Being In Your 20s In 2010s; it SUCKS. See why!

Being In Your 20s In 2010s it SUCKS. See why.(Well, image isn't so related. But I couldn't find anything more related than this anyway.)

I know it wasn't my choice first of all. After all nobody can choose when he/she will be born.

But honestly I believe I must've been a REALLY bad person in my previous life to have such a bad luck now.

I wish I belonged to my mother's generation. She was born in 1961 and she was in her 20s during 1980s and in her 30s during 1990s. What else a human would want? Best years on this earth ever. I have NO CONNECTION with the current generation after all anyway.

I hate being treated like one of them. Everytime I hear an older person "Your generation is this","Your generation is that",etc. I just want to tell him/her,he/she shouldn't use the word "Your"...but "THEIR". Don't treat me like a millenial. It wasn't my choice to be one.

Creativity has died since the turn of the century. Everything is copied from previous generations anyway. New ideas have died years ago.

This generation has shitty music, shitty video-games and shitty movies as well. Well I'm not movie-savvy so it's not my field of expertise unlike music/video-games to be honest...but I've seen a couple of movies recently. And they suck.

Everything now it's just "graphics". Especially video-games. But you know what? Nothing can beat those good old-school 2D graphics. They "aged" pretty well and they prove to be better than new super "improved" graphics. Nobody would like to play a video-game with improved graphics and zero gameplay/plot. Nobody at all.

As for music. Well everything's copied in our days. Do you see anything original? Not at all. Everything's copied from previous decades.

Not to mention internet sucks as well. Websites were much better in the 90s and they had better more futuristic graphics. Those black background websites with colorful letters, cannot be compared with today's sites. Today's sites are dull and tedious.

Also there's no freedom today. You'll be judged for your choices. If you don't behave/look THIS way then you'll be "weird","loser" and other "nice" things. 20 years ago or more i don't think people were judged so easily. There was more diversity after all anyway. Don't you agree?

In conclusion,you have to spend your youth in a shitty world when everything new is shitty. And if in case you enjoy older music/video-games you'll be branded as a "weirdo".

I really wish I could choose when to be born. It really sucks it wasn't my choice and I just want to know why people born in a certain year anyway. There must be a reason behind it.


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  • The 90s copied the 80s the 80s took inspiration from the 70s
    Every generation takes or recycles some things from this generation
    Older people who say stuff like "your generation" sound ageist


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  • This is at least partly a case of the grass is greener. I'm five years older than your mother. In part, I think you are seeing the good side of the past. Yes, the 80s and 90s were very good decades in many ways. The economy was booming. The boomer generation was taking off like a rocket. The computer / tech industry was really taking off.

    But go back a little further. Your mother was at the tail end of the boomers. Many people in the mid to late boomer generation went through hell. No matter how much the 60s and 70s were glorified, it was hell for large numbers of people, and for society as a whole. Like most things, the fun times are remembered. People forget about the bad times, or at least shove it in a corner.

    In many ways we were a lost generation. We were lost in rebellion and complete rejection of everything from the past. We were lost in changing technology, changing social norms, social turmoil. We were lost in drugs that many of us literally didn't survive. With many many more of us having a serious negative impact on our lives. We had an extremely high college dropout rate, wandering lost souls with no direction.

    Yea, I'm one of those people who sometimes cuts down on the modern generations. But in truth, "generation" is just a convenient term. There is not really any such thing as a generation, except within a single family. It's a continuous evolution that's been going on forever. Most of the negatives I see happened gradually over time. Much of it is negative fallout from the rebellious 60s and 70s.

    Ironically, I see much of the negative as a result of a positive. The booming and advancing economy, and raising standard of living, results in people being spoiled, which has all kind of negative affects. My generation was spoiled also, compared to previous generations. My parents were great depression and WW2 generation. Us boomers were the post WW2 first gen suburban middle class generation. We were spoiled.

    As time passed, and the standard of living continued to increase, I think people just took too much for granted. Each generation expects a standard of living at least as good as they had growing up. So as the standard increases, so does the expectation. Eventually the standard gets to a point where the expectations become what us old timers consider ridiculous. This is what we often refer to as entitlement.

    This is not anything new. I used to hear the same thing from previous generations about how spoiled we were.

    • nice post... so u r born in 1956 right?

      oh god i feel kinda jelly now tbh...

      well i know each generation tends to judge each previous one... but nowdays they have every right to do in my opinion... generation Y and generation Z r not gonna make da world better... they'll just live in baby boomers and gneration X's shadows... and they'll be remembered as just some lousy unproductive generations...

      well i doubt further generations r gonna be better at all... but anyway...

