Pressures Of Being In Your 20's


Pressures of being in your 20's

So lately I’ve had this tremendous amount of pressure put upon myself for making the right choices for my future, and hell I’m sure we’ve all been there. Having to decide what we want to do for the next 40 years, how we’re going to get there; is it all the right choice? And heck it’s not like someone is forcing me to make these decisions right here and now, except my own stubbornness to succeed in life. I see people my age all the time, who are making something of they’re lives as if the road they have laid out for themselves is the red carpet! People starting families, buying houses, getting married and succeeding in their professions. It’s as if I’m back in my year 2 race and I’m last because I’m skipping through enjoying the scenery!

But after nearly 3 days of antagonising myself, applying for relentless jobs in Management and question what the fuck I actually want to do in life I’ve come to the decision, this is no race, these people who seem to have everything together actually don’t. In reality I’m only 20 years old …. 21 in 2 months, eek! And I have this whole massive journey ahead of me, I don’t have to have it all planned out and prepared because things happen, things change and you grow as a person – Hell when I was 8 I wanted to be lawyer, and then a fashion designer – Oh and lets not forget my stage of wanting to become a pop star. Truth be told were in a generation were people now go through up to 5 different job roles in their lives, do I think I will want to become an account for the rest of my life? No thank you. But at this moment in time I enjoy it, it’s something I know how to do, which also pays a decent amount of money for me to live.

You see, when were little our dreams are so big we don’t see any hurdles we have to jump, we don’t think about what it will cost us to get there, we just dream big and won’t let anyone tell us otherwise and I miss that, I miss thinking that if I want to do something that’s what I’ll do. Now I can’t even pin point five things I want to do, well I lie, I would love to make a difference – how I don’t know, but something I truly believe in like women’s rights or volunteering in poor countries – I also thought about saving lives and becoming a doctor but well I hate needles and veins, so that kind of counts me out. The problem is who knows if I will feel the same way in the next few years, what if I change my mind?

Really all I’m trying to say is, if you feel like you should have your life together in your early 20′s – don’t! We still have a long old process to get to where we want in life, so in the meantime tinker with shit, explore your options, travel and embrace the fact you can do whatever the hell you want why you don’t have very much responsibilities. The day will come when things just click in place.

Pressures Of Being In Your 20's
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