Technology Isn't The Only Thing Being Programmed, People Are

Technology Isn't The Only Thing Being Programmed, People Are

Nowadays one of the most popular forms of communication lies in sending texts through your phone. It's almost as if humans have become non-verbal and more impersonal, as technology begins to grab its hold on some of its most avid users.

Lets rewind time, when technology was used the way it was intended for.
Back then, if people wanted to speak to you, they'd give you a phone call.
If someone liked you they'd tell you in person,
instead of searching for you on social media to send a friend request to you.
Is that now the method of introduction to another, conveniency for oneself?
Have "we" lost our voice?
Have "we" lost our courage?
If you posted a photo online and no one commented,you'd still be able to move forward and enjoy daily aspects of your day.
But now with the online "like" feature, if you don't get a certain number of likes,
your whole self value as now taken a plummet.
Instead of moving forward, you're now left questioning every minor detail about yourself,
including your appearance.
"Oh no, someone elses photo has gained so much more likes than mine!",
you voice to yourself.
Your crowd of friends seem to be flocking more towards that individual.
Does this mean you are unattractive and less desirable than them?,
this a question you ask yourself.
You feel that way, because your value lies within whether or not someone decides to click a button or scroll over it.
Is that how your self esteem is evaluated?
By a button that takes seconds to click?
I've seen many of the users on popular websites deactivate their account.
One of the main reasons for their departure is that they've spent so much time in cyber world,
that they have neglected work or school.
How can "you" lose the ability to function when something is so essential?
Have you no control or discipline?

It's almost as if technology isn't all that's being programmed but "we" are as people.

"We" have become robots to communication.
Simple gestures, touch and conversation, have been replaced by buttons on a screen,
and a click of a button.
If you're not like this then I applaud you,
although I am most certain you have observed many fall under what I am describing.
Instead of taking in the beauty that is around us each and every day,
we meet each other with our heads down, buried in our phones.
I know the model of one's phone before I meet their eyes.
I know what a person's hair line looks like before I see their face.
What a big disgrace!
When I'm finally given one's attention, it is divided.
They're caught between constant glances at their phone and speaking to me.
What has happened to people?

Some will say, technology is to blame.
They will proceed to say, too much of something never does any good.
If that is the case, then I must ask who really is in control, technology or is it you?
Although we are not computers, we all have options.
It's okay to have technology involved in your life, but where is the medium?
These man made objects took hours to build, but in comparison to how much time a day
is spent using it, is non-comparable.

Days from now no one will remember how many "likes" you gained on that given day.
What they will remember is how much impact and personability you brought into their lives by giving your undivided attention.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I've not got one social media account. Never will have either. I remember going out with pals before we even had mobile phones. You knew everybody in town. I'd walk a mile along the road to a friends house and I'd get stopped 5-10 times along the way by people I knew. We'd chat and have a laugh and I'd move on. If your friend wasn't in you had to track them down to their usual places they hung out. You'd bump into mutual acquaintances and ask if they've seen them. You'd get there eventually. People had real human skills back then. We'd sit in the pub facing each other round a table and chatting away all night and getting up to all sorts woth others in the bar. Singing, messing about, having a good time. Not one mobile phone in sight. You were armed with your brain and your mouth back then and it was a hundred times better. If you hadn't seen someone in a while you could spend the whole night swapping stories and laughing about it. You know, real living in real time. It's a shambles now. You try and tell somebody what you got up to and the first reply you get is 'seen it on Facebook. Socialising is learned behaviour. If you don't use it you lose it. The futures going to be full of awkward, deaf mutes whos heads grow out of their chests. I see some kids nowadays and they look so pathetic. Plodding along with their heads down staring at a phone. They couldn't win a fight with a summer breeze. Tight clothes, gawky faces, walking like new born giraffes. It's a fuckin disheartening sight. My boys growing up tough and switched on like we were. Not social recluses who idea of living is being tech savvy. It's a lump of fuckin worthless plastic.

    • Great post! You nailed it! One of the oddest things these days is seeing a group of people sitting together in a bar or restaurant that have obviously arranged to be together... and they all are individually playing with their phones! Together but separate!

