My Reasons For Being Vegan

People seem to be very defensive when it comes to diet, so I just wanted to write a little disclaimer saying that I'm not here telling you how to eat, I'm not telling you you're an unethical person, I'm merely providing my reasons as to why I've decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle and sustain it. I'd really love it if no one name-called or acted like an asshole, but I do encourage educational discussion, so if you must argue, do it respectfully.

My Reasons For Being Vegan

So, here are my reasons for being vegan:

For The Environment

I've always loved the environment, it's also a big part of my culture being a Native American person. In short, we believe that it's our moral obligation to do everything in our power to protect our Mother Earth, especially since she provides us with everything that we need to survive and thrive. Think of it as your rent lol. I lived my life with this belief, and did everything from recycling, composting, thrifting, biking, taking short showers, and attending almost every single environmental rally that was ever held on Parliament Hill here in Canada. I've opposed uranium mining, diamond mining, the Keystone XL pipeline, fracking, and I was especially pissed off when Stephen Harper reduced our number of protected lakes and rivers from 2.5 million to only 82. I never once stopped to think about what kind of environmental impact my dietary choices were having, and honestly, I didn't believe there were any, but after watching Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, I learned that not only were my dietary choices negatively affecting the environment, but it was literally the most damaging industry on the planet. The Cowspiracy website has a "Facts" page that lists every single source used in the documentary, so feel free to go there if you'd like sources. I learned that animal agriculture was the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions (more than all forms of transportation combined), I learned that roughly 56% of all freshwater in the U.S. was used for animal agriculture (500 times the amount that fracking used which was something I had protested against in the past), and I learned that animal agriculture was the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, habitat destruction, and desertification. I learned that a single farm of 2,500 dairy cows produced the same amount of waste as a city with the population of 411,000 people. I learned that we could potentially see fishless oceans by the year 2048 and the number one reason for that is overfishing. I also learned that for every one pound of fish caught, there are five pounds of unintended marine species caught as by-kill, meaning that 40% of all fish caught globally are discarded. I learned that animal agriculture is responsible for 91% of Amazon rainforest destruction (and then realized how ironic that The Rainforest Cafe claims to help save the Amazon when they don't even offer a single vegan option on the menu, thus destroying the Amazon with the food they choose to serve). The movie even explored grass-fed, free-range farming and found that even though it's better for the animals, it's actually worse for the environment because it requires more land and resources to produce, whereas on any given space of land, you can grow 15x more protein with plants than you can with animals. Just one day of being vegan saves 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 sq. ft. of forested land, 20 lbs of CO2 equivalent, and the life of one animal. I realized how hypocritical it was of me to claim to care about something so deeply, yet choose to destroy the environment every time I chose to eat.

For The Animals

I actually never really cared for animals that much, I hated horses because I went on a field trip to a ranch with my class and my horse would not stop shitting all over the place and trying to have sex with the other horses, which was actually super traumatizing and embarrassing for 10 year old me hahah. I didn't like cats, because let's be real, they're assholes. I didn't like small dogs, because of all their yapping (super annoying). I didn't like reptiles, because they were gross and sometimes slimy, BUT I always acknowledged that they were living beings that did not deserve to die just because I didn't think they were cool enough. I also acknowledged that these beings felt pain and had a strong desire to live, obviously. It wasn't until one day my boyfriend, who is not a vegan at all, showed me a video someone shared on Facebook called If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls... narrated by Paul McCartney that showcased undercover footage from factory farms.

I had seen videos like this before and to this day, I don't know why this single time affected me so much, but I was really invested in this video and it touched me more deeply than I had anticipated. I was crying and though I didn't go vegan then, it definitely planted a seed. I continued to eat animal products because I was easily able to push the truth from my mind as we've all been doing for our entire lives. Eventually, I decided to sit down and watch Earthlings, another documentary about animal cruelty, and this time I knew that veganism was something that I wanted to do or rather something that I needed to do in order for my values and my behaviour to be in alignment.

I mean, I've always lived my life believing I was a compassionate, loving, non-violent person, but eating meat directly opposed those values of mine and I realized I could no longer support something that I was against. I stopped believing that my taste buds held superiority over the lives of others and the environment. Here is a quote by William Ralph Inge that really helped me put things into perspective as well: "We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form."

