Why That Unattractive Man Got The Beautiful Woman

I'm a very attractive and confident woman. My self-security shows in my upright posture and walk.

When you have both characteristics, you come off as a woman of power to others, which

in some cases may allow a person to become intimidated by you.

I know the word "attractive" is subjective because each and every person has a certain type

that appeals to them.

Why That Unattractive Man Got The Beautiful Woman

I am basing my appearance off of the way I feel about myself, and how others react to me on a daily basis; through everyday encounters.

I get told regularly I should become a model if that isn't the path I have already chosen in life.

I am slightly taller than average, I am thin and shapely, I have long limps, and unique facial features.

I get complimented regularly by mostly men and some women. I get told I am beautiful, pretty or gorgeous.

Each and every time I hear those words, I remain humble and never become full of myself.

I feel when someone becomes "full of themselves", they become poisoned. They allow

the compliments they receive to define them, and they present themselves as self-absorbed,

conceited, and stuck up.

I never want to come across as that, so I always politely smile and say "Thank you".

For a great portion of my life, I was made to feel as if my appearance wasn't good enough. Although I always felt myself as attractive, I didn't wear the best clothes, I didn't have the best hairstyles, as a teenager I had acne. This caused me to be made fun of by other children in school. I refer to what I went through as the "domino effect" because when a popular person chose to dislike me, literally everyone in the entire school did. Either they were a participant of the bullying or they stood back and laughed (which caused just as much damage to my soul, as those that shouted out horrible names and slurs at me).

When I was a senior in high school, I got my first job and started spending money on fashionable clothing and trendy hairstyles. When I did this, peoples reaction towards me became polar opposite of what I faced. For the first time in my life, I had men questioning if they were good enough for me (based on their physical appearance). I had men telling me how attractive I am. I had people looking at me and smiling as I walked by; in admiration. I had literally jumped on a side of the fence that I never knew existed. As a attractive woman, I found that people were more kind to me. When I appeared as less attractive earlier on, it was almost as if I was invisible to the world, with beauty came power, and a million guys wanting to date you.

In seconds of talking to me, people were quickly able to see that the way they "thought I was" held high inaccuracy. They were able to see I was humble and down to earth. My past experiences taught me to see peoples soul's instead of their appearance first. The guy I chose to date was a bit overweight, myself on the other hand was slim and shapely. My facial features were considered attractive, and his on the other hand were considered average or below. The fact that he possessed such a great personality, made him one of the most attractive men to me. I had met many others before him, which may have been considered more attractive, but they didn't have what could keep me........he did.

When we walked with each other arm and arm, or hand in hand, we heard people criticize us as a couple. "How did he get a girl like that?", "How much did he pay her to be with him?". This made his insecurities set in even more. He hated when I chose to dress up. Instead, he wanted me to dress down so people wouldn't take notice of me as much. I reassured him, that I love him and that what no one said mattered.

I even had to listen to one of my relatives tell me, "You are such a beautiful girl, you could have gotten a handsome man."

Why were we judged so harshly as a couple?

Why couldn't people just see two human-beings in love?

Every one expects a person to be superficial because of the way that they look, when in reality, looks may very well be the last thing on their mind.

What mattered was that he was beautiful to me, and I didn't feel myself out of his league, as others might have said. He had great personality traits to bring to the table, and that was what contented me by far!

Sure, someone deemed physically attractive by societal standards, are those who are nice to look at, but from personal observation I notice that if they didn't go through what I went through, they usually don't have ability to know how hard it is on the other side of the fence. Since they lack that experience, they don't know what it's like to be torn on the inside about the way that you look. These types of people may come across as "stuck up, conceited, and full of themselves" like I described earlier. They are, who land the good looking the stereotypes attached to them, whether it's intentional or not.

I knew my significant other's struggles when it came to being desired by the opposite sex, I knew the pain he had with the way he looked, I could relate to him on every aspect with that. Why? because I went through that myself. I didn't ever want to make someone feel as if they weren't good enough for me based on their appearance, when I knew in my heart that they were because we had everything in common.