    • Thanks ! So true.

      Did u want to comment here? Or in an official post.

Most Helpful Girl

  • While I agree with much of what you said, let me give you the perspective of someone who was born in 1970. Back then, I had no friends other than the girl next door who was my sister's age and mainly played with her. I had a few acquaintances from school, but they all lived further away.

    No one called me. No one asked to be my friend. I spent my time in a cocoon of loneliness. I escaped by reading every book I could get my hands on. While this definitely increase my vocabulary, it did not increase my social skills. Both of my parents worked and we lived in an area where you had to drive to go anywhere. There were no buses, no sidewalks. No easy ways to meet friends.

    It was hell.

    For those who have a social network outside of online social networks, technology can be a curse. However even as an adult I don't have a big social network. I don't have a lot of friends, my coworkers don't associate outside of the office, I'm divorced, I stopped attending church a few years ago, and my family all live hundreds of miles away.

    If it wasn't for Facebook, this site and other places where I can "talk" to people and feel like a human being whose opinion actually matters, I would probably have had a nervous breakdown a decade ago.

    If you're having issues with technology, there are apps for that. ;)

    • Thanks for sharing your story.

      I am talking about those who over use it. They are on it every minute, every hour, neglecting and forgetting basic communication because they rely on a small piece of device.

      Your situation is completely different because you lack exposure and are secluded. In this case , technology closes the gap you have with the world. It does you more good than bad.

      This is not everyone's situation.

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    • I didn't assume everyone that has a phone has a awesome life . In fact , I didn't even touch on that. I strictly spoke about the overuse of it.
      That's really where the problem lies . It's okay to use it whether you have tons of friends or almost none.
      The problem is when I people greeting each other with their heads buried in their phone , or glancing at it every 5 minutes , or valuing their entire existence as a human over how many followers or likes they have.

      Although you're a user of technology I'm pretty sure you're not at that level.

    • Yeah, not hardly! I will take stuff off of Facebook, however if it doesn't get likes because I am careful to curate the content that appears there.

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What Guys Said 16

  • I agree with this take so much. I feel like I am an outsider or born a few generations to late because I can fairly easily leave technology unused for long periods of time or be on it every day. I don't care much about how many "likes" or comments I get (well most of the time anyway). I still enjoy going out and meeting people in person or just striking up a conversation if someone is interested

    • Up till the late 90s it was sweet as fuck being alive. No Internet, no mobiles, no social media. The world was a big fascinating place you had to go and explore and you had great adventures along the way. Now the whole world and all its madness is invading your life every day. The media constantly depressing you with another horror story. We'll all have serial numbers in the future instead of names. That's where we're heading

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    • I've seen quite a bit of it. Same old shit everywhere you go. Desperate cunts trying to sell you shite and rotten food. All people care about anywhere in the world is making money. It's shite

    • @bluenose1872 haha yeah it's rather awful right now

  • Great take, I totally agree.

    As the father of a baby boy, this is more a concern for me regarding him, his future, and the world in which he'll grow up.

  • You've pretty much "hit the nail on the head" here. It seems like social media controls people these days. I've never used those apps like face book or twitter, and I don't really see the appeal. I won't pretend I could go on without my phone though. I can't give up my music, or romantic fanfics.

  • I collect everyone's phone when they walk in my door. It goes in a basket. I can't stand visiting with friends and all they do is look at their phone every 5 seconds, its rude!

    Same as at the restaurant, when my girlfriend and I go out, phone is on vibrate. I tell my daughter not to text and call only if it is an emergency.

    I am plugged in enough during the day that I don't want to be at night.

    • I've got the best phone on the market. Takes pictures that are as good as pro cameras. When I'm out in company they're all taking photos of every thing that happens. It's like being stuck with a bunch of Japanese tourists on their first holiday. You know how many times my phone comes out of my pocket? When it rings that's it. My next phones going to be as basic as a housebrick. Waste of bloody money these things

    • @bluenose1872 absolutely... it's like people don't talk anymore! I text only when it is necessary. I prefer the face to face or doing FaceTime when I am away. It takes 2 mins to Facetime and 10 minutes to have a conversation texting if not more! I just have my old 4s had it ever since it came out... does the job!

