My favorite hardcore treats

Yummy, but slightly unusual treats from around the world. Some of these I've tried, And some I just really want to!

1. Scorpion SuckersMy favorite hardcore treats.

Delicious suckers with a dead, crunchy surprise in the middle! Also comes with mealworms and other insects inside.

2. Naked Lady Sushi

The only way to eat sushi, As far as i'm concerned. You are extra badass, if you eat the poisonous fish that might kill you!

3. Cobra Blood

You drink it, And it burns so good.

4. Snake Wine

Vietnamese Mango wine, Made by infusing a whole snake into rice wine. These would creep me out to look at, And somebody else would have to pour it, because Hell No...................

5. Bhut jolokia

Apparently eating a 'Ghost Pepper ' can kill you. No Guts, No Glory!

6. Carolina Reaper

The world's hottest chili pepper, The damn thing even looks evil.

7. Deep-Fried Tarantula

They have some really big damn tarantulas in Cambodia, And they really know how to fry them up :)

8. Tequila with worm

It's fun just getting to the worm, Then you can swallow that sumbitch and prove your macho! Can also just gen a tequila lollypop.

9. Fugu

A very risky Japanese delicacy, People have died eating this highly toxic puffer fish.

10. Malt Liquor

Malt Liqour gives me my superpowers <3 I love any kind as long as it's cheap, brutal, and f**ks you up beyond all belief!

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  • I get the shock factor of snake wine and snake blood but what does that even add to the drink? Other than grossness :s lol... if it gives you a different type of drunk, sure

    And why do they have mountains of critters (tarantulas) like the whole world is dying to eat these... no one is buying any lol... puke yak... but id still try it

    Which ones have you tried from that list?

    • Scorpion suckers, I drank the worm with Mescal, I ate snake meat but never drank the blood lol, And malt liquor of course.

    • I really want to try both those peppers.

  • 1-4 people actually eat/drink that shit? Gross.

    I've yet to try a Carolina Reaper. I need to.

    7-9 Eww. Fucking gross.

    10 What's hardcore about it? I'm not being an ass I really don't know. Is the alcohol content really strong?

    • It's like drinking cold battery acid. Its a pitbull in a can :D

      I just love it so much, I had to add it. And even the worst things on this list or not the grossest that people eat lol

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    • No thank you. lol.

    • Don't really blame you lol