Photo Mistakes That Make You Cringe

I've seen them, you've seen them, and anyone who has access to the internet has probably seem them.

Photo Mistakes That Make You Cringe

I'm talking about those cringe-worthy photos that turn you right off - and make you kinda feel sorry for the poor, innocent, human who unknowingly posted the picture...

So what constitutes as a "cringe-worthy" photo? Obviously it varies with person, but here are a few examples I'll shoot out there.

Photoshop fails

These is the stereotypical ones, and they're all over the internet. Most are funny, many are simply jokes, though some are unfortunately unintentional.

Like this guy's got some ripped arms. er... arm.

Too much filter

Yay for filters! They can add a whimsical, thematic touch to photos. Filters can banish a few imperfections, and convey a particular mood. But when a filter does too good of a job:

#filterhappy I can't feel (or see) my face when I'm with you

Cropped photos

Cropping photos isn't a bad thing. But when you're using the photo for a profile pic or something... and there's a dangling hand in the back...

But hey. If Beyonce can get away with it, you can too!

A dirty mirror

Sometimes you just feel great. The outfit, hair, etc. just look good. Which sometimes translates to selfie time, whether your mirror is up to it or not.

Yikes! The flash didn't help here...

Ultra duckface

I'm sure this internet phenomenon started off innocently enough, but too much of anything can't be good... Be it the duckface, sparrowface, or any other face, they're fun to take, but when you're being serious...

you shouldn't try to look too much like a duck (or goose).

These are all pretty obvious ones... And I'm sure you've seen really funny photos too.

Who doesn't love a gym selfie?

What would you add to the list?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Nice one, you should post more pics. I am sure the internet is full of them.

    • thanks! maybe I will...
      nice seeing the face behind the purple avatar yourself

What Girls Said 2

  • Funny take !

    It would have been extraordinary if it were longer.
    I enjoyed this

  • Thanks for making me smile with this take :)
    I wonder what they were instructed to do in that cropped pic. All hands are kind of in the mid-air making it look like someone photoshopped their bodies to look thinner, but forgot to adjust the hands lol

    • Aw thanks :)
      And I was wondering that too... everyone's doing the hoverhand
      But LOL that's a really good hunch xD