    • Yea, 1956. The year before Sputnik and the start of the space age.

      Every generation lives in the shadow of previous generations. My generation lived in the shadow of the WW2 generation. We protested the Vietnam war and were called weak, sissies, commies and traitors because of it. We rejected everything they believed strongly in. We were nothing compared to them. Our parents rolled up their sleeves and did what had to be done in WW2. Those were "real men", not a bunch of sissy long haired freaks who refused to fight for their country. They fought for our freedom, and we were "too chicken" to do the same. They HATED us. They really seriously hated us. And to be honest, we pretty much hated them too. They didn't see it as standing up for what we believed. They just saw us as a bunch of weak sissy freaks.

      It took 15-20 years for that wound to heal. For some people that chasm never did get bridged.

    • ah i see... well truth's previous generation hates next one... but u know how many baby boomers consider sissies Generations Y-Z? too many to mention...

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  • Well... You have the internet to listen to the music that you like from the 80s-90s :) Thing is, even if you were born when your mother was born, you'd still be living through 2010s πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I don't agree on being judged more today... Just watch some 80s-90s movies and you'll see there is the jocks, losers and weird ones... I think it'll always be like that. It's just at that age of your life when being different is seen as "bad". And also, old people always says shit about "your generation is this and that". I know my grandma hated the 80s including their fashion, music and film industry... But my mum loved it. πŸ˜‚

    • "You have the internet to listen to the music that you like from the 80s-90s "

      ^indeed... YT's a great site to discover music from older decades...10-15 years ago i'd have to go to a music store and buy a bunch of older CDs/vinyls in order to discover music from older decades... but still not enough...

      i believe world's more "cool" before...

      "I don't agree on being judged more today... "

      ^no matter wot they say... i've seen wid ma own eyes people today r more social on average... i think it was more acceptable to be a "loner" 30 years ago than today...

      "And also, old people always says shit about "your generation is this and that". "

      ^tbh i agree wid 'em... i just don't want 'em to include me wid others... ;)

  • RE recent creativity, I think of Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Lana Del Ray, Indila, Adam Riesse, Jhumpa Lahiri. The list could go on.

    You are correct. You don't get to choose when you were born. Get over it. The world will come and go with or without you. I don't think the important things in life have really changed-like relationships, and love and death, the importance of a good work ethic and the desire to contribute to your society.

    So make the best life you can-

    • "RE recent creativity, I think of Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Lana Del Ray, Indila, Adam Riesse, Jhumpa Lahiri. The list could go on."

      ^SJ xisted years ago before da century turned... and as for LDR... well i'd not bother to discover her music (sorry but i happen to be prejudiced about post-00s) artist)... although i was listenin to "High By The Beach" in some ad on spotify recently... and i was like "wow sounds like a nice song... it sounds like one of Kim Wilde's mid-80s albums..."

      " I don't think the important things in life have really changed-like relationships, and love and death, the importance of a good work ethic and the desire to contribute to your society."

      ^well death won't change... but relationships r WAY different nowdays than they used to be...

      a relationship in 60s was based on love-letters and stuff... now it's based on SM... ;)

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    • ummm... nice hair by the way... :D

    • Thanks-that was 6 years ago though...

  • Those people are talking about generation Z most likely.
    90s internet looked like shit by the way. Flash animations, rainbow blinking headers, 8bit gifs. Looked like seizure-inducing shit. Do you remember this? Slow as hell. And don't even think about making a phone call. Thinks are fast and clean now. Aligned to grids, easy on the eyes, easy to navigate.

    And look at the rights people have versus past generations. Women can actually be bosses. Gay marriage was just legalised. The first family is Black.

    There's also a surge of nostalgia for 90s video games and pop culture right now. If you talk about sonic on Nintendo 64 you aren't a weirdo. You're a Generation Y and people of the same generation are going to go β€œOh yeah!”
    At the same time, people are just as judgmental as they were decades ago. There was a cool crowd when your mom was in school.

    There's nothing wrong with liking a different generation more, but I seriously disagree with many of the points you made.

    • i don't understand y people hate 90s internet so much... actually for me it looks better to ma own eyes at least... first of all i prefer black than white background... also it has some charm dat today's internet doesn't have...

      now it's shitty u know y? coz LITERALLY every site has a fuckin "share it" link... one wid FB one wid twitter one wid IG... eh they can go fuck off all together... at least in 90s even if internet was slow af.. u didn't get those things,... now internet had been devoured by SM... dat's y i dislike it...

      well... personally i love a screenshot such as dis to give u some idea...

      also not to mention back then internet and gaming were both more cult than nowdays... which was an awesome thing... ;)

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    • i just see how bad impact SM had on da internet...

