Funny Valentines Not All Will Understand

1. It's ironic because he's a Slytherin. Draco Malphoy sure knows how to get girls on this muggle festivity.

Fandom: Potterheads

Funny Valentines Not All Will Understand

2. Nothing to say here. The irony is killing me, however.

Fandom: Sherlcokians

3. This was the 9th Doctor's phrase and one which I use almost everyday but not excluding, 'Alons-y' and 'Geronimo'. Sweet card.

Fandom: Whovians

4. Ah Neville Longbottom. The master of the puberty spell. My humour centres around my fandoms. #Opps

Fandom: Potterheads

5. James Moriarty. One of my favourite villans. Is he dead? Who the hell knows. *cue song 'Staying Alive'* But this card shows just how strong a friendship can be.

Fandom: Sherlockians

6. Alrighty then... I think we can all agree that Thranduil's ego is pretty big. Definitely a discreet way to tell your boo how big your badoonga dong is.

Fandom: Lord of the Rings.

7. Subtle. Pizzaman and the baby sister??? Mhmm.

Fandom: Supernatual

8. Kylooooooooooooo #YesPlease

Fandom: Star Wars

9. Too bad I'm always flyin' Solo. :((((

Fandom: Star Wars


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  • 1. Not a Potter fan, but I actually get it.

    2. Don't get that one.

    3. Don't get that one.

    4. Don't get that one.

    5. Don't get that one.

    6. I mean I understand, but I don't understand the character.

    7. Don't get it.

    8. Hahahahahahaha. That's good.

    9. That's gotta be the most obvious one.


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