What mattered the most, was my perception of my significant other not societies.

So, the next time you see an attractive person with an average/below average partner, question yourself before you make judgment. Who is the real superficial person out there? It most certainly isn't that couple, because they look happy together, while you are ripping them a part in your mind, questioning their love.

True love doesn't create walls.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • You know what's really unattractive? Constantly repeating that you're attractive. You established that in the first sentence of the take and then continued to restate it. Even the Victoria's Secret models don't do that.
    You either come off as conceited or as someone with hidden self esteem issues.

    • Another whiny man who refuses to capture the point of this take but would rather focus on the two times I mentioned that I am attractive because it has everything to do with this take.
      Apparently , saying that you are good looking is such a terrible thing.
      So you know the Victoria models personally to know what they do? Look, continue your crying is a mytake explaining your frustrations about what I've written , maybe someone will care to read it. I don't and could careless what someone who doesn't know me personally thinks about me.

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    • *pointed out to me

    • I wasn't sending you a message I was chatting with others. As long as they comment on ur post , u will get notified. For someone who acts as if they know it all I'd expect you to know that. Just block me so I don't have to see your crap anymore.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I loved this. I remember my grandmother straight up told me my boyfriend wasn't attractive enough to be with me and that "I could do better", yet she praised my cousin's very attractive boyfriend and completely ignored the fact that their relationship was extremely unhealthy, that he was mentally and verbally abusive to her, and cheated on her regularly. People judge based on appearance, and that's a fact of life, but I don't understand how people find it so hard to believe that a relationship is based on more than just appearance. My boyfriend is the kindest man I've ever met, he's open-minded, he has an amazing personality, he makes me laugh and actually laughs at my jokes, he makes me feel amazing, and I love him more than words can describe. In my eyes, he's the hottest man alive and my opinion is all that matters.

    • Your grandma's from a different generation with different views. I ignore a lot of advice from older generations because of it. Sounds like you have a keeper.

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    • Babe, if he had been the stunner, and you were the ugly one, the last thing he'd express to your obsolete existence is kindness, an open mind, an amazing personality, humor, and reassurance. He'd chuck you in the nearest trashcan.

    • @JiingJjingi Actually, we started dating when I was 200 pounds. There was also no need for such a rude comment.

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  • [Off topic]
    @GirlsAskGuys - Can you guys please teach editors to embed their old myTakes into new ones? The take owner included a phrase "domino effect" and she has an outstanding myTakes written about that. So, she should have embedded that take into this. NO ONE does that. Yeah, it's a personal choice but you know what? Editors/Authors of "great/big" sites do that a lot. It's professional.
    Consider a few points and share a myTake to teach the editors and common users to use the tools often and properly WHENEVER there's an opportunity. Be better! (Did you share such take already? I'm sorry then lol)

    [On topic]
    *looks at losers*
    Read this! Told ya leagues don't exist!!!
    My ex (who passed away) was one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. I still remember how my legs used to shake when she was around me. I never ever thought that I'd ever approach her because I was below average and she was... I described already.
    I used to mind my own business. We were classmates and I avoided eye contacts but I used to check her out when she's not looking at me. She often caught me. Miraculously, she started to behave peculiarly. She started to check me out and she used to wait for me till I come out of the class and then she used to follow me.
    I was super nervous and I thought I am just daydreaming. But no. I took six months to finally ask what's happening. Rest is history. It wasn't about looks, it wasn't about bullshit. It was about... a connection, destiny, bona fides & personality. That incident changed my perspective. Leagues don't exist. At least, based on looks. If you are retarded, don't do anything to care yourself, a failure in life, abusive or anything equivalent, then good girls are out of your league.
    Check this fb post. She's a gorgeous gamer who has not-so-hot SO and look how shallow the society is
    AND suckers are commenting such shit here too.

    We (society) value beauty so much and that's why, it's a great privilege to have in a lot of fields.

