How to tell if someone cares about you

How to tell if someone cares about you

I am not just talking about your boyfriend or girlfriend but friends and family members too. Now, I have yet to find way of telling if someone is inlove with you, but I have found a really simple way of telling if someone loves you as in if they care about you. So simple infact, that you'll probably think me stupid for mentioning something so obvious in the first place.

So, how can you tell if someone cares about you?

Okay well the pick the person who it is that you want to know if they care about you or not. Thought of someone? Good! Now I want you, just for the time being to forget everything they have ever said to you - Compliments, promises of them "Always being there for you" when you need to talk, anything else nice they've said. Just wipe it, forget that for the time being.

Now, think back to a time when you were upset, in trouble, in pain or just generally having a bad time and this person was aware of that. What did they do? Did they help you? Comfort you? And if not did they at least try too? Or did they try to help take your mind of things?

If the answer is to any of those is "Yes" then yes, you can rest assured that person cares about you.

If, however, when you told them about how you were struggling they just shrugged it off and ignored it or just started going on about their problems instead, completly dismissing yours then sorry to say, they probably don't care about you.

Notice how in my method of telling if someone cares about you or not focuses on actions, rather than words. I'm not sure who invented the saying "Actions speak louder then words" but I certainly agree with them.

It can be nice to hear people use comforting words such as "I'm always here if you need someone to talk too" or "You can always come to me for advice" but those words mean absoloutley nothing unless that person backs it up with their actions and actually does try to help you when you tell them something is wrong.

It's easier to tell with some people than others because there are those who say things which tell you they care about you and if you look at their actions that is also the case, and then there are people who speak as though they don't care and if you look their actions, they really don't. It's easier to tell with those people because what you see is what you get, or rather, what you hear is what you get.

However, there are people who will say things which will make it seem as though they care about you but then their actions will tell you otherwise. For example: A girl is worried about her boyfriend hanging out with other girls. He reassures her that he loves her and would never leave her since she is so important to him. He then continues hanging out with other girls and cheats on her.

Then there are people who, through their speech seem like they don't care but then if you look at their actions, they actually do. For example: Another girl has a boyfriend who rarely to never tells her he loves her, doesn't often compliment her and never sends her long messages. However, he always tries to help her when she needs it, seems genuinely concerned about her when she's upset or in pain, stays loyal to her, hugs and kisses her when he sees her and panics and does whatever he can to try and change her mind if he fears he might lose her.

So how do you tell if someone cares about you or not?

Look at their actions because "Actions speak louder than words" as the old saying goes. Thank you for reading and I hope this helps some of you (even if it was a bit obvious).

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  • When I was in high school, I quickly realized that if you want to find out who really cares about you and are your real friends, all you have to do is withdraw from life if they really care, they are going to go out of their way to see if anything is wrong or why you are acting the way you are. Great take by the way.