The Worst Things About Being a Teenager


The Worst Things About Being a Teenager

Don't get me wrong. I love being a teenager. However, there are a lot of pretty... interesting... things about being a teenager. Teenagers: Do you agree with these things? Adults: Do you wish you could be a teenager again? Here's my list!

1. Sleeping

The teenage body needs way more sleep than the adult body. However, the teenage body also likes to go to bed really late. That's fine, right? Go to bed at 1:00 AM and then wake up at 1:00 in the afternoon. WAIT! There's school. Yeah. That. School generally starts any time from 6:30-8:30 AM. So you are basically forced to wake up early no matter how late you go to bed, resulting in sleep deprivation.

2. Drama

I don't like to get involved in all of that drama, but sometimes I just get dragged into it. Susie told me that Rachel told her that Allison told her that Lauren told her that Jennifer told her that Lilly told her that you kissed Bob! Ugh...

3. Dating

Now is the time when everyone is getting into dating. With dating comes rumours. With rumours comes drama. And NO ONE likes drama.

Oh, and then there are those douchebag guys who will ask a girl out and then when she says yes, say "Just kidding!" Oh my god. I hate that.

Oh, and there are those girls who are known as being sluts because they KISS a guy (because it's highschool OMG KISSING! Who cares?)

Yeah, and the girls who can't get a boyfriend and get made fun of for that.

Oh, and the guys who are "players" and "fuckboys".

Dating. Is. Complicated.

Especially as a teenager.

4. Food

The teenage body craves food. A LOT of food. Enough said.

5. Popularity

As a teenager, popularity becomes important to you (and if not you, then important to those around you). It is all people care about, which causes kind-hearted people to act like stuck up bitches to gain popularity. Your friends turn on you and spread rumours about you all in the hopes of making a good name for themselves, and all they do is ruin your social life.

6. Self Esteem

Self esteem is at a low point in the teenage years. You start to doubt yourself and believe what other people say about you. You get depressed and feel like you have no one. You don't like the way you look and feel like you aren't good enough.

Let's end this on a good note: The teenage years are just a phase. Within a few years, you are an adult who is not just surviving, but thriving. You can be okay with as little as 5-6 hours of sleep, there is no high school drama, dating becomes more serious, your food cravings settle, life isn't a game of popularity anymore, and you learn to love who you are.

The Worst Things About Being a Teenager
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