For People

Something else that I'd learned while watching Cowspiracy was that we are currently producing enough food to feed 10 billion people, but this number confused me because there are only 7 billion people on this planet, yet 795 million people are currently starving. Worldwide, at least 50% of grain is fed to livestock instead of people. 82% of starving children in the world live in countries where food is fed to animals that are then eaten by Western countries. Cows eat 24-27 pounds of food per day, so in the course of their lifetime (1-2 years old at the age of slaughter), they would have eaten somewhere between 8,760 to 19,710 pounds of food to produce 490 pounds of beef. That doesn't sound logical to me whatsoever, it's just a huge waste of food that could have easily went straight to a human being. Veganism could potentially end world hunger and not only that, but it can easily sustain our growing population unlike an omnivorous diet.

For Health

The great thing about all of this is that it is 100% possible to completely healthy on a vegan diet, and this has been confirmed by the American Dietetic Association who's stated that "appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes". There is not a single essential vitamin, mineral, fatty acid, or amino acid that humans require that cannot be found in non-animal sources. Anything you can get from animal products, you can get from plants, only with less saturated fat, zero cholesterol, heme-iron, and lower levels of IGF-1 response among other things. Vegans not only live longer, but have lower risks of cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, macular degeneration, cataracts, arthritis, osteoperosis. Vegans also have healthier body mass indexes, have higher energy levels, improved allergies, migraine relief, quicker muscle recovery, and women also experience improved PMS symptoms. Even if I suddenly became a sociopath and had absolutely no compassion for people, animals, and the environment, I'd probably still be vegan just for the health benefits alone. A great documentary on vegan health is Forks Over Knives (on Netflix). Books I reccommend are The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Preventing and Reversing Diabetes, The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall, The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham, A Diet For A New America by John Robbins, and Meat Is For Pussies by John Joseph (for you tough guy "meat is manly" type bros). Dr. Michael Greger also runs a website where he reports the latest in nutritional science called and is extremely helpful with any question you could possibly have regarding health, including vegan health (he's also vegan himself, as many of the doctors I mentioned in this video are).

Female Specific Issues

Seriously, having absolutely no PMS symptoms is like a gift from God. I never knew that there was any way to completely get rid of period symptoms without being heavily medicated until going vegan. Not only is my period lighter and shorter, but the severe cramps and migraines I used to get are completely gone. I made this its own point on the list because I really wanted to explain the reason why vegans experience this. The reason women get cramps is because of something called prostaglandins and the body releases these into the bloodstream when menstruation begins. They constrict blood vessels in the uterus and make its muscle layers contract, causing painful cramps. When these prostaglandins enter your bloodstream, they travel around your body causing everything from migraines/headaches to diarrhea. We can actually reduce the amount of prostaglandins in our bodies, therefore reducing the of pain of PMS or get rid of it altogether, but in order to do so, you must reduce the thickness of the endometrial cell layer. It might sound confusing, but studies have actually found that a change in diet is more effective for reducing period pain than taking pills for it. Prostaglandins are what cause period pain and the higher your serum estrogen levels are, the more prostaglandins your body will produce, so in order to level out the estrogen in your body and bring it down to a healthy level, we must be eating a high-fibre diet (rich in plant foods) because fibre helps the body adjust hormone levels and eating much less foods containing estrogen (dairy and dairy by-products, meat coming from a female animal, and soy). Eating a diet lower in fat helps as well.

Food Borne Illnesses

"CDC estimates that each year roughly 1 in 6 Americans (or 48 million people) get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases. Estimating illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths for various types of diseases is a common and important public health practice." E coli, salmonella, listeria, along with every other food borne illness is the result of animal product consumption. Though risk of contracting a food borne illness is heightened when a human eats an omnivorous diet, vegans are also at risk because fruits and vegetables are sometimes contaminated with animal products which really fuckin sucks if you ask me. Like why. I'm not even supporting the animal agriculture industry and it can kill me too. Brutes.

Aesthetic Reasons

Time to get a little superficial, but these are good reasons too. Since going vegan, I've lost 20 pounds and am still losing which is great. Personally, I've experienced stronger hair and nails with faster growth, my skin has completely cleared up (my profile picture is unedited and without makeup if you'd like to see for yourself). I've also noticed that I have less body odour and this isn't as exciting, but my morning breath is significantly less disgusting haha.


