The Beautiful Things In Life

Life is full of beauty, but some people have a hard time seeing it. I'm gonna help out a bit ^x^

The Rain

The way the rain sounds, feels,'s relaxing and beautiful...

The Beautiful Things In Life

The Sunshine

The warmth on your skin and the brightness making any day happy...

The Sky

It can be bright and happy or dull and sad or black and mysterious, yet it's the same thing and nothing ever changes. It holds stars of varying sizes and colors and intensity, clouds of water or mist, and the moon, beautiful in the light it steals every day..


Not always ideal but usually full of great intentions...


When you pour the milk into the black coffee creating a swirling of a minature galaxy in the mug you hold...


Resting your head on the pillow after a hard day or just relaxing and enjoying being comfortable...


Whether it's the loud beat of the drums in your ears or the melodic voice that soothes you...


The way the tree barks feel and the rustling of leaves and the varying colors, shapes, sizes of flowers...


Also not always ideal but always full of the best intentions...


If it's a family, friend or something more, love is a powerful force and always present in every human...

Laughter and Smiles

A sign of joy and no matter the wearer of the smile, it's always beautiful when it's genuine..


The warmth and safety you get when your arms are around another person and you can feel their heartbeat or smell their hair...


Being carefree and singing as loud as possible, bringing joy to yourself and possibly others...


It allows an escape to another world, one you have complete control over, "If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die"...


You get absorbed into the life of someone else for few hours allowing you to laugh or cry or get angry...


"Words of black and white that create paintings of color in your head..."


Capturing the moment and the beautiful reality or even a beautiful lie...


Something many people take for granted when it comes to the explosion of flavors on your tongue and the patterns of sweetness or sourness that play in your mouth...


Learning to become intellligent and working to earn some money to enjoy life....




Buying that new shirt for a friend or a pair of shoes for yourself or a video game, always satisfying...

Busy Streets

The loud commotion going on and busy lives of everyone around you...


The way they stick with you through everything when they love you, they can destroy or be destroyed...


Their innocence, uncorrupted souls new to our way of life...

The World

Everyone in the world experiencing the same day in billions of different ways...


A bond between two people in love thats set forever till they die regardless who it's between...


If it's a fist fight or a fight of words, whatevers said is always meant...


"Sometimes we need to cry to wash away the tears of yesterday..."


Everyone lives in different ways, and you live in the way only YOU know how to...


Taken for granted, it allows us to hear a birds song or the laughter of our loved one...


Images created using different techniques and showing different things but telling the same story, "I hold emotions"...

(The photo above is called Melody of the Night)

Now there's a lot more but I won't write them all as it would be too long for anyone to want to read.

What do you find beautiful in life and why?


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  • Beautiful Take, as always, I like some of these things too, especially movies, reading, rain, music, eating and coffee of course :)


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  • Nice take - Only one that throws me off a bit is busy street, freaks me out a bit, I can't stand crowds or too much noise.

  • Jesus Christ, Jesu Christi... what planet do YOU live on? the only things on there i saw that i saw that were relevant were rain, sleep, movies, eating, fighting and sadly, babies...
    when i saw "marriage" my mind went, "lol... thats death, that not one of the finer things"...
    ever heard of the 3 rings?

    • I've heard of the 3 rings yes but I live on the same planet as you but I, how do you say, "see life through rose colored glass" I believe the saying is

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    • LOl ok so everythings gonna turn out the same exact way it did for you cause you say so
      don't be so cynical
      be more positive
      just cause things turned to shit for you doesn't mean it will for me
      I've paid my dues, I've dealt with the shit in my life already
      good shits gonna happen cause im gonna have a positive attitude about whatever the fuck happens regardless

    • not saying its a bad outlook... there IS beauty in the world... its just getting harder and harder to fine.
      you said you've been through shit... lol... what shit? bullying in middle school? first boyfriend break up?
      I hope your attitude stays just as high as it is now... because believe me... it gets much MUCH worse. I wish you the best though.. and i wish i had your attitude... but I've seen shit. killed my optimism... left me just treading carefully.. and possible paranoia lol

  • I'm a simple dude here. I see a band I recognize, I press like.

  • Mothers... the Everest of beauty

  • What about video games or anime?

  • O. M. G you like Slipknot too!!!

  • Coll, but I don't get one thing, why busy streets, what's so beautiful about crowded street?

    • Everybodies going about their own ways, their paths crossing but never sticking together for too long. you can see the different style of people. they all have different views, ways of thinking etc it's awesome in my opinion

    • Cool, now I get it

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