My 10 Favorite Creepypastas

My 10 favorite creepypastas.

It all started with those Jokes, stories, and really out there inspirational messages people loved to copy/paste to message boards or through emails to all their contacts.

Things like send this to 20 of your friends in 5 minutes to cure some terminally ill kid or receive a billion dollars. Pretty soon the users of 4chan started calling then copypastas, a weird way of combining the words copy and paste.

And when various scary stories started circulating this way they were called creepypastas. It was the campfire stories of the internet and some have become pretty legendary.

These are my 10 favorites out of all the ones I've read. I'll try to keep it as *spoiler* free as possible.

10. Squidward's SuicideMy 10 Favorite Creepypastas

The tale of one strange episode of Spongebob Squarepants that ends very badly for Squidward.

9. The Bad DreamMy 10 Favorite Creepypastas

A very short, But very effective one.

8. 1999My 10 Favorite Creepypastas

The story of a guy investigating a very disturbing channel he remembers watching in 1999. Mr. Bear is definitely creepy.

7. Candle CoveMy 10 Favorite Creepypastas

Another one about a weird low budget tv show with a very strange twist at the end.

6. Normal Porn For Normal PeopleMy 10 Favorite Creepypastas

Nothing really about porn in the whole story. But it is very strange and extremely brutal, So I like it.

5. Jeff/Jane the killer

My 10 Favorite Creepypastas

The picture of Jeff the killer scared way more people than the actual story. And a lot of girls seem to love Jeff but hate Jane, Go figure.

4. The KeyholeMy 10 Favorite Creepypastas

I love any story about ghost and hotel rooms. This one got to me the more I thought about it. Also known as white and red.

3. The Slender manMy 10 Favorite Creepypastas

The most famous creepypasta of all.

2. The Russian sleep experimentMy 10 Favorite Creepypastas

Very messed up stuff.

1. Abandoned by DisneyMy 10 Favorite Creepypastas

The very first creepypasta I read and still my all-time favorite.

Bonus: Ben drowned and all other game related creepypastas.My 10 Favorite Creepypastas

I'm a gamer so I love the ones about creepy games. This one about a hacked copy of Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask is the most famous.

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  • 1999 was truly disturbing because of how believable it was. I listened to a narration if it while doing chores and god damn was it creepy.

    I HIGHLY recommend reading "Psychosis", it's long, but sure is worth it.

    "8 Ball" was intriguing, really liked the concept.

    "The Photograph Pile" is short and simple, but quite interesting as well. If you liked "The Keyhole", you'll enjoy this.


Most Helpful Guy

  • From what I heard, Jeff the killer doesn't have a single good horror game to it's name.


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