  • The facebook "like" comparison cracked me up. It's funny and sad at the same time. What concerns me more is that a lot of people have forgotten how to (or never knew to properly) speak/write, it all starts on a fundamental level - the society around us shapes us. So if one never knew "what it used to be like", they don't know how else to be.
    First and foremost, however, it's the people close to us that shape us - if mommy is a facebook/"like"/#yolo addict, what example does that set to her children? None, the children don't care, because to them, she doesn't care. (why she has children, is another matter) - one may think of this as an extreme, but sadly, it isn't, in fact it's so common, it's disturbing. Is that normal?

    At one point in time, some people get the ability to think for themselves - if this is where people are, en masse, it doesn't bode too well for the future.

  • Yup, humans are becoming nothing more than what we're programmed to be. After all we did make computers like how we perceive ourselves.
    That's why its so crucial to break away sometimes, to get in touch with our trueselves.

  • It's not just phones, most TV does the same thing.

    Watching impossibly attractive people do impossibly impressive things for hours at a time can only set your life up for disappointment.

  • you are so right stacy

  • Everyone should read Snow Crash to install anti-hacking mental software. That namsub of Enki really does the trick.

  • we're just one long chemical reaction, reacting with technology; another long chemical reaction.

  • Uh, do what I did. Delete all social media accounts and when people ask you why just tell them, I don't like it. And when they look at you all confused and dumbfounded, just smile and shrug your shoulders. I actually ditched the cell phone too for a good 3 years until my sister couldn't handle it anymore and bought me one lol. I was like NOOOOO. Hell, I even quit watching TV b/c it's so fake and unoriginal. I can't even watch 5 min w/o snoozing or getting annoyed as hell. But you will never take my YouTube away from me. Never!

  • I agree 100%. I'm not sure if I can give up my technology, and that scares me...

    • I don't think anyone should give it up, but they shouldn't allow themselves to be absorbed in it.

  • Yeah, I agree on that... it's a sad fact.

  • Snl did a great take on this and I agree with you

  • The only piece of social media I have is Facebook, and that's only so I can log into other site.

    My username posted for the first time in almost a year, and I say "my username" because my girlfriend posted it

  • Great take , sick of " phone zombies " that never look where they are going !!


What Girls Said 5

  • Nice take. :)

    I've never gotten into the twitter, Instagram, etc. Though in high school I did use facebook a lot. Now I don't care about it and it's just wasting away.

    Though chatting through computers does give some people with mental disorders freedom. As in being around people physically can cause people with certain disorders to become over whelmed. Since they are like sponges and absorb every emotion and sound that's happening around them. After a point it almost feels like your being physically attacked and your brain starts to freak out. So in a crowd of people. That doesn't end well when they start to have a panic attack over it.

    So talking online helps to make that overload not as bad. Still doesn't mean you will even be able to make friends here either. You sure as hell can't keep the physical ones. It's even worse when you can't even understand what your friends or family say physically 50% of the time. Since it's like your brain glitches on some words.

    Plus thanks to the internet. That's how I found my boyfriend. The first person to actually accept me 100% with my adhd & ASD. He's in another country. Which Skype chats and text. It's forcing me to face what I'm weakest at. So this is helping me learn to not just rely on physical contact.

  • I've got a friend who is constantly on the damn thing.

    One time we hadn't see one another for a while and we got together to hangout at the shops.

    I managed to walk to the other end of the shopping centre before getting a "Where are you?" text.

    Ignore me with your phone and you'll find yourself alone.

  • I like the video at the end it was cute. (: But no way am I giving up gag or Skype bc my boyfriend. lol

  • So true. Thanks for this.

  • I remember b4 I started using my phone all the time, if a friend didn't reply in like a week, I barely noticed. By the time I was used to all the tech, if someone didn't rely within a few hours, I thought they were ignoring me.