    • Chain mails were so long ago, I don't think I was old enough to ever send or receive anything of substance. It was always like β€œsend this to 10 people and your crush will like you back!”
      With email though, you can't share with strangers. I'm not hugely into social media, but it is easier to stay in touch with people that way. All the friends I only emailed either disappeared or we email twice a year. For people like me who aren't social, just giving someone's picture a like is enough to say β€œI'm still your friend even though we never talk.”
      I see where you're coming from though. I'm pretty much just on FB and Tumblr. Facebook can ruin lives and relationships though. I 100% agree.

  • Lol, @Klaatu21 you definitely have an old soul. The only issue I have with the computer age now is the over sharing and virtually no privacy. What you thought were private moments are now being videotaped and shared online to shame you for "hits".

    • those "share dis/dat" signs r super annoyin... ya...

    • So true. As of recently I'm seeing shared posts that try to shame you into not sharing. Like if it's a picture or article of someone with a difficult situation they say "If you scroll pass this without sharing or liking you are heartless". GTFO

  • Thank you for sharing. I recalled there were good shows in the 90's on Nickelodeon. I missed the ''Are you afraid of the dark'' shows and certain movies where it showed what's like losing a loved one such as The Lion King.

  • Meh I like my generation theirs obviously fucktards but people before felt that way too. Even caveman wished to be dinosaurs if that makes sense

  • Oh please. There's good stuff now you just have to look for it. Stop being lazy and look. And stop with this worn out opinion of "my generation sucks" you sound like you think you're better than people and it's a matter of opinion anyway.

  • "... I just want to know why people born in a certain year anyway. There must be a reason behind it." what? You what to know why people are in a certain year? Because their parents copulated 9months prior to their birth

  • My brother is twenty one.

    That's all I have to say on the subject.

    • i see... is he satisfied about being in his 20s during 00s?

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    • Eh. He hates his job, he loves his car he has a girlfriend lives with our parents and doesn't listen to techno anymore.

      That's about all I know. So I couldn't tell you.

      (Is it sad I don't know my own brother? Yes. Yes it is)

    • of course not bad... well... sounds he's neutral about it...

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  • Hmm, are you really saying that you're struggling to make your mark in a society that you don't feel you fit in? Cause I understand that. And herein lies the challenge (you made some allusions to rebirth etc). You can say it's all shit, waste away, become bitter and jaded; or you could work on truly knowing yourself and your motivations (projections), and find a way to be creative in spite of the naysayers. The latter path is not easy: It's the genuine hallmark of the brave, alive and truly independent, soul.

    • well indeed... but man i still have da mark of being a "millenial"... it bugs me and it makes me feel not proud of ma generation...

      and how can i get better when 90-95% things i like r considered outdated by society? tough luck...

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    • You're defining yourself by your interests and hobbies, but they will alter as you age. Everything external is transient... A few decades is nothing from a less personal, standpoint. Objectively, surely, a few decades will fly away. Maybe it will hit you more when you reach 30? Then your mortality starts sliding into view...

    • i dunno how i'll be when i turn 30... i'm just a few days away from becomin 24... and i'm a totally different person than dat one i was when i was 18... so i have no idea how i'll be...

  • I can only agree: The newer the games, the better their graphics - the shittier the game is in itself. Not to mention Steams greenfail. The elder games were much funnier and had involved a real reason to play them.

    Music is also being dumb today. Sure a few productions are actually good in this day and age but most music that is being produced today is really garbage and sounds retarded!

  • There is a movie about this. How in every generation people feel like the golden age has somehow passed and the current generation is doomed to failure. Midnight in Paris is the movie. But guess what: there was judgement in the 80s there was bad music in the 90s there have always been bad movies. You know why you don't know those bad things? Cause they were bad and got forgotten in time, and that will also happen to today's bad stuff.
    There is also great stuff about today's generation though.

    • "There is also great stuff about today's generation though."


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    • I guess I'm sorry too, you lost me at the time machines...
      You are looking only at the good stuff about the past. I know people complained about it aswell back then, but only the good stuff has come through.

      You have a time machine in front of you: the computer. I also watch old movies and listen mostly to old songs ( but also enjoy the new ones, it's refreshing)

      Apart from that, people remain the same (maybe more promiscuous) but relationships still work the same way.
      In cars you have cutting edge technology that some port into old car bodies to make them reborn, that otherwise would remain old.
      You have 10000 phones with lots of apps, but now you also have smart watches and smartglasses, to take a glimpse into the future.
      You have virtual immersion (I've used Oculus rift and it's mindbogling).
      You have gps to take you exactly were you wanna go.
      About movies and music it's really just a matter of picking them. Just like people.

