Animal Rescue: Think Before You Like

Below is a video about how the increasing interest in these cute videos of slow loris' has caused a massive demand for them in the pet trade/black market. This happens with nearly all videos of cute animals that aren't considered household pets. For some reason, instead of appreciating the video and the animal, people decide they want one of their own, often not understanding how to look after them and how much care they really need. As an example which is stated in the video, slow loris' travel a lot in the wild at night but they can't do this when they're kept in a cage in someone's house. It's an unfortunately very real consequence of these kinds of videos which I was informed about when I was studying for my Animal Management Diploma. These animals and other wild animals including bats (a protected species) are not suitable household pets.

People also don't realise that a lot of the videos are taken in rescue centers or by people who are getting them back to health to then be released into the wild and these people are trained to handle these animals. Even with my diploma, I know I would not be able to look after these animals without extensive training yet people with little to no knowledge of animals or the illegal pet trade feel capable of doing so.

You can support the rescue of slow loris' here by signing the pledge. In the pledge, you agree not to like/share videos of slow loris' that circulate on social media and I'd recommend doing the same for similar kind of videos of wild, often endangered animals. This will help prevent the spread of the videos and if a large amount of people comment with information about the impact of these videos, hopefully the demand for these precious animals in the black market will dramatically reduce.

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  • Oh gosh, that was really not pleasant... those poor little guys

    I signed up 😊

  • me and my girl Hannah signed it

    • Yay, thanks! :)

    • One thing I did forget to add Hannah you mention not being able to care for them without training I agree with the chinchilla is the same in my view they require a lot of learning first as take a lot of care and months of effort before picking one up and that has to done carefully as I am sure you know Hannah

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