The Good, and Bad For Every Team in the Upcoming Major League Baseball Season

On March 28th, 2019, the 150th Major League Baseball season will begin here in North America!

For this Mytake, I am going over the good, and bad news for every MLB team this upcoming season.

The Good, and Bad For Every Team in the Upcoming Major League Baseball Season

American League East

New York Yankees:

The Good News-They have a stacked roster, and are very good contenders for a World Series title(partially because they're the Yankees in the first place).

The Bad News-They play in a tough division, and they still have their nemesis the Red Sox to worry about, especially since we're living in a Boston Sports World.

Boston Red Sox

The Good News-They're still the World Series champions in a Boston Sports World. Their counterparts(New England Patriots) are also champions of the NFL. It's a Boston sports team-how can there not be good news?

The Bad News-There hasn't been a repeat winner in MLB since the three-peat of the Yankees from 1998-2000-and let's face it, that was because...they are the Yankees.

Tampa Bay Rays

The Good News-They've made some key improvements in their starting rotation, and their lineup.

The Bad News-They simply don't have enough talent to overtake the top two teams(Yankees, and Red Sox).

Toronto Blue Jays

The Good News-They have the number one rookie prospect in the world-Vladimir Guerrero Jr.!

The Bad News-They lost a man by the name of Jose Bautista...and have downsized their talent.

Baltimore Orioles

The Good News-Mike Elias is their new General Manager, so perhaps they won't lose 100 games this season.

The Bad News-They still have Chris Davis lingering on their roster, and he's not even the worst part of their roster.

American League Central

Cleveland Indians

The Good News-With their overall talented roster, they are an easy shoe-in to win the division, and have a potential Cy Young winner with Corey Kluber.

The Bad News-They still need a boost on offense to compete in the postseason.

Minnesota Twins

The Good News-They have a new manager, and they still have a potent offense.

The Bad News-They lack talent in their Starting Rotation.

Chicago White Sox

The Good News-They're one of the most well-rounded teams, as they have no true weakness.

The Bad News-Well, what I just wrote above is also the bad news. They're just mediocre, and have no true strengths either.

Kansas City Royals

The Good News-With their addition of Billy Hamilton, they probably have the best defense in their respective league.

The Bad News-They severely lack on offense, and their pitching has major holes in it.

Detroit Tigers

The Good News-Ron Gardenhire is their new manager, and he should lead them in the positive direction.

The Bad News-That positive direction will take a long time to complete, given this dumpster fire of a roster he has to work with.

American League West

Houston Astros

The Good News-They're still the roaring Astros they were in their 2017 World Series year, and they are World Series contenders again.

The Bad News-Losing Dallas Keuchel to free agency will be a major hole in their starting rotation.

Oakland Athletics

The Good News-For once, it looks like they will have some offensive potential, with Khris Davis, Matt Chapman, and Matt Olson.

The Bad News-With Sean Manaea out for most of the season, this will only hinder their already(struggling) pitching staff.

Los Angeles Angels

The Good News-They gave a 12 year mega-contract to one of the best MLB players we'll see in our lifetime-Mike Trout.

The Bad News-They're still a mediocre team which won't get Trout a World Series ring anytime soon, new manager, or not.

Seattle Mariners

The Good News-They have some young, upcoming talent from their elite farm system.

The Bad News-This won't truly impact their team until the 2022 season(give, or take).

Texas Rangers

The Good News-They actually have a good farm system.

The Bad News-Adrian Beltre retiring pretty much guaranteed this team a spot in the AL West basement.

National League East

Washington Nationals

The Good News-Even with the subtraction of Bryce Harper, getting Patrick Corbin on a current stacked, and young roster sounds like a recipe for a possible World Series title.

The Bad News-....but did I mention they lost Bryce Harper?

Philadelphia Phillies

The Good News-Several great additions-Bryce Harper, Andrew McCutchen, Jean Segura, and some weapons in bullpen.

The Bad News-It's hard to win a division without an effective starting rotation, especially this division.

New York Mets

The Good News-Their starting rotation is probably the best in MLB.

The Bad News-They still have some major holes to fill in the lineup.

Atlanta Braves

The Good News-They still have Ronald Acuna Jr., and a solid team overall.

The Bad News-They're playing in the most brutal division this season. It's still going to be tough to compete.

Miami Marlins

The Good News-If all goes well, their pitching will be somewhere towards the middle of the pack in MLB(15-18ish), and they might avoid losing 100 games.

The Bad News-Pretty much everything, really-An absent fanbase, poor ownership, a major lack of talent on their entire roster, and the fact they play in the toughest division in MLB.

National League Central

Chicago Cubs-

The Good News-They still have many of the same talented people from their 2016 World Series run.

The Bad News-That talent is hanging by a thread, and now the Cubs have competition in the division again.

St. Louis Cardinals

The Good News-They're still the St. Louis Cardinals, and they now have Paul Goldschmidt.

The Bad News-They still are missing some key parts in their lineup, which could cause them an early exit in the postseason.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Good News-They still have the MVP winner Christian Yelich on their team.

The Bad News-Again, you need a starting rotation to win a division in MLB.

Cincinnati Reds(my favorite team)

The Good News-We now have Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig, Alex Wood, and Sonny Gray. Hooray!

The Bad News-We still have one of the worst Starting Rotations in MLB. Sonny Gray can't save us, especially after his off-year last season.

Pittsburgh Pirates

The Good News-Jameson Taillon, and Chris Archer.

The Bad News-Their offense is still paying for the departure of Andrew McCutchen, and now Josh Harrison.

National League West

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Good News-They still have the most talented roster in MLB. Period.

The Bad News-They seem to never seal the deal in the postseason, and with an aging roster, time is running out.

Colorado Rockies

The Good News-They still have an excellent offense, led by Nolan Arenado.

The Bad News-They will never get legitimate pitching to be postseason contenders.

San Diego Padres

The Good News-They now have Eric Hosmer, and some other key additions.

The Bad News-When you're the San Diego Padres in a division with the Los Angeles Dodgers-and you still don't make any major moves, you're not going anywhere special.

San Francisco Giants

The Good News-They still have some talent from their 2010 World Series win-Madison Bumgarner, and Buster Posey.

The Bad News-It's not 2010 anymore. Their team is aging, and only getting worse.

Arizona Diamondbacks

The Good News-Zack Greinke.

The Bad News-They lost Paul Goldschmidt, Patrick Corbin, and A.J. Pollock.

The Good, and Bad For Every Team in the Upcoming Major League Baseball Season
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