Tips for making today easier on yourself

1. Start the day slowly

Tips for making today easier on yourself.

Many people wake up and have to go to jobs, school, I get it. However, the biggest way to start off a day cranky is to get out of the bed already in a rush. Wake up an hour early so you can leisurely get ready. Treat you body much like a car. You have to "warm up" first before rushing around.

2. Have breakfast

It's much easier to focus when your stomach isn't growling at you. Having some breakfast can go a long way when helping you focus.

3. Knock out all your tasks early in the morning

When I need to have my tires rotated , get an oil change or, even shop for food ,7 am is a perfect time. I often find no long lines or traffic at all since everybody is sleeping. I'm usually done with everything before 9 am. That way I can get back in my bed before 9:30am and, get back to sleep while everyone else is just waking up.

4. Enjoy driving

Most people will think of driving as a boring task to get from point a to point b. I often roll down my window, feel the breeze and play some chill tunes. Driving should be a relaxing experience. If your looking for more of a challege learn to drive a stick shift.

5. Have a no drama policy

I often avoid drama in my life. Whether it's not listening to gossip , refusing to argue with people or evading people who are instigators. Nobody needs all that negativity. I often keep drama to a minimum. Another person should not make you stressed to the point they are all you think about. I also, my self don't spread rumors or repeat stuff I hear. When people tell me things, I keep those things confidential. Always confront somebody in a private room.

6. Don't be too hard on yourself

Nobody is perfect, everybody is missing that skill ,or attribute that will make them a perfect person. Continuous improvement should be your goal. Focus on your good points more than your bad points. It's annoying to see how easily people are shattered by a little adversity. Life will always knock you down, just get back up and try again. The persistant succeed.

7. Be friendly to people

If your nice more people will be willing to help you out. Show kindness to others and others will show kindness to you. This will help you find friends and in some cases network to people in high places.

8. Be prepared

The most inconvenient things happen at the most inconvenient times. This is Murphy law. Whether your late for work and you hit every red light or, you tire blows out on the way to an important meeting. Life is the biggest troll. Iron your clothes and take showers the night before. Time always moves fast when you don't want it to. Always be prepared for unexpected things. That way Murphy's law never happens to you.

9. Have a recharging place

Always have a quiet place to sit down and recharge. Whether that is your room, the library or the breakroom. Always have a place to relax at. If you have a spouse/ boyfreind/girlfriend they can help you relax. Whether it's by giving a massage or cuddling. Keep the stress off and, you'll be happier.


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  • I agree with keeping drama out of my life. I went to a beauty salon the other day (for women only) and a man knocked on the door while I was waiting. The ladies let him come in and he apparently had a complain about one of the employees who did his wife's eyebrows.

    When it came my turn to get my hair cut, a different employee (not the one who he was complaining about) got excited and giddy and asked what is he complaining about, who is he talking about?

    Some people's fuel is pure gossip.

    • Wow that is just unprofessional. She should of offered to redo the eye brows free of charge.

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  • You're right. I need an hour to myself before getting ready for school or work. I feel more relaxed.

    I like breakfasts but I get tired of eating eggs and spinach. Lol. I need new recipes.

    Doing tasks early in the morning feels good but I feel like holding back. 😩

    Yep, no drama😇

  • That breakfast sucks. Other than that, nice take. :]

  • Thanks, I'll need this is the assignment heavy week ahead :)

  • I agree I love the part about stick driving that what I am learning to drive!

    • It's a nice skill to have I want my first that I buy to be a stick.

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    • The clutch pedal.

    • oh everytime I want to change lane I have to pull on that and move the stick... its diffrent for sure compared to automatic

  • Nice MyTake :)

  • Nice MyTake


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