There are quite a few ways in which a vegan diet can improve your sex life. The first being that vegans experience an increase in natural lubrication because of how hydrating plant foods are. Fruits and vegetables have a naturally high water content, whereas animal products do not. The second reason is increased blood flow. Since a vegan diet is so low in saturated fat and completely void of cholesterol, this diet is the only diet that will literally clean out your arteries of atherosclerotic plaque, making for increased blood flow to your nether regions lmao. Not many people know this, but erectile dysfunction is actually one of the first signs of cardiovascular disease. So uh, vegan men have harder erections and women have an easier time orgasming. The third reason is that vegans actually have better tasting cum. Naturally, all diets that are high in fruits and vegetables will improve the way you taste, whereas consuming meat, dairy, eggs, and beer all make the cum more acidic and bitter tasting. It's true. No word of a lie.


This specific reason might not be for everyone, but nevertheless I'd like to explain how veganism is in alignment with most religions and/or spiritual beliefs. As I've mentioned, I am Native American and was raised in accordance with my tribe's spiritual beliefs. Basically, the Earth is a symbol of our Mother and the Sky is symbolic of our Father, but the thing that binds them together is the Great Spirit or Kitchi Manitou as we say in Algonquin. You can think of this as Yin and Yang being bound together in a circle to make the Yin-Yang symbol or the Taijitu. The Great Spirit exists within us all and in everything from the rocks to the animals, which is why indigenous people believe in a sense of oneness among all living and non-living things alike. Everything is connected, and we can observe this when learning about ecosystems and food chains. "Humankind has not woven the web of life, we are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together, and all things are connected (Chief Seattle, 1854)," A huge part of living in accordance with Native American spirituality is learning to live in harmony with the world around you and this means respecting all living and non-living beings, it means respecting the environment, always doing what's best for mankind as a whole and dedicating yourself to the greater good, always doing what you believe to be right, being kind, truthful, and honest, value mental and physical well-being, and take responsibility for your actions and their consequences. Veganism really does fit into any religion, as I've met Muslim, Jewish, Christians, and Buddhists who've all said that their dietary lifestyle has given them a strong connection to their religions, to nature, to animals, and have given them a deeper ability to empathize and have compassion for other human beings. There's a quote by Aristotle that I heard in my Intro to Philosophy class, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." It really is true though, when you practice love, compassion, and non-violence at every single meal, you become more in tune with those emotions and abilities.

Interested in a more compassionate lifestyle? ❤️❤️❤️

Ethics 101 Reasons to Go Vegan (YouTube), The Greatest Speech You Will Ever Hear (YouTube), Earthlings (YouTube)

Environment Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (available on Netflix)

Health Forks Over Knives (Netflix), Forks Over Knives Presents: The Engine 2 Diet (Netflix), Food Inc. (Netflix), Vegucated (Netflix), Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days (YouTube), Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (Netflix).


Most Helpful Guy

  • "I'm not telling you you're an unethical person"
    "Interested in a more compassionate lifestyle?"

    These two statements are what you are about and they contradict one another. Your whole point is to demonstrate your moral superiority. The rest is a lot of fatuous rationalization.

    • And how is killing animals without necessity compatible to not doing so morally speaking?

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    • Step back and read what you have written and tell me again this is not about your moral superiority. Think about how someone who truly wasn't concerned with being better than other people but was truly concerned only with the things you say concern you would have done it differently. If I believed as you supposedly do I'd have just said to me, "I'm sorry you feel that way and I hope you will reconsider". Instead you attack and denigrate those who disagree. Your first concern is to exalt yourself over the heretic, not to win hearts and minds.

    • The fact that I'm commenting on your opinions isn't because I have this crazy desire to be right and to feel better than everyone else, it's because I know that our planet is in a crisis. I'm from Northern Canada and I can see first hand the effects of global warming, it's very real to me and it's absolutely fucking terrifying. I've been to animal slaughterhouses and watching those animals desperately cry out in pain and fight with all their might to get away is gut wrenching and it's enough to devote your whole life to saving these innocent creatures. I don't argue to feel superior, I argue because our planet and the animals deserve as much. If this post helped even just one person consider veganism, then I'm fucking ecstatic because that means in one day that person would have saved 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 sq ft of forested land, 20 lbs CO2 equivalent, and one animal’s life. It's not about me.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm vegan too, for basically all the reasons you've stated. I feel a lot better being vegan, but if something's gonna break me, it'll be the smell of bacon


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  • I used to be a vegetarian because I felt bad for animals not too long ago. Then I realized I was sort of a "fake" vegetarian because I still owned a leather jacket and had a bunch of products that were probably tested on animals.

