Something that might help people with people problems

Something that might help people with people problems

Everyone, is normal. We all have our own worries, problems, and insecurities.

People are more similar than different, whatever their gender, whatever their wealth, whatever their occupation. They are not incomprehensible and have no shadowy motivations or desires. People want to feel appreciated and loved. People are approachable.

Social interaction is not a test. It's a game between multiple players. So there are no right or wrong actions, just different ways to play the game. And in this game, there aren't really any winners or losers.

Others are not there to judge your actions, but to play it *with* you. They're not examiners, but players. They don't necessarily know the rules better than you do. You do something and throw the ball at them, and they respond to the best of their ability, according to who they are and where they are in life.

They don't all resent you, hate you, or mock you. They have better things to do than that.

You can't know things for certain. You can't know people's true motivations or what they think of you, maybe because they don't even know themselves, and because their thoughts change all the time. But you can guess at their motivations.

You have to trust your intuition about people, even though it's imperfect. This is because it's better to take a wrong turning once or twice than to be lost at sea. You have nothing else in this world to hold on to, and it's good enough.

People's priorities don't match yours at any given time. Each person leads their own life, and must face events as they come. You can't know what a person is dealing with, where they are in life, and so forth. So don't be surprised if people don't invest the same importance in certain things as you do. Don't be surprised if they don't drop everything to pay attention to you.

If someone ignores you, it's usually something completely impersonal. That person doesn't really see you, but rather sees just a member of a faceless group of individuals, all of whom they ignore. It's a necessary abstraction in this world of millions. You have to avoid being seen as a member of a faceless group, or to stand out somehow, if you want attention. On the other hand, you can take comfort in this at least: you're not the only one and you are not being singled out.

This world is full of grays, not whites or blacks. Beware of coming to extreme conclusions, such as of love and hate, absolute acceptance and complete rejection. If you seem to be drifting between two extremes, look at the average of those things. It's almost certainly closer to the truth.

People with low self-esteem will hasten to jump to negative conclusions about themselves. So beware of coming to such conclusions, and always suspect your mind of playing tricks on you.

In the end, you are yourself. You can lose everything and still be who you are, and in you there lies the potential to exceed, to grow and evolve, into what you aspire to be. For the sake of what you may become, please don't discount yourself.

Oh, and most importantly, don't give a shit.

-- A Friend :)


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