    • The good part:
      You can:
      -CHoose to have the good parts of the past and the parts that you want from the present.
      -play old OR new games.
      -play/emulate them on console OR pc.
      -drive old cars OR new cars
      -watch movies at home OR the cinema
      -watch old OR new movies
      -have a watch OR use the cellphone to check the time
      -use a calendar OR the computer/phone
      -use a typewriter OR the computer
      -use vinyls OR iTunes
      -use notepads OR tablets

      The point is: You have the best of both worlds, and people still accept it nicelly. It will be bad when people stop accepting older stuff, but for now it's still good.

  • You are lucky mate! The generation scolding us will not see humans transforming in to a multiple planetary species. Yes you and me on generation and next to us combine will achieve it pretty soon in next 30yrs. So take a chill pill cause we are going to nuke Mars on one of its pole and start a new Earth pretty soon.

    • and 50 years ago they thought in 2000 people would be able to fly... have flyin cars... and robots would be everywhere...2015 and still nothing happened...

    • Hehe that is not necessary, since we still have cheap human labour and retards to take place of drone robots.
      But this needs to happen due to upcoming ice age, since this break of ice age is almost over, and soon earth will freeze. Or being the only species on 1 planet leaves us very vulnerable that we could be wiped easily by any natural activities, I am not saying we are going to make shopping malls and farms and host concert on Mars, but definitely a primary base outside of Earth and it's satellite grid. Won't it be worth watching,

  • People who foster this mentality irk me to no end.
    This is all your opinion. Just because you like older music doesn't mean that it's better than any of the music produced today, which by the way, does not "copy" music from previous decades. There's lots of new music around such as different types of EDM, Dubstep and plenty of experimental music just off the top of my head. Just because YOU don't like it doesn't mean it's bad.
    Perhaps you've failed to notice that we live in an era where things are readily available to us whenever we want them (sometimes for free). This includes music, films and video games. How about installing Spotify and listening to some '80s music? It's quite easy you know.
    And to what you said about people judging others for having different taste, that's always been the case since the dawn of fucking time. People weren't all skipping round with flowers in their hair giving out free hugs (okay, maybe in the '60s) and accepting each other's opinions willy-nilly. People have and always will be judgmental and prejudiced towards others.
    Seriously, just give the whole "wah wah wrong generation" thing a rest. People were romanticizing the past even in the '80s. They were spouting the exact same shit that you are now. Oh and trust me, in 20 years time there'll be people doing the same thing again.

    • ok about music... but do u like video-games as they r now?
      do u also like how shitty internet became? fb/twitter/ig... EVERYWHERE...20 years ago u didn't get shit like those... internet was more plain... and better...

      do u like it as it is now?

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    • see ma frequency of postin... LOOK before sayin it... if i was all day it'll be like...

      1min,2min,3min... etc...

    • and wot makes u believe i like GAG? it's just "better" than other shit... not "good"... but "better"...

      no today's site can be compared wid a 90s AT LEAST for me... and i won't change ma opinion...

      90s internet FTW...10s internet = shit...

  • You are right, 80's and 90's music was the best, as well as 80's movies, cartoons etc... even some 80's video games were really cool, regardless of their graphics :)

  • LMAO while the whole of this take was retarded, the thing that stood out the most to me was when you said that 90's websites were superior to modern day websites. Clearly you know absolutely nothing about web design or development if you have such an uninformed opinion. Websites in the 90's were completely static pages with absolutely no interactivity and the layouts were pretty much universally terrible.

    Society has been judging people since the beginning of human existence, it hasn't just started since the turn of this millennium. And considering the fact that we now have vastly more powerful technology than in previous decades, we're capable of creating things that nobody could have dreamed of 30 years ago. You're just very misinformed but probably think you're really 'edgy' or 'different' for thinking this way.

    • "LMAO while the whole of this take was retarded,"

      ^first of all if it's retarded then don't answer... just leave...

      "Clearly you know absolutely nothing about web design or development if you have such an uninformed opinion. Websites in the 90's were completely static pages with absolutely no interactivity and the layouts were pretty much universally terrible. "

      ^i just hate how those so-called "web-desigers" r so cold-blooded... i've NEVER heard any of 'em complimentin 90s sites... they should look for "nostalgia" in their dictionaries...

      i just love how SIMPLE they were... is it bad?

      "You're just very misinformed but probably think you're really 'edgy' or 'different' for thinking this way."

