Mistakes Made When Training Dogs

I know that this has nothing to do with anything on this site, but it bothers me when I hear dog owners telling people that their dogs are stupid because they made a mistake.

Mistakes Made When Training Dogs

1. Always telling the dog: NO!

Okay, there are times when you have to tell your dog no. But imagine if your parents always told you what not to do. That's great, you know what not to do, the problem is that you weren't told what you were supposed to do. So when you tell your dog no for chewing on something, give him something he is allowed to chew. Or when he drinks out of the toilet, tell him no and lead him to a bowl of water. When he sits on the couch and u don't want him there, tell him : off and put him somewere he can rest.

2. Names and commands too similar

Ever had a time when you thought your name was called, but it was actually someone elses? (i.e. Mia and Tia, Nora and Laura) Imagine how your dog would feel if you named her Snow. If you tell her no, but she thinks you are saying Snow, she will worry because you sound angry when she thinks you are calling her name. This will make her more reluctent to come to you. So say naughty, or bad instead.

More examples: here and heal, Chance and dance, sit down and lay down and get down

3. Confusing good and bad

Your dog is not going to want to go in his crate if you send him there for doing bad things. A crate is supposed to be a place to rest, but when you put him there when he does something bad, he is going to think crate=i did a bad thing. so he will not want to go in their crate. Put your dog in the bathroom instead, toilet seat down and toilet paper removed, lights on.

4. Alpha

If your dog knows that you are the "alpha" then he will be more comforable. But if you send him mixed messages, he will not know where he stands. If you are scolding him and he stands tall, ears up and tail high, he is taking the dominant stance. This means that your scolding will have no effect as he considers himself a higher ranking animal than you. So if he does this, scold him, then ignore him. If he demands attention, pretend he is not there. Turn your back against him. This is what an alpha dog does when he is not pleased by another dog's behavior. If your dog becomes dominant, do not interact with him. No playing, no treats, stay aloof, do not even scold him verbally, just simply put him in a bathroom. He will eventually try to please you, comming up to you and wagging his tail, panting, bringing you a toy or bone. But do not get confused, there is a fine line between trying to please and demanding attention. Whatch your dog's body launguage. Is she wagging her tail, ears back and panting, or is she more aggressive and insistant, and more serious. If she is wagging her tail, ears back, panting, this means that she is trying to please you by offering something to play with. In wild dogs, instead of a toy, it would be food, but the idea is that she is giving her alpha something to enjoy. This is an attempt to please.


All dogs consider man their alphas Any alpha has to earn the pack's respect in order to become alpha.People are not dogs, therefore they are not even naturally considered part of the pack. Nearly all dogs do not actually consider man even part of their pack. If you have a dog, do you consider your dog to be a person. Probably not, because dogs are not people. Dogs are a great part of the family and they help you as much as you help them. You go to school, you follow the rules. Why? Because school is what allows you to have a job and do well in life. If you do not respect school at all, you are more likely to break rules. Your pets follow your rules, Why? Because you feed them and give them everything they need to survive. But if your dog doesn't respect you, they are more likely to follow their own rules.

Dogs and rodents won't ever get along because they are prey Dogs can live with rodents, birds, etc. You have to teach them to live with them and that they do not need to hunt because they have enough food and can trust you to provide food.But you do have to train your dog to leave "prey" alone. You see a bowl of candy. You want to eat that candy. If you know you are not allowed, you don't eat it. Your dog sees your parrot. Your dog wants to eat that parrot. If your dog knows he can't eat that bird, he will probably not eat it.

Dogs just to tricks because you tell then to Most dogs love doing tricks, because dogs need to learn things to make them happy and stimulate their brain. Plus, they get all of that attention when they do something right.

Your dog can't tell what your saying/doing Dogs actually understand a lot of what you are saying. They are very attentive. You've proabably noticed when you say that you are giving your dog a bath, you come back later and realize that you can't tell where he is. Why? Your dog probably heard "Dog" and "Give" and "bath" pretty much close together. Your dog knows that "dog" means him, "give" means he is getting something and "bath" means getting put in a slippery bathtub, getting water poured all over him, getting all saturated with this odd smelling stuff called soap that tastes bad, rubbed in a weird way, then getting wet all over again. Prabably not a good experiance. So your dog is going to go somewhere you can't find him.


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  • Refreshing take.

  • The best trick I've heard for training a dog is to roll a pair of used socks into a ball and when your dog ignores a command throw them at him gently. The dog will smell them and then do what you want.

    The reason is from the dog's POV you just touched him from across the room. If you can do that there is no telling what you are capable of. You are obviously a creature to be obeyed.


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