    • No, a lot of vegans have different opinions on that. Obviously, once you go vegan, it means that you stop supporting companies that harm animals, but when it comes to things you bought before becoming aware of the cruelty, it's different. Some people throw away or donate every non-veg item they owned and some just keep them. The only leather items I have are doc martens and these other leather boots that were really expensive and I bought them years before going vegan, but I haven't thrown them away. They were just really expensive and I want to get as much use out of them as I can before I donate them. I did throw away all of my non-veg products though, like makeup and things like that. It really is up to you, if you don't feel comfortable with it you can always throw those items out, but keeping them doesn't make you a hypocrite since you bought them before going cruelty free :).

  • I don't see why you would see the needs to create a mytake explaining why you're vegan. You're vegan? . . . Cool, now keep it moving.

    • Someone on Gag actually told me to make one. He asked a question something like "Why are you vegan or vegetarian" and I gave him my reasons and he told me I should do a myTake since he'd learned a lot from my response. It's educational, that's all.

    • People make my takes on all sorts of things. " Why i don't want to get married" "why i don't believe in god" Take your salty ass comments and fuck off somewhere else

    • I'm always curious about people and their reasoning for being veggie or vegan!

  • I have no problem with vegans/vegetarians etc., but:
    Don't try to make people guilty cause they are eating meat in the same post where you describe why you are a vegan.
    I don't know if it's still in the passive agressive behaviour, or it's actually an agressive write/mytake.
    I don't tell you to eat meat, so don't tell me to not to eat meat.
    I'm not American by the way, so i don't eat that much meat, (sorry for this little generalization), but people in america typically eat a lot more of everything, than in EU for example.

    • I haven't done anything but tell the truth about the meat industry. If anyone feels guilty, then I think that's more on them and their conscience than it is on me. I'm merely saying that eating animals is completely unnecessary.

    • @Kiwedin that's a pretty common response from vegans, but that still doesn't make it right to criticize other people's choices.

      Be vegan all you want, just shut the hell up about it. We don't need (or want) to hear it. So stop whining about people talking about how much they love meat.

  • tbh the real issue is not whether the animal has to die but whether animals are free range or not.

    e. g. I'd rather eat a slab of meat from a healthy cow that lived a good life than eat cheap, low quality eggs from a caged chicken that also happens to be very poorly treated.

    in a similar vein, I can accept some animals NEED to die for the sake of scientific advances, but I don't accept that they need to die so we can diversify our shampoo products or make new cosmetics (we should probably be using more natural organic products anyway since these things can exacerbate skin conditions like exma or dermatitis in my case).

    so yeah, killing animals is not the main issue in my view for neither ethical nor pragmatic reasoning, it's about how we treat them.

    • That still doesn't fix the issue though. Animal agriculture is the number one cause for most of our major environmental issues, and if you researched the amount of resources grass-fed and free-range cattle requires, it's actually even more devastating to the environment than factory farming. Personally, I think it's just better to do without. "Humane" meat may be better for the animals and for human health, but it's far worse for the environment and quite frankly, if I can be healthy without animal products (which you can), I don't see the point in destroying the environment for a burger. Cons definitely outweigh the pros on this one.

  • Fuck these videos are sad as hell. Makes me sad and angry. Especially the part where they throw the poor dog in the garbage truck!

    Vegen diet is too expensive to switch, every thing healthy is pricey.

    • Help me plan a vegen diet, am seriously considering it. These videos are fucked up, and I don't want to support these cowards beating and torturing animals and laughing while doing it.

      I need a lot of protein, I workout and want to keep my muscle. I don't want to just chug protein shakes all day long, or eat almonds which are hell of expensive where I live.

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    • Oats: 12-17% protein
      Lentils: 20-22% protein
      Couscous/Rice/Pasta: 8-15% protein
      Tofu/Quinoa/Kindney beans etc...: 10% ish protein

      Nuts are fairly high. Peanuts have 20-22% protein and they're the cheapest nuts, you can easily eat 100g a day.

      The protein content of these foods is roughly equivalent to the protein content of most meats. Some fish and beef can clock in at 25-27%, but mostly it's roughly the same.

      You can easily rack up a high amount of protein by eating these foods, just check the nutritional info on the back of the pack.

    • thanks Blob and Kiwedin, I will try eating peanut butter. I already love peanut butter lol.

  • Your First Nations too? What tribe are you from?

