Things I TOTALLY Disagree With!

In this myTake am gonna list down a few things I REALLY disagree with and that have like 0% chances to happen...lets get started:

Things i TOTALLY  disagree with!

1. Follow mainstream fashion trends

Its a big HELL NO!!....the reason why??...its simple..i don't wanna walk around with most people dressed similarly like me as if my outfit is a uniform!!

2. Wear tons of makeup because most girls do (seriously -_-'' ?)

I mean c'mon..i've NEVER been a fan of heavy makeup..all i wear is some loose powder +blush+lipgloss that's it...i'm not fond of the idea of caking my face with makeup.

3. Spend my money on VERY expensive stuffs

I don't see the for real...why should i buy something at a very high price when i can purchase the same thing for like half the price and of almost the same quality??

4. When people like to vent about their issues to people who don't care about them

Errrrr yea....that sounds like a big waste of time...i think people should at least vent their issues to the right person..just saying

5. When people complain about their bad situation and try to do NOTHING

Am sure most of you might have heard some people who complain about how bad their situation might be.....and they do NOTHING ABOUT IT they expect someone to come and help them (even tho there are some exceptions)

6. When people with high position/high qualifications look down on others. >:( >:(

This makes my blood boil when i see people with this superiority complex ( a few of my lecturers at university are clear examples ). .Why thinking that your social position makes of you a better person when you have ZERO manners and are arrogant as f*** ??? >:( its something i would really like to understand tbh..

7. People who only know you when they need your service >:(

Some people are like this....they only know you.....when they need your service..but apart from that you won't even hear about them..until the next time they'll contact you for your service (maybe?)

What about you GAGers??

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  • Eh... for the first two, to each their own. But everybody has their preferences. I don't see any issue personally with people who wanna wear a lot of makeup and wear "mainstream" fashion trends because honestly, everything that anybody has access to in a store is "main stream" because chances are millions of people are wearing it around the world. I don't pay mind to such things. Just wear what you like.

    The venting thing is ironic since this take is a little ranty but I agree with it nonetheless.

    Everything else I think is sound reasoning and I see why you put them here.


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  • Agree 100%! Then it's really dumb when people look down on you for not buying expensive brand name products. -_-

    Along with if you have issues understanding something, instead of being helpful and explaining it. They just say things to make you feel even more stupid than you already do. -_-

  • I totally agree with you on this :)

  • I hate fake kindness bichiz who bich in your back, i hate arrogant close minded mothafokas and butthurt feminist