Why You Love Being A Tomboy And Hate Feeling Girly!


I can play in the mud and I don't give a fuck if I'm being judged. I can play football and guys really won't take it easy on you because they know you are tough and want them to be rough on you. Guys don't try to protect you and you can carry a knife and its okay.

Why you love being a tomboy and hate feeling girly!

You can really not give a shit how you look and they dont expect you to look pretty all the time. You can wear shorts and cowgirl boots without people saying she's just following the trends.


i hate feeling girly because I don't like feeling weak. I like to feel strong and independent. I hate showing my emotion unlike a girly girl. I hate getting all dressed up for nothing. I hate that people always expect you to be a proper lady and have manners. I hate that guys are gentle with you when you are. I hate how people try to protect me when I act girly.

I hate how its not okay to carry a knife or to wear jeans. I hate how people make you feel weak and that you can't protect yourself from harm. I hate that you have to live up to peoples expectations. I just hate how it makes me feel.


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  • Well, tomboyish girls are known for being assertive, independent and athletic, that's why lots of guys prefer them.


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  • Girly girls:
    Aren't always weak
    Can be strong and independent
    Don't have to be overly emotional
    Can dress casually

    Most people don't expect me to be proper (but I always have manners because it's important). The way people treat me depends on the person not whether or not I am girly. Other than places than don't allow knives, who said you couldn't carry one? I wear jeans almost ever day, so who said you can't wear those? Everyone has certain expectations about you whether you're girly or not, and you never HAVE to live up to them.


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  • So, Welcome to club boys.
    Well you can switch from time to time. Sometimes "girly" sometimes "tomboy".


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  • If that's what you identify with, good for you. :) never feel you have to be a certain way because gender roles.
    Me personally, I want to feel more girly.
    I'm married. I spend all day in gym clothes. I get up, get my husband to work, go to the gym and run errands, I check up on my mother and cook and clean for her, then I clean and cook and clean at home. I like Saturdays, because I can sometimes take time off to put on make up and cuter clothes and do my hair and feel soft and pretty.
    I think we need balance. Every man wants to feel manly. Ask a guy to open a jar and watch his face foreshadow in seriousness like he's superman. It's a woman's instinct sometimes to want to feel womanly and tender, too.