    I liked how you are connected with your culture a lot, a lot of people nowadays forget it and just don't learn it which is a shame.
    Though also technically you could make the argument as a Native you are still following in the past of your ancestors by eating meat considering how important meat was to their diet and how highly regarded the hunters were in the society, but that's unrelated.

    Great take though, I will still continue to eat meat lol but I really like how deep your connection is to your decision to not eat meat, and how informed you are about the subject.

    • Yes, half Cree and Algonquin First Nation. Thanks, I think it's really important that we become closer to our roots. A lot of people think it's weird that a native doesn't eat meat lmao, but I always felt as native people, protecting our environment was more important than eating a specific type of diet. I did eat wild meat for a long time though, but eventually my body started reacting badly to it because I was only eating wild meat like once every 4 months.

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    • Yeah, I've seen that one too. It really sucks, makes me want to build my own greenhouse so I can grow my own food in the winter too lmao.

    • Haha yeah me too. I've always wanted live to up in northern Canada or even Alaska maybe, and hunt and fish and grow my own food and stuff. Live off the land, you know. That would be my dream. You can't really do that in most parts of America.

  • I can completely appreciate your point of view and have no problem with you being vegan as this is your choice and I also agree that nutritionally we don't need to eat meat, and eating more fruits and vegetables would be a great benefit for me no doubt, but I really enjoy eating meat, and not because I want to be cruel to animals or anything like that, I just enjoy the taste. I'm certain I could probably change my eating habits away from meat, and I don't eat huge amounts, but I really enjoy it. I'm sorry :-(

    • It's fine, I was exactly like that before going vegan. If you'd have told me I would be vegan a year and a half ago, I'd laugh in your face lmao. I never thought I'd be able to give up animal products, but I eventually started realizing that my taste buds were not more important than the someone else's entire existence. It's great that you acknowledge the animals though, I can tell you're a compassionate person :).

  • Good for you. I'm the opposite though. I'm like a t-Rex I eat so much meat. The chickens get it since I'm on a high protein diet. I would honestly prefer to have my own farm and do it my way but unfortunately I can't and have to rely on that corporate Titan of destruction. If everyone became vegan, the farming and development of agricultural land will still wipe out nature. Not defending those other guys but the fact is, humans are just overpopulating this earth and it will reach an unsustainable level one way or another.

    • I was like you too lol. People have it in their heads that vegans never really liked meat to begin with, but no. I was bacon obsessed and I used to be a hunter. I ate animal products for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You get over it though and eventually you stop seeing animals products as food and instead see them as they really are, and that's muscle, tendon, bone, blood, cartilage, veins, arteries, periods, and bovine secretion.
      You're wrong though, eventually people are going to have to embrace veganism whether they want to or not due to our growing population, that or world governments are going to control reproduction. "The 3.5 billion acres would produce approximately 2 billion tons of grains annually, he explained. That's enough to feed 10 billion vegetarians, but would only feed 2.5 billion U. S. omnivores, because so much vegetation is dedicated to livestock and poultry in the United States. So 10 billion people is the uppermost population limit where food is concerned."

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    • I like your intentions but the world always has a catch. If everyone became vegan right, we would have to get supplements. Humans need meat (or the nutrients and oils that meat gives us). Where a steak gives you 30g of protein, you would need to eat a shitload of veg protein to get that (for example again). So the increase in farming of veg will be expanded more than one would anticipate. Being a vegan or not isn't the problem. It's the way the world is governed and mass production for vegans, is still mass production. But yes, your carbon footprint will be less than mine:-)

    • There's actually not a single nutrient, vitamin, or mineral that you can't find in plants sources. You eat animals for certain vitamins, but I just eat what those animals eat to get those vitamins. Did you know for any given space of land, you can grow 15x more protein with plants than you can with animals? If everyone went vegan, there would actually be a decrease in farming which is good. More space for wildlife :).

  • Good for you. However you mention " 795 million people are currently starving" despite the world producing enough food for everyone.

    They are starving because they can't afford the food whether it is grains or meat. Being a vegan doesn't help them in anyway.

    • Yeah, it does because using all that grain to feed the animals increases the demand for grain which in turn inflates the price.

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    • Damn phone and its auto "correct".

  • I love you. ... but seriously I've watched all the documentaries you listed. 90% of what I eat is plant based. It was 100% for a full year not too long ago. So I know what you're saying I feel so much better and I constantly get looked at as a freak with my grocery cart filled with organic produce. But, I feel great and so does my family. Maybe some day more people will catch on.