    • <3 Thanks for your very detailed comment !
      You're right I do have a take titled "domino effect" on where I used an analogy to allow users to visualize how humans follow others , and the detrimental effects it has.
      I also have a take about there being no such thing about being out of someone's league. I even get into great detail about why my viewpoint is that way.
      Thanks for the compliment ! Perhaps , I may incorporate older takes into current ones that build on certain ideas I am speaking about.
      I don't consider you below average , I have always thought you were cute. But of course , your comment is about perception of self.
      I'm sorry about your ex girlfriend. I have no words that can describe how much I feel for you. I am glad you added your viewpoint to allow others to see the same topic from a different angle.

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    • Thanks for the feedback. When you say "embed" old MyTakes into new ones, do you mean linking to previous MyTakes? If so, we will absolutely encourage more of that in the future, especially from Editors. We want to see more links in these pieces, and that includes users linking to their previous stuff (within reason, of course). :)

    • @Fathoms77 yes, you got it right. Thanks.

  • great take

  • after reading lot of cmnts.. and going through ur take 2-3 times... i usually don't cmnt when a bad take is posted.. but urs hit a new low... whether ur intentions were good or not.. u &#! t at writing take. ur tagline n ur whatever it is have very very little connection... n what's ur perception in my mind about u* yeah thats after u write a bs , is that u r definitely not hot or cute.. ur hater who lacks confidence and can't accept others correcting her

    • Yeah , I'll take criticism about my writing from someone who fails at English , grammar and spelling. Wow you're not only a hypocrite and an illegal alien but you're dumb as a rock , a walking contradiction and an imbecile. :D don't worry I'm laughing with you!

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    • More like
      He slaps you he goes to jail
      He kicks you he goes to jail

    • @Dlewis_111 haha, better late than never, u r more of a loser than i thought u were

  • Usually girls that describe themselves as attractive in the first sentence aren't that hot...

    • You sound stupid. So , if I were to say it in the second sentence it'd be more believable?
      Do me a favor , and read the take and understand the message it's sending out. This isn't about proving to the world how hot I am. I know what goes on in my life , it's about having the ability to be able to see someone skin deep rather than being superficial.

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    • Aside from recycling my insults , what do you have the brain capacity to do?

    • I agree if I had a nickel every time I heard a girl on here say she's hot?
      I could buy the Playboy Mansion.

  • An attractive girl CHOOSING an average guy, and that too being loyal to him, is an occurrence rarer than a four leaf clover. Not saying it does not happen, but it's so infrequent that we can't really bank on it. Kudos to you for sticking with him, but sadly that isn't true for most other women.

    The reality is... most attractive women would only go for an average or below average looking man if he had wagonloads of money to compensate for his lack of looks.

    • Not true for my surroundings!

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    • @KRIEL55

      Yeah, it seems more common because average looking guys can compensate for their lack of looks by having lots of money.

    • it isn't always about the money. i've never been with a rich guy. yet i've always been with decent looking guys.

  • That is VERY true I am very glad that a woman took the risk to say something about this subject! What tore my ex and I apart was our age difference (I'm almost 30 and she was a bit older not by to much), but I have money and she has looks to me and I feel the same as you explain your other half, however she went through a similar situation you did... then she got mixed up with a wrong person and completely changed from the amazing woman I was going to marry, to someone that couldn't tell the truth anymore. It was because the people in her life either called her a gold-digger, or that she could find so much better because she is amazing to me. We were so much in love and behind closed doors we were so close so in love, her kids looked to me as their father (which was completely fine with me) the story is quite a bit longer. I just want to share that when you make a comment when people are in public and they look so in love leave them be or say something re-assuring for one of them. Don't try to break them so you can take one of them, or cause a fight between them... because you don't know when pushing someone one time might drive them to the point that might forever ruin two peoples lives.

  • Wow that explains a lot. I guess i won't judge them anymore because i always did but never understood why. In fact, i was one of those guys who had once a gorgeous girlfriend and everyone asked me how i got her to be my girlfriend and all i said was " i was myself and she liked me for who i was".

    Great take!!

    • Funny you should say that... Bet if she was the hideous one, and you were the stunner, her personality wouldn't mean shit.

  • You really said everything that needed to be said. People should mind their own business and not question the decisions of others, principally when it's about relationships.

