Things that Every Decent Person Should Know and Believe. (The leftists abhor these things)

Things that Every Decent Person Should Know and Believe. (The leftists abhor these things)

The left is seeking to destroy our very way of life. Don't let them.



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  • Big bunch of memes.

    I assume you can write, what is your point? Because right now I'm confused with a pile of unexplained memes.


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  • 1. So, given that the USA had pretty much totally open borders until the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, for the first century or so of its existence the USA was not a nation?

    Reagan signed a bill that gave amnesty to three million illegal immigrants.

    2. So, then, get rid of the regulatory-welfare state. No more welfare, 'public' schools, etc, for immigrants (and phase them out for citizens and permanent residents). Does Trump want to do that? No.

    3. The founding fathers were the most anti-religious generation of politicians in America's history, and the religious right didn't even really exist in U. S. politics until Reagan.

    4. Agreed. But, your hero, Trump, is, at best, as bad as Obama on this. And your other hero, Reagan, increased the war on drugs, while pushing cocaine to help the Nicaraguan Contras! And he imposed a federal alcohol age of 21 (so much for 'states' rights')!

    5. See 3.

    6. Agreed, in general.

    7. Appeal to authority / Argumentum ad hominem

    8. Statement of obvious fact

    9. The philosophical problem is religion. The political problem is Islamic terrorism and the states that sponsor it. This talk of 'rapefugees' and such-like is both trivializing and fear-mongering at the same time. Quite an 'achievement'! Trump wants to 'make a deal with', i. e. to grovel to, Iran. He wants to ignore the problem of Saudi Arabia. And he wants people to associate the Islamic terrorism problem with Mexican immigrant workers and with (non-Muslim) refugees in general!

    10. Agreed.

    11. A person is a biologically independent human being. There is no right to live as a parasite off someone else.


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  • Not a Trump supporter, but Im definitely "right" leaning.

    I've LOLing at people "reporting" this MyTake.

    I don't see any posting rules that it broke. They certainly don't mind shit posting everyday about what's going on in the Trump Administration, calling out "conservatives" and making fun of them.

    It cracks me up how "leftists" claim to be "tolerant".

  • Great take!!!

  • As a nation, we need to stand behind President Trump.

    • Yeah, so we can keep an eye on him...

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    • @zagor Obama will go down as the worst president in history. He put this country in so much debt.. the guy can't even say radical Islamic terrorist. And Obamacare... don't even get me started. Now this is getting boring so I'm going to mute this question. But keep ranting if you like.

    • @Rissyanne Homework for Rissy: Contrast the American Economy in 2008 with that in 2016.

  • I'm with you 100%


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  • I agree with all, except the ones involving god/religion, and the abortion one (I somewhat disagree with it, though).

  • Gun prohibition would stop murder incidents? Tell me more about how a wall would stop immigrants from getting in. Tell me more about how a travel ban would stop terror from sneaking in. Tell me more about how pushing harsher laws on immigrants would make the country safe, yet restricting US citizens from easy access to guns would not. :3

  • God is fake and religion is just a cult. The United States is a secular country.

    • What a charmer you are...

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    • So you like insulting people who are...

    • @Rissyanne No, we are just tired of you pushing your religious dick down other people's throats. I have nothing against tolerant Christians, Muslims, etc. I have an issue with ANYONE religious or not who wants to control how everyone else lives their life.