Rugby World Cup: Proud country moment!

I'm sure most members of GAG did not follow the Rugby World Cup. But coming from a small nation where rugby is our national sport, it was a massive thing for us, especially when we were playing against our neighbours across the pond, Australia.

Proud country moment!

Of course we kicked ass...

Now this take isn't about gloating over the 3rd New Zealand RWC win.

Of course not. This is about how amazingly supportive this country is when it comes to our men in black.

This video was one of the many Flash Mob Hakas preformed around the rivals country (around Australia) by All Black supporters. I believe even a few Australians jumped in! I had goosebumps watching this.

My mum told me that yesterday in the mall someone started singing the national anthem over a megaphone and the ENTIRE mall sung along. Amazing.

Although I did not wake up at 4am to watch the game. I was still a very proud Kiwi when my sleepy eyes shot open at 7am to the final score.

Such a great bunch of guys to represent New Zealand.

Dan Carter seen doing his victory dance in the changing rooms.

Thanks for reading <3

PS- Australia: 4 more years boys, 4 more years ;)


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  • It was the first i watched it on tv and i will watch it again next time


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