  • I want to say something here for attractive guys. As I am sure you are aware, 'attractive' guys can be beautiful on the inside as well. I'm not saying that you were inferring otherwise, but just because somebody wants to date somebody else that is physically appealing (to them personally) as well as emotionally appealing, it does not mean that that person is shallow or conceited.

    • Yes, I am sure people know that as well. With anything in life , always comes judgment. If an attractive person wants to date an attractive person they will be labeled shallow. If an attractive person wants to date someone below average or average they will be considered gold - digger. I think no matter the circumstance attractive people are labeled negatively based on who they choose to dare. For this specific mytake I wanted to focus on just attractive people "dating below their league".

    • *based on who they choose to date

  • Very nice myTake or whatever these articles are categorized as.

    Yes, it is true; people can get so wrapped up in superficial comparisons that don't matter much.

    It is also kind of true that people can make very simple changes that are worthwhile and change the way others view you. For example, maybe just eating better will help you weigh a healthy weight. People forget that sometimes little things do add up, such as just pushing one's hair to the side can radically change one's appearance.

  • as a good looking guy, I've been told by hot chicks I've dated that we are the pieces of the same puzzle...

    I've lasted longest with girls that treat me really good like spoil me. but these hot chicks I've dated are use to recieving and not putting in much... men were happy there were... well... there. they told me this...

    so the really hot girl is best with an average guy who puts in more work and the handsome guy is best with the average looking chick whod take good care of him.

    i didn't even read the take.

    • and simple. he as resources and the personality to share and be generous.

      no need to beat around the bush to make it seem wanting resources and good things is tabboo

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    • @dominiquois I totally agree. I was trying to talk to this hot Spanish chick a while back and while I m use to being treated with respect, she was throwing shit tests at me (being rude and being a bitch to test my status in life and emotional health) but I wasn't even sure if I liked her beyond her looks so I just punked her... bruised her ego and we just kept being stubborn until we stopped talking. If we met under a different platform I think we could've worked but if is a lot of work I often jsut avoid it even if I can get it after a little while.

    • My philosophy with life partnership is 95 percent of my happiness or misery depends on who I choose... so if it's not easy and she's just too much work (after the initial storming phase), it'll effect my energy to make money and other aspects of my life. A women is something I need to be extremely solid and pretty chicks are just too use to taking the easy way out. Life is hard work and royalty aren't great workers. Life is short and I'd rather love/enjoy more and enjoy. Not let a immature selfish women ruin it for me. This can be achieved if you got game but my only issues is I don't want to put in so much work before I really know what I m getting myself into.

  • Ugly men with beautiful women = he is rich.

  • Probably because he was the only one with enough balls to approach her. Very attractive women are approached less often then one thinks, because the guy either thinks he's not attractove to get her to like him and or to nervous to. So when he approaches, she's impressed he had the courage to do so. Another reason could be she once was what society calls an "ugly duckling" and knows what it felt like and can appreciate the hardness of the less attractive guy approaching her. Another reason could be she is done dealing with good looking guys who are pieces of crap and widened her openness to dating any guy even if he looks goofy.

    • tbh I approached many girls in my life, this is not necessarily going to be sufficient to win you the success you desire.

    • @the_rake well approaching is only 6% of the win, in order to get her interested in the guy, hed have to go the rest of the 94% with a good game, wit, adorableness and a decent amount of smoothness lol, it can be difficult but it can be done

    • yeah I get that, it's just that you said,

      'Probably because he was the only one with enough balls to approach her.'

      Which is obviously a simplification.

  • Women attraction psychology is not centralized only on appearance.
    I don't say that men are only attracted to physical appeal only , many men have diverse characteristics required in women they are attracted to , BUT beauty is the main thing! It's central for us!
    For women , the main element in attraction is "Being desired by a powerful man who she can trust"
    Believe me , character plays a major part, I have come across girls who showed interest in me physically before they know me, but I remember they stopped liking me because my personality was not good enough (Because of age, now I bet I'm different looooooooool) But that's it believe me

  • Bravo, bravo, I would Give this my take a full 5 stars had that I could actually believe every word and example you have given. but I have grown up In a society where looks have been made as one of the many priorities in this world.

