Another Top Ten List: Top Ten Rejected North Carolina Tourism Slogans

Another Top Ten list: Top ten rejected North Carolina tourism slogans.

With all the talk of the recent HB2 laws in North Carolina and Mississippi and people banning travel and pulling business out of the two states I figured I would try to lighten the subject a little bit by coming up with some fake rejected slogans for tourism in North Carolina. No I will not be making any jokes about slavery or the bathroom law and so forth.because that is wrong,but I think these will be pretty funny.

10. We're still better than the other Carolina

9.We may have some of the best doctors in the country,but our politicians suck.

8.Our Mountains are actually more liberal than our cities

7. Barbecue and Diabetes capital of the world

6.Our cities may be modern but our politicians are still 100 years behind time.

5.NASCAR and moonshine are our biggest exports.

4.Two time SuperBowl apperances but still no damn championship

3.We have so many colleges we opened one up in every county (Seriously every county in NC has a college or community college)

2.Our politicians blow more smoke than our cigarette factories

1. Do you love hard morning wood? You'll love our beautiful furniture!

There you go I hope you enjoy it! And remember this is all supposed to good fun not to offend anyone.



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  • No 3 is a cool fact - To be honest, I don't know an awful lot about the Carolinas, keep on educating us.