      ^i don't... wether u like it or not world's was less complicated 20-30 years ago...

      "Society has been judging people since the beginning of human existence"

      ^sure man... but now it happens way more often than before...

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    • "I also play A LOT of old school JRPG's, these are games that use 8 or 16 bit graphics. "

      ^really? then u should know how i feel...

      i played games such as first Chrono games, first 2 Suikoden, Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow... also self made RPGs such as Exit Fate and Last Scenario...

      all of 'em had simple 2D graphics and i loved 'em... wid Suikoden 2 being ma all-time favorite game... ;)

      "However, I do think that ultra-realistic graphics serve a very important purpose and I think it's crucial that we keep pushing the boundaries. "

      ^well... maybe most recent gamers want improved graphics... but i game since i was a baby as well like u...

      Tetris being ma first video-game (well it's not considered a video-game xactly but still...) when i was like 3 or so...

    • Of course Tetris is considered a computer game.

  • I will never stop listening to Kenny g and Phil Collins
    Lol! Idgaf what everyone else my age is listening too!

    Agreed the people of this generation seem lost 😢

  • You are right that music was better when it was funded.

    Otherwise, though, the main difference between now and then is that there was an elite group of curators funneling all of our culture back then. Now, with the internet, the gates are wide open. Not only is the cream of the crop getting in, but so is the riff raff.

    What does this mean? Great culture is still out there, but you'll have to go looking for it. So yeah, things are harder for you now, but once you find the sweet spots on the internet, you'll be better off than the people 20/30 years ago. They only had a few great artists releasing good music and movies. Now there is more good stuff, not less.

    Also - dude, graphics sucked back in the 80s, and websites in the 90s were nowhere near as good as they are now.

    • Generally, nothing changes. People are mostly the same as they were 100 years ago. Main difference is that knowledge and understanding have improved since then. This isn't a bad thing; it's good.

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    • "I listened to all three of your YouTubes and they were great!"

      ^nice... sounds like u r into old-school electronic/dance/pop... pretty much like me... ;)

      "For example, back in the late 60s, when The Beatles and The Stones and Hendrix were in their prime, this piece of garbage was a hit."

      ^never been into Beatles/Stones much... i always considered 'em kinda... overrated tbh...

      "I don't have the Xper yet to post links here. Go to YouTube and put this at the end. -
      watch? v=GrM2fxnkxjA"

      ^well... i'm an electronic-guy... so not much ma taste... but better than beatles/stones i should say tbh... at least for me...

      "And yes, personal taste. But the graphics on web pages back then was a technological limitation. Because it is a choice now, people can do more with it artistically"

      ^ever seen ASCII art? ;)


    • "When cinema was first invented, and all films were silent and black and white, producers and directors really made silent and black and white great. When they became sound and color, something was lost. It has always been the way. It is unfortunate, but I would not want to go back to mandatory silent/black and white, would you?"

      ^indeed black/white had some charm colored ones don't... see ma point? now all movies r based on those special effects u know...

  • I think you're looking at the past with rose-tinted spectacles. Every decade has it's good and bad points. Some of the bad points you raise regarding the current decade applied to previous decades too. Much of what you say is just a matter of opinion, regarding entertainment for example. Personally I like a lot of 80s music and I prefer that to much of what is produced today. But the good thing about the current decade is that I have easy access to that music via the internet. If it wasn't for the internet I probably wouldn't have discovered a lot of the music I like. I wonder how easy it was for the 80s generation to get access to previous generations music? Probably not as easy as it is for us.

    • " But the good thing about the current decade is that I have easy access to that music via the internet."

      ^indeed... but still...

      " If it wasn't for the internet I probably wouldn't have discovered a lot of the music I like. I wonder how easy it was for the 80s generation to get access to previous generations music? Probably not as easy as it is for us."

      ^i guess they'd go to a music store and search for "50s-60s" maybe?

    • That's if there was one near where they lived, and if said music store stocked retro/vintage music.

      Also thanks to YouTube we have the freedom to discover music without paying a penny. If you were to rely solely on record shops for that, you obviously wouldn't have that option.

  • It's a mistake to pine for a lost time when things were "better", because every time has it's problems, just like our time does now. That being said, if I could use a time machine to go back into the mid/late 90s just for a bit, I would, then I'd return to 2015 where my current, real home is.

    • well... if i used a time machine and it was only "one way" not turning back... i'd accept with pleasure to be transferred back 20 years ago... dude things were better and less dull by then trust me...

  • My 20s have been as amazing as I had hoped for dude!!

  • Being in the future sucks because we still don't have cheap effective robot wives.

  • no, 20 years ago society was more judgmental...