    I'm not a good looking guy, but my bad experiences in the dating scene are enough to convince me that there is potentially someone out there for me. and no I have never had the attention of any women in public. I just cannot take anything or anyone seriously when the bland, generic response to this subject comes up.

  • Half that take is you directly and indirectly praising your own looks. I stopped reading there. Don't know if the other half is of any value.

    • You're the only person that got that impression , clearly you love twisting peoples words. It's a crime for someone to openly acknowledge that they are attractive , but let someone constantly bash their own looks , then society is there with open arms saying you shouldn't say those things. Matter a fact , people would rather listen to someone criticize themselves over and over rather than someone show confidence because that is society's norm. It's acceptable to beat ur appearance up but not to openly embrace it. People like you are major contradictions and are everything that is wrong with society.

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    • Clearly, you were never a writer and if you were one you'd be horrible at it. You cannot let a sentence stand on its own. You need to support it with detail. Those sentences that you took and made it seem individualized, were grouped together to support my ideas.
      Instead of attempting to pick and tear me down , look to yourself because you are heavily flawed. Those who are intelligent and not ignorant like you are , were able to take from and relate to this article. You're just attempting to pick a petty fight. I'm not even sure you're showing your real age here , you seem extremely immature.

    • -Claps at another poor attempt to inflate self ego- Answering questions and seeing someones idiotic comments to others , is not called thinking about you in my free time.
      Again , you've shown your inability to read and comprehend. While you're out , grab a book and develop that skill. It cannot do you any harm, you can only go up from the bottom.

  • Stacy this is a wonderful and inspiring my take. i'm glad you are the wonderful person you are and found that special someone that truly loves you for the wonderful person you truly are.

  • Its little bit complicated. You are just judging peoples with their body's. It's not only about how do you look.

  • Girls are simply money and confidence addicts, and it just results in them chasing after the wrong guys.

    • And guys are just chasing the most beautiful girls or the ones who don't have ambition

    • @FrenchEmma Most guys like sass just not the bosssy annoying kind generally.

  • Iam not really a fan of confident women who dress sexy and think theyre hot, i have such women around me, some relatives, some friends, some i just know and apart from their apperance nothing attracts me, the way they talk, describe themselves, flirt, treat others and act is just annoying and even borderline slutty somtimes, so needless to say i dont like these women regardless of what anyone says or who they are, as i said some are relatives and i dislike them, and they usually end up getting a divorce.

    • by the way sometimes that hot guy with an unattractive girl or the girl with unattractive guy have really bad self esteem and no confidence so despite them being hot they dont feel anyone wants them so they stick to those who seem easier and less intimidating, and... somtimes that attractive girl has a baggage (kids) or really high body count or other drawbacks that makes her vanish from the hot guys' radar, therefore she has to settle for less.

      Nice take but its far from the truth.

    • It's my truth , understand this is my story.

    • its cool , I already told you what i think.

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  • I would love to see a picture of real you.. :) just curious.. other than that.. I like the ending of this take... but it's human nature to want what others have.. in this case it is love or happiness..

  • Love the take!

    I had an ex I dated around 2010 for a few months who people ALWAYS said was "average". He was tall, had some muscle, GREAT smile. BUTT what really made me fall for him was how amazing he was.

    Sweet, thoughtful, goofy, PERSISTANT, and he would go out of his way to show me he cared.

    Why it didn't work out is because he became insecure. His family & friends kept asking "How did you get a girl like her?".
    On one of the fb pictures we posted together , just about every other comment was asking how to get a girl like me and how he should know how lucky he is/was.

    After that, he kept asking why I was with him and no matter what I said- It wasn't enough.

    • i wonder how he became ex?

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    • @JiingJiingi - That's very mean and hostile. I really don't appreciate it or find it appropriate. Please do not respond again. Thank you.

