people in my class who dont like two gays getting married, but they are still nice to me and they still treat me like any other person.

Homophobia however, is bashing people just because they are gay. If you say shit like "Gays are disgusting, they aren't normal people, if you're gay you should kill yourself." you're a homophobe.

"Im a homophobe for not supporting gay people?"

No. you're a homophobe for acting like gay people are disgusting beasts. You can have your opinions about gays and gay rights but "Gay people should kill themselves" is not an opinion.

This isn't just for the 'haters'

I know this take is mainly directed towards the people who justify hate as an opinion, but this is also for the people who accuse others of being haters for disagreeing with you. NOT EVERYONE WILL AGREE WITH YOU. Just because their opinion differs from yours, does not make them a hater. If you say something like "Oh i really like the color blue" and someone goes "Im not a fan of blue" DONT GET ANGRY. Unless they go "Fuck you for liking such an ugly color" then they didn't do anything wrong. Dont bash people just because they think differently about something.

"Ariana Gran-done with your attitude"

In conclusion...

If you say something mean dont use the whole "its my opinion" bullshit. Because it really doesn't make what you said any less offensive. Who asked for your opinion anyway? Dont expect anyone to respect your opinion if you're going to be an ass about it. Okay im done

Oh and if anyone could help me with Ariana Grande obsession, that be great. thanks. bye.

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  • Great take! I completely agree and feel the same way towards thos topic. One thing is Freedom of Speach and a very different one is Freedom of Agression, and I think many times people confuse them.


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  • While I get what you are saying, I think you can have an opinion and still be an a**hole. One is not exclusive to the other. Someone who is an a**hole can have a valid opinion on even the most controversial stuff, and his being an a**hole doesn’t make is “opinion” any more or less valid. So I guess what I am saying it that having an “opinion” doesn’t make you an a**hole, but being an a**hole doesn’t mean you don’t have a valid “opinion”. (i. e. you can have/be one without the other)

    • True, but there are ways to express that opinion without being so rude. I would rather have a civil discussion with someone about a topic, not argue about it. I would probably be more interested in what someone has to say if they are calm and not getting angry and mean about it

    • very true. If you cannot express an opinion without being rude, your less likely to be able to convince people that your opinion is valid. However, just because you are rude, doesn't mean your opinion isn't valid, it just mean your going to have a harder time convincing others.