Reasons Why I Think Dawn Of Justice Is Dumb

I've always had a strange relationship with Zack Snyder. Sometimes I hate him, sometimes I love him. This case surely goes for the second shot.
I've just watched yesterday Dawn of Justice, and since it has been a while since it was out, it has been difficult not reading any reviews or critics in general, but I do not own a Facebook or a Twitter account, so, one way or another, I managed to do so.

Good, now I generally do not like this kind of approach, but in this very case making a list is the best way to display everything which I do not like about it.

1: Batman and Superman Rivalry

Reasons why I think Dawn of Justice is dumb

Okay, this should be kinda obvious, but let's focus on the reasons why they respectively think the other is a menace.

Supes on Batsy

- Batman thinks he's above the law and does not respect civil rights. Just as the Man of Steel was in the first movie?Like when he just took over the battle without any badge?

- Batman use fear as a weapon. Superman is hated by millions of people because they fear he's too powerful and a possible treat.

Batsy on Supes
- Superman is way too powerful,and that is the thought of many. While a guy with a shitload of weaponry is not dangerous at all.

- If Superman goes insane it could be something tremendous. How can a psycho who wants to prevent something by killing someone is not insane?

Yes, I know that there is just so much time on a movie to display a feud, while you can have all the comic books in the world to do that, but is just stupid! What I can read about it is that they hate each other due of dick-size battle! Superman and Batman are different,one bright and righteous, the other dark and violent, and that's all the point behind their rivalry, while now they cannot understand each other because they are the same!? What the heck is this!?

2: Lex Luthor

Along with Batfleck ( WHICH HAS BEEN A VERY GOOD BATMAN, ONE OF THE BEST, EVEN, TO BE FAIR ) the choice of Jesse Eisenberg has been one of the most criticized choice years before the movie actually came out. The actor himself, in my opinion, is not that bad at all, but he's clearly way too young to be Lex Luthor, but is not the choice itself that makes no sense. It's how they scripted it.
Lex Luthor is resolute businessman, a narcissist obsessed by himself and a diabolical genius with a chill attitude who has been able to over-smart both Batprep and Superman superior tactician's skills a lot of times.
In this movie he's just a goofy mixture of pre-Island Oliver Queen, Jack Nicholson's Joker and Bugs Bunny. And even his reasons for hating Superman are dumb. In the comic books, his hate comes from the fact that he see Supes has a stranger who came to Earth to take his place as a legit saviour and God upon humanity, here he's just afraid of him. And, even if you wanna consider this more weak than a pointless reason, if he's so afraid of Superman, why the hell does he release Doomsday in the end!?

3: Wonder Woman

Pretty much as Jesse Eisenberg, the choice of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was poorly appreciated by the public, 'cause she was consider too skinny for playing such a Feminist (I'm talking about real feminist, those of early XX century) symbol.
But, in this case, what I'm actually criticizing is why she's even in this movie at all!? Not only she does nothing at all but fighting Doomsday at end for all the movie, but she's also been passed by. What do I mean by that?
There are a shitload of movies about Superman and Batman origins, so it is okay to just show the scene of the shot really quickly, as a symbol of torment. But I'm quite sure that most of the people who do not read comic books do not even know who the hell Wonder Woman is! Infact, if I would have wrote "Diana Prince" as a title without putting an image, probably some of you would have googled Diana Prince before realizing this is the alias of WW.
I get it. You don't want to show that what you're doing is basically taking Marvel style and applying to DC, should have thought of that before. THAT IS THE WAY TO DO IT.
Another point would be that if Wonder Woman exist, why wouldn't have she take part of the battle with Doomsday? It still make no sense. Why didn't she stop Zod then? Why doesn't Flash take part of the none of those battles?
It would have been much better if she came during the battle, help them, and then left without saying a word leaving 'em in the doubt. It looks like good old Zack just wanted to put as much shit as possible.

4: Doomsday

I said "why WW is here", right? Good. Doomsday, instead, SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN HERE AT ALL.
A little story here. On the comic books, Doomsday is an experiment not from Kryptonians, but from a guy who wanted to create the perfectly adaptable human being by letting him get killed and clone him again. To do so, he brought this creature as a child on Prehistorical Krypton, a land of predators. Of course, for this reason, Doomsday see all Kryptonians as a treat, and this is why he killed Superman on the comic books.
The real reason is that the writers wanted to try to get read of Batman and Superman for a while to see how people would have react; not a case, in the same period Batman's back had been broken by Bane, leaving Bruce Wayne unable to do anything . Public response was like "meh" and the two were brought back.
In the cinema, this cannot be done. Why!? Because you have a shitload of Comic books for year, lead times are different, and it seems like it pass more time. You can't just kill the protagonist on the second movie, why?
1- If he does resurrect, people will see that as "death is irrelevant", no need to cry.

2 - If he does not resurrect, than you will have taken the saga out of the reason it has started at all.

It would have make much more sense to just let Doomsday being the last chapter in the last movie, and leave the scene where "Maybe he's dead, maybe he's not".

AAAAAAND THIS IS ALL. Those were just my opinions, if you disagree, I would be very happy to discuss about it.


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  • Fuck me I can't be arsed reading this. 1. shit ton of writing 2. literally a nobody I don't care about 3. movies fucking weeks old.

    • Nobody asked you to :) This is just something that I think, if someone wants to read it, cool, if not, I don't care.