    • It pisses me off so fucking much though. Because of you women and your ignorant giving nature, you're the reason the male gender has became so hideous over the years, while women remain beautiful in the masses. Little boy grow up surrounded by nothing but endless eye candy for miles, and we get what? nothing but vomit.. Our eyes are practically STARVED.

  • I love this so so so much.
    I know I'm an attractive woman but most of my life I was a chubby bunny. Now that I started to lose weight and become more fit I've noticed I've been receiving a lot more attention; but because all my life I was chubby and covered my body with loose clothes I focused on developing my personality; I'm funny, kind, first, silly, bright, witty, and friendly.
    Now that I've decided to fix my outter body to match my inner I feel like I've become a whole package... and because of this a lot of men are intimidated by me.
    It makes me so so so mad when I see people who were formally overweight or didn't have a nice physical shape before all of a sudden become arrogant conceited assholes the moment they become fit or sexy. They fat shame others and make fun of people who aren't as muscular. It's like, "you loser, you were there before!!!"

  • This post so relates to me... Once upon a time ago, I dated a guy because of his looks. Everyone used to admire us as a couple and even mentioned we were one of the most attractive couple from our country. But inside i dont know eveyrthing was going bad and now even when i think of him, I feel hurt and scared. When i went away from him. There was another guy who was sweet and caring. I fell for his personality and we started dating.
    With him around, i could ignore the world and hold his hand be myself even though people would glare at us and some of my friends told me that I have become blind but the truth was I felt such a relief inside and happy with him.

    Well I am not with him but i still have feelings for him.

    MY point is fall for the personality first then the looks.
    If you still want to go for looks first then I won't say not to go for looks. Go for it but also at the same time get to know his or her personality before jumping into relationship.

    IT may take time but if that person is meant to be your right one then they will remain with you no matter what.

    ~~ <3

  • Thank you for sharing. My boyfriend and I meet the "odd couple" criteria. I was a little thicker in high school, didn't know how to do my make up had acne etc. He thought I was beautiful any way. After I finished up with puberty I thinned out and skin cleared up. He stayed short and gained some extra weight. We had stayed friends after a breakup for 10 years. I dated the guys I had thought I wanted. I saw them as my equals. When I became pregnant it became obvious "prince charming" only wanted me for my body and with the incoming changes he was gone like the wind. It seems he did not view me or my body as his equal but a object to be used and discarded at his discretion. My boyfriend still thought I was beautiful at any shape or size. I'm really happy that we ended up together. My baby was 4 months old when we started dating and we didn't start getting funny looks until I lost my baby weight. And THAT honestly infuriates me. It's like a subconscious notion that a stranger is more entitled to access to my body than the man that has loved and cherished me through my darkest hour just because their face happens to be symmetrical.

  • Our biology is set up so that men aren't really valued for their looks the way women are. So the seeing an average to below average guy with a pretty woman is nothing new.

    The other way around is a lot more rare and interesting. I barely come across it but when I do, the woman is only slightly lesser looking than the guy. Never a major difference. Be interesting to see a take on the opposite.

    • I've seen plenty of good looking guys with unattractive women. Mainly it was because they did not have much option - could not play the game right - but it definitely happens.

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    • @funny_strange_man

      no, not at all. all I would say to people like OP is that they should not assume just because an ugly guy (as subjectively perceived) is willing to date by personality rather than looks, it means that this alone makes him virtuous. also, it's a bad mistake to assume that ugly guys are meaningful in this way whereas good looking guys must be shallow and superficial, only looking to date hot girls, etc.

    • Bless your soul. Your second paragraph was perfection. I say it all the time, because I am never contempt. Yes, in RARE cases attractive men fetch themselves bland women, but they're never anything extreme.

      Hah, as for our biology, it's sadly true. It would seem this part of my brain is very male inclined.

  • I am completely uninterested in a person's appearance when it comes to choosing a mate. In fact, I cannot find a persona physically attractive AT ALL if I do not first find them intellectually attractive.

