15 Signs You’re An Introvert, Even When You Don't Feel Like One

Introversion and shyness aren't the same thing. Because many think like that they think they aren’t introvert while they are introvert indeed.

Below you find some signs that you are introvert, although you didn’t thought before you were.

1. You don’t feel comfortable at crowded places.

Signs You’re An Introvert, Even  when you don;t feel like one.

2. You aren’t excited about meeting new people.

This doesn’t mean making friends is hard for you, but that sometimes you don’t really looking forward to it because of all the energy it cost you.

3. You’re great at speeches, but not great afterwards.

Speeching at a wedding for example isn’t any problem for you but later people coming to you to compliment you about it for example is a totally different story.

4. You’re friends with extroverts.

For the balance for both types of people there are many friendship between extroverts and introverts.

5. You don’t like interviews

6. You’re a loyal friend.

Introverts are very loyal and honest people.

7. You like doing nothing sometimes.

It is a way of relaxing for you.

8. You won't text right away back.

You take your time for texting back.

9. You don’t trust easily.

It takes a bit longer before you trust someone. But that means you really can count on your friends.

10. You write.

Many introverts like writing. Doesn't matter what but you like writing.

11. You’re courteous.

Introverts are more mindful of their surroundings and perceptive to small details.

12. You are a planner.

13. You’ve got an old soul.

Introverts are seen often as mature and wise.

14. You know what you want.

15. You have a balance in your life

Introverts have often a balance in their life of alone time and socializing. This balance helps you to have fun without burning out.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Except 10, I can relate them all. Sometimes when i'm doing 7 I don't know whether because i'm an introvert or just being lazy. Nice take btw! :)


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What Girls Said 7

  • I think I'm just shy, not necessarily introverted.

  • i have 7, 9, 10 and 13 but absolutely nothing else haha what am i? an ambivert or still an extrovert>?

  • These cookies tho

  • I knew that I'm an introvert, but I didn't notice that being an old soul proves me as an introvert. My friend telling me that I act like an old lad. TQ by the way.

  • This is true. It annoys me when people think I'm shy.

  • Yea I hit pretty much all of the above except 2 & 3.

  • Oh my word. I never thought I was one but. Wow.


What Guys Said 6

  • All is true. Very good Take.

    2. Baring your soul to new people and answering questions about your life for what seems like the millionth time is DRAINING. Same as #5.

    8. I am doing something! I don't interrupt me.

    14. Not really. But I do know what I DON'T want.

    15. We know we need time to recover, I describe it as 'faking it' when I go out and mingle with other people, because I really would prefer not to but am putting on a facade for the purposes of not being a complete outcast. Faking it sounds harsh, and it really does depend on the people I'm with.

  • number 4 is limited for me, but the other 14 is all me. I'm more of an ambivert usually, but still side with being an introvert as I need alone time to recharge my batteries. This is a good take and very accurate.

  • I got five out of these. Usually when I take personality tests I'm like exactly halfway split between extroversion and introversion.

  • You forgot reading. Introvert spend a lot of time reading and be happy with it.

    Also, I am not too sure about #3. It's a trained art. Not an introvert thing.

    #4 is also a little strange, most people tend to be more extrovert so chances are you will have a couple friends being extroverts.

    And that quote about loyal friend! That doesn't sound like honesty at all!!! That sounds too much like some ass kissing thing.

    A loyal friend is not the guy you have fun times with. The real loyal friend is the guy who knocks you on the head when you act stupid. He is the one guy who will stick around no matter how bad things get. He will be the one to beat the snot out of you until you force yourself to be better.

  • Im a introvert, i dont like socializing with poeple cuz i find it very hard

  • Let's see.

    1) No I don't mind crowded places, but I'd rather not to be the center of attention, in a crowded place.
    2) Depends. If it's a guy I don't care, but if it's some good-looking chick, I'm overexcited.
    3) I hardly remember giving a speech anywhere.
    4) Never asked them if they are introverts/extroverts
    5) If I was an artist, I'd hardly give any interviews to tell more facts about myself, but I'd discuss about things such as politics.
    6) Haha, not so. Not the best guy to depend on.
    7) I always do something.
    8. Depends on who is it again. I tend to respond to women once I saw it, but if it's a guy, I take my time and respond later, because I'm bored for a conversation.
    9) I hardly trust anyone. Sometimes I don't even trust myself.
    10) I'm an Editor here like you, so this tells a lot.
    11) I don't think so.
    12) Not even.
    13) Well, when it comes to music and technology, I am. But anywhere else I don't think so, I'm very progressive. But in music especially... I'm not tired to say how shitty 21st century music is.
    14) That's a big problem I had since a kid. I never knew what I wanted.
    15) Again it depends with who. As I said in #2 if it's some hot girl I like, then I'd never want any alone time... but with a bunch of guys, I'd rather some alone time.

    So where do I stand in your opinion?