  • I love how you put gorillas into the equation because they often eat baby chimps, monkeys etc... It was a great read but I am still going to feast on the flesh of animals.

  • Yes, a good summary for why we should reduce or eliminate eating meat. Maybe your picture is the most convincing argument!

  • Personally I follow the lead of wolves and bobcats... eat meat, lol.

    And I find it extremely difficult to believe a dairy farm of 2,500 cows makes as much waste as a city of 400k people.

    I mean, what sort of cows are we talking about? Rappers, pro athlete cows? How can a cow produce as much waste as 160 people? Cows don't buy clothing, don't go buy items at stores with lots of plastic and cardboard packaging, don't burn gasoline... I'm pretty sure that your average cow makes less environmental waste than me, overall, unless you're counting poop to poop basis only.

    • "Personally I follow the lead of wolves and bobcats... eat meat, lol."
      Well there's a pretty big difference between you and wolves and bobcats: Their carnivores and you're a herbivore.

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    • Poop is biodegradable, but the Earth was never meant to sustain so much livestock. Our food supply literally outnumbers us dramatically to the point that if humans killed each other at the same rate that we kill animals, humans would be extinct in roughly 8 days. In short, it's too much shit for the world to handle, which is the reason why animal agriculture is the leading cause of water pollution andocean dead zones (there are over 500 nitrogen flooded dead zones specifically caused by animal shit spilling into the oceans). I don't think you understand how serious this is. Nature relies on these little things called phytoplankton and they are the root of nearly all food chains and they are currently being decimated by the ocean pollution (animal agriculture still number one reason). Without phytoplankton everything on this planet dies including humans, so the fact that you think your taste buds are more important than our survival as a species is beyond me.

    • Also, that's not what I meant by weather being predictable. I doubt you'll know what I'm talking about, but if you've spent enough time outdoors before storms, rain, high speed winds, etc. you'll know what I'm talking about. You can literally use your senses to tell how the weather was going to be that day, you can taste and smell the humidity, you can see and feel the way the wind blows, you can observe the clouds, but all of these things aren't predictive of weather anymore. All the elders talk about this. It's a native thing I guess.

      Also, you're off about the deer population thing. The government kills predatory animals in order to protect livestock as well as to control deer populations to make it possible to hunt. In 2014, 796 bobcats were killed, 61,702 coyotes were killed, 305 mountain lions, 15,911 prairie dogs, 8,971 crows, 1,001 cats and dogs, and 22,416 beavers by Wildlife Services, a branch of the US government.

  • I would have given a serious response, but I was too busy eating my burger filled with eyeballs, lips, and assholes.

  • Well as someone who is studying Nutrition and Dietetics at University let me elaborate on what you said under health.

    What you have said is 100% factually correct. HOWEVER it is very dangerous fact. What I mean by that is although you CAN get everything you need from vegetables it is actually very difficult. You have to have a very in depth understanding of nutrition Actually one of the main arguments that shuts down people who say humans were meant to be vegetarian is the fact no location on the planet naturally has all the nutrients and proteins a person would need. It is only because of modern agriculture and transportation that it is possible to lead a health vegetarian lifestyle. Now being vegetarian is very healthy. That being said I know Dietitians who are vegetarian who still prepare meat for their childrens meals. There are hidden details when it comes to getting everything you need from vegetables. Ill just touch on one example. Protein. Just because a vegetable has a protein content does not mean your body is able to process it. There are 20 different amino acids that can form a protein, and nine that the body can’t produce on its own. These are called essential amino acids—we need to eat them because we can’t make them ourselves. In order to properly absorb protein we need all 9. No vegetable in existence contains all nine. You need multiple vegetables to get them. How many vegetarians know this? Very few. That is the danger. Parents thinking if they feed their kids nuts and beans for example everything is fine. It is not. Only one food source has all 9. Meat, every single type of meat.

    Another point I could go in to is how although a vegetarian diet does in fact provide more energy and lower cholesterol then a balanced diet there is another diet that has more energy and even lower cholesterol. Surprise, its a high fat/protein diet consisting of 80% meat and no carbohydrates. So the information given in the post, though correct, is misleading

    • Actually, research the Okinawan people who lived in a mainly vegan diet (animal products were consumed once or twice a year) and they lived in plants that were native to their location. They are known to be the longest living people in the world and were among the healthiest, that was until Western doctors told them they would be healthier if they ate more animal protein, which they did... but now they're just as unhealthy as all the Western countries are, experiencing obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. Anyways, there's an example of people being perfectly healthy, living on plants solely grown in their location. Not only them, but many vegans living in tropical areas of the world are perfectly healthy while eating a diet made up of only local and organic produce. The fact that many of us around the world have to rely on grocery stores to get our food doesn't really prove anything about veganism, it just proves that humans migrated away from where we evolved.