  • I honestly don't mind dating someone who is "not in my league". I think it's happened to a lot of people when someone who just isn't maybe as attractive as you are is into you. I won't lie, appearance does play a part for me, not a big one but it's there, as a whole I think my idea of an attractive guy is just a little different than most anyway. Personality to me is SOO important. Nice guys are my favorite, not like the fedora, friendzoned kind but like just guys whose mothers taught them right. Guys who have good sense of humor and neither I nor him will get offended with a dark joke. That's always nice. I just like an easy going person. This guy is really in love with my best friend and she just likes him as a friend. He is so sweet and yeah he's a little heavy but not fat but he's got a cute face, what's her problem? I think they'd be perfect.

    • Babe, you do realize that fat boy would shit in her eye sockets if the roles were reversed, and he was the stunner, right? Hot guys don't waste their time with ugly ladies, so why should hot ladies grace ugly guys with such mercy?
      "What's her problem?" She actually appreciates herself, and has self value. Physical sexual attraction is something dictated by EVOLUTION. A person's appearance can say volumes about their genetic makeup and health. She was subconsciously just programmed that way. Her problem is that she doesn't want to have her womb oozed into with a lardo's semen, sharing half of her future child's genes.

    • @JiingJjingi You need to calm down. If him being heavy set was all you got out of what I said then you missed the whole point. The guy himself is an amazing person and him being a big guy isn't even something that bothers my friend. That's not why she's not into him. You don't know my best friend and you don't know the guy so maybe this is comment you should have kept to yourself.

  • It's a nice take but in my opinion it would have had more value if it was an attractive man writing this my take about dating "ugly" women since it's much more rare. It's not really shocking to see a beautiful woman with a butt ugly man because women are less shallow and more compassionate then men on average. That's why you can see ugly/below average, or average men criticizing the appearance of all kinds of women, including that of beautiful ones and you barely see women do that because women care about "the heart" and shit, us being naturally more kind.

    • I can agree to an extent, before becoming a member of this site I would have probably disputed your opinion. However, my observation here is that a good majority of men on GAG do not value a woman past a certain age, and when her looks begin to fade (which is why many specifically choose women far younger than themselves). I've noticed on the contrary, a woman is more accepting of a man that is balding and gray haired. It's not uncommon to find a 25 year old with a 40 year old. This shows me that women are more accepting of mens look than many are willing to admit.
      However, don't allow this to fool you there's a HUGE amount that's very superficial and I've seen it time and time again.

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    • thats it though, people who are not so good looking obsess over it. I'm hands down guilty of this. But I never put a woman down over it , ever. I've always been one of those "I admit who I am" person. so I just threw myself on the ugly pile without pointing fingers. So when people get trashed for their looks it makes me sad. And I know many beautiful women that are awesome who men blatantly put down because of their looks too (and beautiful women get played a lot). I just hate people judging on looks. Then I did gym and learnt the most horrible truth ever... it's not looks that count that much for men, but whatever personality was getting me friendshipzoned in the beginning, got me friendshipzoned while i had a six pack and v lines. My mind and personality is great as a friend but clearly not as a lover. I'm am changing that though. That's my story and looks.

    • I feel like a lot of people don't actually want to care about looks but they're almost forced to in a bizarre type of self-defense. I don't think people should be giving others a hard time over looks period. It's something you largely can't control. I can understand somebody giving someone a hard time over personality because it's something you can change but being a jerk to somebody over their looks is a dick move. I don't care how "ugly" a guy is if he's a nice, lovely person I will respect them. Actually I've seen some really handsome men have a hard time with girls and some not as handsome men have like 10 relationships. Same with girls. A lot of beautiful or pretty girls are single because men are too afraid to approach them. Things are not always so black and white.

  • Great Mytake! My family always says that I can do better than my boyfriend because he's overweight and has no money and no job, but I literally don't care. We could be homeless together and I'd still stay by his side because to me he is the most amazing man in the whole wide world! I'd give up Channing Tatum or Leonardo Dicaprio for him because I would never love those rich and famous guys like I love my boyfriend :) looks don't matter as long as you find love ❤ I hope you all find it too

    • Pftttt this made me laugh.

