For/about the December people

For/about the December people

I am one of the happy people who has their birthday in this holiday month.

I really think it’s a great month for a birthday, but well I don’t know any different But there are things that makes it difficult, like the following things:

• Black Friday and Cyber Monday spending (or for the dutch the sinterklaas spendings) means no budget for your birthday present.
• Everyone is still recovering from all the Thanksgiving family drama.
• End of year reviews or exams are stressful enough without having to worry about the birthday party.
• Because of holiday parties and/or new year plans it’s hard to schedule your birthday party
• Christ/ the end of the year is more important than your birthday.

This list can be much longer but instead I want to stay positive.

Everyone (except maybe the Scrooges of this world) are allready happy and so there’s no need to put extra effort in creating a good atmoshpere for your birthday. The shops, the radio stations, the city …everyone helps you to create a good vibe this month.

Combo presents, one present for your birthday and Christmas, not everyone likes but it gives you the opportunity to ask for more expensive gifts.

If you are lucky then you never have to go to school on your birthday or to work on your birthday, for example I never had to go to school on my birthday.

Advice For December Birthdays:
• Never, EVER, give a birthday gift wrapped in Christmas paper. Red and green paper is also no good idea.
• Thinking well about a “combo” birthday/Christmas gift because not everyone will like that.
• We would rather have a birthday gift over a Christmas gift.
• Holiday decorations are not ok gifts.
• Try to call or e-mail your December friend on their birthday. Being with your family rocks, but trust me, friends make birthdays better.

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  • My birthday is the 13th of January so I get caught in the Christmas hangover a bit - I tend not to do anything too much because people are short of cash after Christmas.