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    • I can see there is no point in trying to have an educated discussion with you. Why ask for it and then not only insult a person but use childish remarks? You are the problem with vegans. You refuse to listen. When someone shows you science fact you get defensive and child like. I am done here. You are a waste of time and do not have the intelligence required to be bias.

      Even though you do not deserve it I will try to help you one last time before I leave this post. I study Nutrition to help people. people who fall victim to scams. You are speaking of the The Okinawa Centenarian Diet. This study was false. All the information was faked in order to sell books. In actual fact all 100 of the preserved Okinawan people showed they ate animal products. Every single one. It is completely false. Educate yourself. It is embarrassing.

    • I listened, and I responded. I'll admit I was rude and I apologize, but I just thought that someone studying Nutrition and Dietetics would understand that protein combining isn't an issue. The body utilizes and binds the individual amino acids on their own within a 24 or 48 hour time frame (trying to remember what our professor taught us, since I'm studying nutrition as well). I study nutrition to help people as well and I feel connected to it since I've lost so many family members to diet-related illnesses that were completely preventable. Being vegan is my personal choice, but this doesn't change the fact that minimal consumption of animal products correlates with better health. I mean, the Nurses Health Study found that eating only one egg per day had the same effect on mortality that smoking 5 cigarettes a day for 15 years and that's absolutely shocking.
      If the Okinawans weren't a good example, what about the California Adventists? People living in rural China?

  • Your a good person. Wish everyone was vegan so animals can run free. Those animal concentration camps need to be demolished

  • Still going to eat meat.

  • Great reasons, I agree, basically - I'm a lacto-vegetarian, but maybe I'll become vegan someday.

  • All makes sense. One of the better thought out reasons why I've heard in a while. I respect that.

    Personally, I think animals are tasty. They're cute but they're tasty. Do they deserve to die? Not really, :(, poor animals. I just eat them anyways and feel bad for them while I do it? I dunno. They just taste awesome. Not much thought gone into why I'm omnivorous.

    I don't advocate treating them cruelly or any of the psychotic shit that you might see in animal cruelty videos. That's just sick.

  • I respect your choice of diet. Veganism is nothing if not healthy. I myself pursue a healthy lifestyle too but I really love meat and have no issue with eating a bit of every kind of healthy thing in proportion. It's no secret though that a vegetable-rich diet is the key to health. That's why I love me some spinach and tomatoes on my turkey burger.

    • True, all of the world's blue zones (places where people easily live over 100 years old) eat diets very high in carbohydrates.

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  • This is the first time I enjoyed a vegan take on this site, because you didn't take the stance of: Veganism is superior and everyone else is a cruel fuck head!

    It was educational, well written, and enjoyable. Good work.

  • I tried going vegetarian when I was younger (because back then there was no way in hell I was giving up eggs or milk or chocolate)

    My family cooked lasagne the next night. Bastards. So that was a fail.

    I don't really like at all very many fruits and veggies. Most of which are the really popular ones you'll find in salads and such. I hate strawberries, can't stand tomato or pineapple, I don't like bananas, apples are okay, mandarins are only good sometimes, other times they're terrible, and I can't think of many others.
    I only like iceberg lettuce yet everyone only ever uses the leaf stuff.
    Beetroot is good but not if its homemade. The one thing that should never be homemade.

    Also I apologise on behalf of all the people cracking down on you for stating your beliefs on being a vegan, especially when these are the same people who thank a divorcee or something for sharing their story. Not that being a divorcee is bad, I just think this take is a little more informative and useful.

    I don't have anything else to say. Good luck!

    • Thanks :) Yeah, my brother hates pretty much all vegetables too and he has somewhat poor health as a result. I keep trying to sneak in some greens in his fruit smoothies, but he always catches me doing it haha.

  • I'm a proud black Native American who eats her meats. That's great if this whole vegan junk works for you, but it's not for everyone. Just because it's YOUR truth and u can find things to back up what you believe, that doesn't make it THE truth.
    God said we could eat anything that doesn't disagree with our bodies (food wise), so that's what I do. And uk what? I'm healthy, strong, beautiful, at a healthy weight with little blemishes. I will never feel sorry for being an omnivore.