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    • @Touglyforfemales I've been dating my boyfriend for a year and love him more than I did on day 1

    • @Touglyforfemales Darling, it's not that we don't like nice guys. We just don't like fat guys. :) Most good looking guys are "bad boys" because they are so rare (thanks to petulant degenerates like the take owner), to the extent that they become arrogant about it.

  • I love this. I was bullied a lot when I was a kid and thought I was ugly for the longest time. When I got older I was shocked to find out that people considered me beautiful and all the girls who picked on me were actually very unattractive. In a way, I felt justice was being served, but maybe the reason they looked so unattractive was because how ugly they were on the inside. I'm sure your significant other is beautiful because of how amazing he is on the inside. You are probably one of the most beautiful couples out there :)

  • I honestly didn' think people like you existed... my boyfriend is also very good-looking and I am rather ugly myself, but he loves me because we just connected, immediately. Love is more than skin deep...

    • Men give ugly women chances
      Women never give ugly men chances unless he's rich.

    • @Touglyforfemales LOL. Google "hot guy ugly wife", and then google "hot wife ugly guy". The former is so incredibly rare in comparison to the latter, than you even get the LATTER when you search for the FORMER.

  • I like this ^^ I can relate a bit to it since I had a similar experience through high school and now my looks got better so I am getting more attention.
    I am still not 100% confident and still have a residue of self doubt but I noticed that my awkwardness is forgiven cs of my looks.
    and also I don t evaluate people based on looks now. looks never really did impress me.
    anw that s all lol, good take, nice reminder.

  • Because love is being able to see through fake tits, makeup to cover the true colors, and muscles that can potentially hurt you later on. My 1st love.. we were an odd couple he was tall skinnier white quiet.. basically everything that im not black, short, stubby, curvy and out going.. everyone thinks that I can do better and th fact is there'll always be someone hotter than bae... but that person can be It for what they provide.. not what they lack

  • Very great article, thank you. I understand you, I am kinda considered "attractive" in my area and my boyfriend is considered "ugly" to others. Except that he's a little bit shorter and younger looking than me but we're the same age. I at first has no problem with that but I eventually broke off with him because I started believing what the society told me is true, I believed that I needed someone better looking and taller than me, but all of them are kinda jerks. I realised that I don't have to listen to what the society says after reading your article, so thank you very much.

  • I can relate to both of you guys. I got bullied a lot for being "ugly" and then I got deemed pretty and now I got deemed ugly again lol. Its fustrating. I dated a guy who wasn't attractive but had a nice personality, sadly he was a narcissistic manipulator so it didn't end like yours...

    • I've only ever been considered beautiful by women, lol.

    • @JiingJjingi lol thats awkward

    • It burns me from the inside out. "There was once a girl who was considered so very beautiful by billions of people. Breath taking, youthful, fair, and striking. One would think she could get any one single of them... But... There was a twist...


  • Nice take. You mind if I write one about unattractive girls and hot guys?

  • Lovely take ^^ I too don't judge based on appearances because, while a good looking guy would be nice to look at, it would be pointless dating him if he had no personality. Personality over looks all the way :)

    Listen to this, it's a pretty good song about looks/plastic surgery:

  • Sure, unattractive guys can get some girls, if they are very rich... but those girls are usually gold diggers.

  • So, besides thinking that the tone you wrote this with was a little snobby. The message you're trying to get across is one that I... kinda, sorta, might agree with... a little.

    First if you haven't noticed people's relationships don't last as long if they don't have similar interests. An attractive person usually makes fitness and healthy eating a priority, and I have a hard believing that dating an obese person wouldn't irk them.

    Another point is being super overweight isn't just unattractive, it's unhealthy and means that they have no self discipline, which again isn't something a man shiuld be missing in my opinion.

    other things like yellow teeth, messy hair, bad complexion, and other stuff that makes people unattractive are because they don't take care of themselves. Attractive people take care of themselves and view it as important, unattractive people don't and I think that's why more often than not ugly people and attractive people don't go together.

    • Snobby is a personal view that is opinionated and holds no fact. I don't think I came across that way , neither did more than half of the users who shared their stories as well.
      But anyway thanks for ur opinion this isn't up for discussion

    • Ok then😐

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