G@G is becoming tumblr

Over the past few days I have noticed a massive push by GAG to remove any and all criticism mostly if that is towards females regardless of how much it's backed by fact or truth. Yet I have seen some hateful garbage about males posted which magically avoid the opinion police.

G@G is becoming tumblrIt appears as though the SJW poison has infiltrated a once unbiased site.

Here's the thing. People who can't take criticism or truth should not be on a site that asks for honest answers from the opposite sex. The internet isn't a "safe space" for fragile weak trigger happy children.

If you find yourself clicking the flag button because "something offends you" maybe you should ask yourself why you are "offended"... Is it because the post was actually offensive (which is unlikely), or was it because you simply didn't like that it pointed out something you didn't like and your weak fragile character couldn't allow your to just let people have opinions that were different than yours.

When you click the flag because you are a weak pathetic child, your next step should be for you to turn off your phone or computer and get off the internet. You are not mature enough to handle the real world yet.

Criticism does NOT equal misogyny. Stop using misogyny as your scapegoat to try and silence things you personally don't like!


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  • Too many conservatives on this site still.


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