      Proud of what? Destroying the environment? Killing innocent animals? God would be so proud of you.

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    • Unfortunately, it's impossible to be to an effective environmentalist if you still support the animal agriculture industry. Eating vegan for one day saves 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 sq ft of forested land, 20 lbs CO2 equivalent, and one animal’s life. If you were only taking short showers, recycling, composting, and biking, you wouldn't even save a fraction of that. I can tell you care though, so I hope you make the connection sometime soon. Cowspiracy is a great movie if you'd like to learn more about how a vegan diet saves the environment.

  • I admire the hell out of vegans. But I just can't give up meat.
    I do, however, raise my own chickens and cattle, so I know that they're happy and well cared for.

    • basically this is the way to be.

      telling society to stop killing animals and eating meat is sorely unrealistically but changing things around a bit so that animals are treated better is the way forwards and people that free range livestock such as yourself will be taken more seriously in this matter because they have personal experience doing so.

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    • If your farm was the only one that existed, then that would be great, but there are thousands of farms like yours and the cumulative effect that growing alfalfa has on the environment is still quite a lot. The problem still remains that there are too many people eating meat for the planet to produce in a sustainable manner.
      Healthier cows produce 500% more greenhouse gasses than grain-fed cows, one of those gasses being methane which is 25-100 times more destructive than carbon dioxide and has 86 times the global warming potential. Oh, can't forget nitrous oxide too, cows produce 65% of human related emissions and it has 296 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide, and stays in the atmosphere for 150 years. Even if we completely stopped burning fossil fuels, we would exceed our 565 gigatonnes CO2e limit by 2030, all from raising animals... Depressing.

    • I understand what you're saying. But for me, being able to control my animals' quality of life is a step in the right direction, even if it doesn't solve the problem on a global scale.

  • Is vegan the new religion? Why do vegans insist on pushing their beliefs on everyone and anyone who they can? You don't want to eat meat, great. But how about stop trying to convince everyone else that being a rabbit will magically make you healthy. I know vegans who are fat, and I know a shit ton of athletes who love meat.

    You also seem to think that vegans are the only ones who eat vegetables.
    "vegans experience an increase in natural lubrication because of how hydrating plant foods are" unless meat dehydrate then you are not further ahead than non vegans.

    A lot of vegans eventually revert because the benefits of meat are a biological absolute.

  • I'm glad that you're happy being vegan! Ignore what other people say about it ruining or your health etc. I'm sure it won't...
    Also, lucky you! No PMS symptoms is good, although a change in diet won't alter these symptoms for some women... (so says my GP- who is vege).
    I'm also glad you said you wouldn't try to foist your opinions on me... But perhaps using the words "more compassionate lifestyle" wasn't quite right? You're right, it is a choice, but like I wouldn't tell you it's healthier, or nicer or you're a better person to eat meat, please don't say that my choice to eat meat makes me less compassionate. I see your point but likewise, I've made my choice to.
    Respect to you though for ignoring the people who don't understand the benefits.

    • I see your point, but saying that a vegan diet is more compassionate isn't a knock on any other diet, but rather just a fact. When a person empathizes with other beings regardless of species and refuses to cause them harm, that person is indeed a more compassionate person that someone who knows other beings are in pain and are suffering because of their everyday choices and chooses to continue harming them.
      I'm sorry if that rubs you the wrong way, but it is the truth.

    • Hmm... It's not the word I would use but I honestly don't have any better suggestions... Perhaps it's the insinuation that becoming vegan makes you a more compassionate person... I mean it does in terms of treating animals well, but it doesn't mean you're more compassionate towards other people... It's just personal connotations with that word...

  • I'm not vegan. I just wanted to say that i'm thankful for vegan companies having products in stores like sprouts. I am allergy prone (dairy , soy, random veggies &fruits&nuts) and a lot of vegan products have kept me healthy. As a college student on my campus allergic to so many things, being vegan isn't good for me (as it is I can eat very few things) but I liked this article.

  • We need more hot vegans guys. I don't want to date gross meat eaters.

  • I've been vegan since I was 12 years old I did it for the animals when I was 12 lol and just continued ever since it's been 4 years oh and did you know the strongest man in the world is vegan isn't that cool

    • Patrik Baboumian? Yeah, it's so cool. Every time someone's like "But I'll lose my gains if I go vegan", I'm like nooooo lmao

  • Found the vegan lol