My Life In Sports And My Opinion Of The Game Of Baseball.

My Life In Sports And My Opinion Of The Game Of Baseball.

To start, Baseball is such a whack and dull name for a sport (its fitting actually) and someone on here possibly is going to get offended since she loves baseball (but she will get over it 😏).

I grow up playing baseball as a kid, I liked it a lot and was a big fan too, but American Football is where my passion was and still is since Football is more exciting and involves physical contact which I like.

I was an OK baseball player as a kid, since the pitcher throw the ball slow and I can actually see it and hit it.

I quit baseball though, because I asked my mom can I play football and basketball when baseball season is over and she said "No" because according to her basketball is for tall people (keep in mind all the other kids were my height since we were only 9 or 10 years old).

And I can't play football because I was too skinny.

I got angry at mom and said I quit this baseball trash.

I felt my mom killed my football dream very early in life.

I can really play football in terms I can literally sling the ball easily 50 yards down field when in shape, very accurate and I don't throw whopply throws but sharp spirals constantly too.

I resumed to play baseball again around 13 or 14 years old I think, but now the pitchers throw a little bit faster and it was more challenging to hit the ball.

I played baseball in high school and practice team in college but I sucked.

I can't catch the ball because I'm scared it was going to hit me in my face, and I can't hit the ball because can't see a fastball because its coming too fast.

Afterwards, I lost track of all baseball activities, who are the players and good teams etc and rather focus on more fun sports like the NFL and NBA.

Baseball Lacks Dynamic And Luster.

My Life In Sports And My Opinion Of The Game Of Baseball.

Nearly everyone I have met, most of my friends always says that baseball is boring and I agree.

Its kinda boring to play since you can only be involved in the game if you are hitting once every 8 batters, pitching or catching or if you're lucky if the batter hits the ball in your direction so can touch the ball and make a play, otherwise you are just standing around doing nothing. 😐

As for watching baseball, forget it. I can enjoy going to a professional game because you can enjoy the other activities going on in the Stadium.

Moreover, watching baseball on TV is a death sentence.

I must've been crazy growing up because I used to actually watch a full game from start to finish.

I'm glad I woke the hell up coma. I don't know what was I thinking wasting my time watching it on TV. πŸ™„

Having Fun Is Frowned Upon.

My Life In Sports And My Opinion Of The Game Of Baseball.

One thing I seriously dislike and hate about baseball is that it's too damn traditional.

Its frowned upon to have fun or to show emotions.

Unlike football or basketball if you catch the ball or dunk you can do a dance move and celebrate and have fun with the fans and make the fans laugh which they should do since they are entertainers.

In baseball if you hit a home-run, get on baseball by a walk or base hit, you better not dance or doing funny and have fun with the fans because the opposing team and their player's feelings will get hurt and they want to hit you with the baseball on purpose. Suckas.

Stealing signs is also inappropriate too, so what's the purpose of even having secret signs if you as the opposing team can't study their signs to find out the opposing team strategy? Makes no sense.

Senseless Rules.

My Life In Sports And My Opinion Of The Game Of Baseball.

Another thing which makes baseball suck is their silly rules. Once a player comes out the game he can't go back in.

So, say if your pitcher has thrown many pitches and his arm needs a break and you want to do a quick substitution, you can but the other pitcher who you took out the game can't come back into the game at all and the same thing goes for every other player. SMH.

Its complete stupidity. Unlike football and basketball players can come in and go out the game as much the coach desires which makes the game fun and exciting for all.


Baseball needs to depart from stupid traditions and making their game more modern and fun or they are always going to be behind the NFL and NBA in terms of popularity.

In Honor of Gary Sheffield, I wore those #10 wristband since he was my favorite player as a kid and he played for the Marlins.

My Life In Sports And My Opinion Of The Game Of Baseball.
My Life In Sports And My Opinion Of The Game Of Baseball.
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