My First Baseball Experience: A Continuing Tale

My First Baseball Experience: A Continuing Tale

I started playing baseball when I was 5 years old.

I remember everything clearly. I even remember being one of the only girls on my team, but the other girl was my friend. I remember the small and large details.. Her name was Kayleigh. I also remember one of our games; where I was playing second, and a ball went straight to me. I caught it. But I didn't know what to do with it next, so I tossed it to my teammate who was right next to me. He wasn't looking though, and it hit him straight in the crotch.. Yeah.. I just shrugged it off and said to myself that it was his fault for not paying attention..

I stopped with baseball for a little, just watching my younger brother play. And I missed it. So I started playing softball. And let me tell ya.. It was HORRIBLE! My coach never helped at all, my teammates just sat in the dirt 24/7 and my team NEVER won a game. So it was then I decided, I was gonna quit softball and play the real stuff again.

The next year me and my younger brother joined a league together. It was my first year playing kid-pitch. Me and my brother got on the same team. Our coach was amazing. He helped me improve a TON! I became great friends with some of the guys on my team. I was the only girl in the whole league.

But being the only girl had some flaws.. The pitcher on the other team developed a crush on me. So EVERY SINGLE TIME I went up to bat, I got hit with the ball (which helped me get more tough). I got hit literally everywhere, my head, my butt, my armpit (which I didn't even know was possible!). My team won EVERY game we played, and we won the championships!

That season was over with. And I loved baseball so much. The next year, me and my brother signed up again, and we got on the same team as last year. I got real tough playing baseball, I was the strongest and toughest on my team (not bad for a girl ehh?). Every year I play baseball, I become great friends with 1-4 guys. And every year, one of said friends develop a huge crush on me.. (a REALLY obvious crush, that is..) and EVERY DANG YEAR I get hit almost every time I bat.

But that doesn't bother me one bit. I'm tough so it doesn't hurt when the pitcher chucks a 55 mph fastball at me. I just take my base. And eventually steal home. Although for some reason when my teammates get hit with a 30 mph change-up, they cry? My dad said its kind of sad that they cry when they get hit, but I don't.

Anyways... For several years me and my brother got on that same team as the first time. Well.. That is, until this year. This is my last year that I get to play in this league (cause I'm about to pass their age limit), and I wish I was on that first team. Because all of my friends from previous years are on the team. And the coach has become like a father to me. But I like my new team too.

The team I'm currently on, I'm the fastest and toughest yet again. (Not decided by me). Once this season comes to a close. I will miss playing in this league so much! All my coaches have said themselves that I'm their "good luck charm". But I will just sign up for a new league. And continue in baseball, until I eventually make it to majors (hopefully they will allow a girl). I've been coached by many MLB players who have told me that I'm amazing at baseball. And some have told me I have the best swing out of everyone in the league. I hope I could make it to majors. maybe then I'll write a take about being the first girl in the Major Leagues?

And that is my continuing tale of my baseball experiences.

Good of luck to everyone in the
#GaGWritingContest, I hope everyone does well!


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What Guys Said 2

  • One time years ago in my youth haha I got a hit by low a pitch on my toe. I think I tried to move but I moved into it instead of away lol. I always like playing baseball. I'm not one to watch it on tv only at the diamond. Will they allow you to play on the boys high school team?

  • attache case.


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  • I can totally relate to your experiences, I've played since T-ball, each year there were fewer girls. I played baseball with the neighborhood guys anytime there was a sandlot game, all the playing time helped me get better than almost every girl I've played baseball or softball with, not to mention some of the guys! I chose to start playing softball in middle school, although I tried out and was accepted on the guys baseball team and played as the only girl on the guy's varsity team. If there was ever a conflict between girls softball and baseball games I played softball and helped my girls along to win!

    Once I hit high school the softball program was 110% better, I still practiced a lot with the guys baseball team in high school to improve my skills. I could have made the guys team in high school but chose to stick with softball, playing pitcher, first base and shortstop.

    I chose girls softball over baseball with the guys because normally because of muscle development the guys at this stage and beyond have a huge advantage over the average / above average girl. One of those facts of life we girls, no matter how hard we try will ever change.

    All the practice time with the guys helped me to be an excellent women's softball player. Last spring I was invited to try out as a walk-on on my university's women's softball program, where I was accepted to the J. V. Team. I played this season, training for next will decide whether I'll play next year as long as it doesn't interfere with my studies, that's why I'm here in the first place. Likely, this is where I'll hang up my cleats until the opportunity to play rec-league softball comes along, I'm still a pretty mean little pitcher, girl or not!

    I'm glad I've had the opportunities I have had with baseball and softball, both have taught me how to work hard to set and achieve the goals I've set. Wouldn't have things any other way!