Can someone tell me in God's name, Jesus of Nazareth the rising of Lucefiric Abomination why this society is so fucked up? I mean really? Hashtag #Wastehistime and #Wastehertime? Are you kidding me? Sis man!#WasteHisTime2016 #WasteHerTime2016


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  • Welcome to 2016, where everyone is a prick to each other on the internet and in general. Ugh.

    Every time I see a baby or a small child, I always think, Oh god, this little kid has to grow up with all this bullshit going on around him/her. What kind of abominable world gonna will this kid inherit when he/she turns 18? And what will the rest of life be like? I shudder at the thought.

    Can't girls/women and boys/men just get along. Being nice to people actually pays off. Apparently that's hard for people to do these days :(


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  • I find it horrible that people actually find it funny to use the hashtags.

    Almost as bad as the Hitler/Dead Baby "jokes".
    In horrible, horrible taste.


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