The Good News, and Bad News for Every Team Entering the 2017 Major League Baseball Season

On April Second, 2017, Major League Baseball will be upon us again! As being a lifelong fan of the Cincinnati Reds, and a die-hard baseball fan in general, I figured to compile a list of the good, and bad for every team this year. Shall I begin? I think so.

The Good News, and Bad News for Every Team Entering the 2017 Major League Baseball Season

Boston Red Sox: The Good News-They have a new General Manager, a stacked offense, the best pitching staff, and are serious World Series contenders. That SALE really helped, didn't it?

The Bad News-David Ortiz is now retired-The official dominant beast in the postseason, and a true team leader.

Toronto Blue Jays: The Good News-They probably have the most powerful lineup in all of baseball, and have an explosive offense in general.

The Bad News-Their rotation needs more than a Knuckleballer.

New York Yankees: The Good News-They're the New York Yankees, richest team in baseball-That always helps.

The Bad News-That might not even save them this year.

Tampa Bay Rays: The Good News-They're armed, and dangerous: This rotation is quite slick, and will be difficult to hit, especially at Tropicana Field.

The Bad News-A lackluster offense will certainly cost them making the postseason.

Baltimore Orioles: The Good News-Their manager is Buck Showalter, and they have a superior defense.

The Bad News-They are the prime example of a powerful, yet, weak offense-As well as sloppy pitching staff.

The Good News, and Bad News for Every Team Entering the 2017 Major League Baseball Season

Kansas City Royals: The Good News-They have a well-balanced team, with good pitching, good offense, and good defense.

The Bad News-The recent death of their star pitcher-Yordano Ventura-Will definitely ruin their team chemistry, morale, and hurt in the long run.

Cleveland Indians: The Good News-Last year(2016), they came a hair from winning the World Series, when nobody expected them to. And they are bringing that same talent again this year.

The Bad News-Their offense could be better, and blowing that 3-1 lead in the World Series may have a mental affect on them.

Minnesota Twins: The Good News-They still have one of the best defenses in baseball.

The Bad News-They're going to need more than that to compete with the Indians, and Royals.

Detroit Tigers: The Good News-They have Francisco Rodriguez on a team with Miguel Cabrera. How cool is that?

The Bad News-Everyone else on this team is either too young, or past their prime.

Chicago White Sox: The Good News-Todd Frazier was a pleasant surprise last year.

The Bad News-Let's not act like this team isn't the rebuilding team in Chicago.

The Good News, and Bad News for Every Team Entering the 2017 Major League Baseball Season

Houston Astros:The Good News-Jose Altuve the Great, and the rest of the young lineup will hit like there's no tomorrow-Probably leading them to an AL West Division Title.

The Bad News-Their rotation seems great, yet, unpredictable.

Texas Rangers:The Good News-As always, they have a great offense, and will probably have enough comeback wins to make the postseason.

The Bad News-Will this finally be enough to win a World Series? This team has more bad luck in the postseason compared to every other team in the MLB franchise history.

Seattle Mariners: The Good News-They are going to use speed as their main offensive focus, followed by Nelson Cruz, as a potential "Dark Horse" this year.

The Bad News-They still have too many rookies to break their MLB longest postseason drought.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: The Good News-They still have Mike Trout.

The Bad News-Mike Trout isn't a one-man team.

Oakland Athletics: The Good News-They added Rajai Davis to a struggling offense which has been struggling for their entire...franchise history?

The Bad News-The entire city of Oakland is worried about the NFL Oakland Raiders right now, and Sonny Gray looked off last year. Ouch!

The Good News, and Bad News for Every Team Entering the 2017 Major League Baseball Season

Washington Nationals: The Good News-They're still one of the overall best teams in baseball.

The Bad News-This doesn't seem to stop the fact they can't make it past the first round of the postseason.

New York Mets: The Good News-They might just have the most dominant pitching rotation in baseball, and this can easily carry them to the World Series.

The Bad News-They didn't add anything to their struggling offense. Why? Just, why?

Miami Marlins: The Good News-They easily have the best bullpen in baseball, and they are a mid-tier team overall. Not too shabby!

The Bad News-Giancarlo Stanton needs to stay healthy, and losing their ace pitcher Jose Fernandez to an unfortunate death at the end of last season may have put a stake in this team's chest.

Philadelphia Phillies: The Good News-Overall, they are a more talented team than the Braves, which means they won't finish last place in their division.

The Bad News-They still suck.

Atlanta Braves: The Good News-They are now located in a different city, and have a brand new stadium!

The Bad News-Pretty much everything else. Their 1990's glory days have long been over, and won't return anytime soon.

The Good News, and Bad News for Every Team Entering the 2017 Major League Baseball Season

Chicago Cubs: The Good News-Pretty much everything is good news for this team. They are easily the most talented team in baseball, they have superior offense, defense, and pitching, not to mention they have one of the best managers, Joe Madden, and are looking to repeat as World Series champs.

The Bad News-...They still have never won a World Series in their home stadium...if that's really something to be disappointed about. I really can't think of any bad news for this team. I would have said losing Dexter Fowler to the Cardinals is bad news, but for the tradeoff, they will have Kyle Schwarber for the whole season.

St. Louis Cardinals: The Good News-They're still the St. Louis Cardinals, and have acquired Dexter Fowler, as well as amped up their farm system.

The Bad News-Jason Heyward is currently a money pit for this team. He needs to step it up big time.

Pittsburgh Pirates: The Good News-They still have an overall solid team, as well as one of the best position players in baseball, Andrew McCutchen.

The Bad News-Even if they make the postseason, they will have to rely on snagging a Wild Card spot, and we saw how that worked in 2014, and 2015.

Milwaukee Brewers: The Good News-From last year to this year, they are beginning to rebuild their team. Things will only get better.

The Bad News-They've still never won a World Series in their franchise history, and they're bound to have another losing season. As a fan, I would be devastated.

Cincinnati Reds: The Good News-My Reds still have one of the best position players in the game, Joey Votto. I can't be angry with that, right?

The Bad News-Let's see...we pretty much have a rookie, semi-rookie pitching staff, we don't even know who we're going to start for Opening Day, we easily have the worst bullpen in the majors, we have a lousy offense, and now even are defense is slacking. The bad news continues to pile for this pitiful franchise, especially with how cheap, and careless our owner is.

The Good News, and Bad News for Every Team Entering the 2017 Major League Baseball Season

Los Angeles Dodgers: The Good News-They still have Clayton Kershaw.

The Bad News-Whether they want to admit it, or not, this is not enough to get them a World Series title-Or even a pennant title for that matter.

San Francisco Giants: The Good News-By them losing in the postseason last year, they proved the whole "Even-numbered year" thing was pointless superstition-Meaning they can easily shine this year.

The Bad News-They probably don't have what it takes to surpass the Dodgers. Their team is gradually going downhill.

Arizona Diamondbacks: The Good News-They have a solid pitching staff, good defense, and are contenders this year.

The Bad News-Zack Greinke needs to play like he did when he was on the Dodgers, and their offense is weaker than it was last year.

Colorado Rockies: The Good News-Just like every year of their existence, Coors Field will aid them to have what is arguably the best offense this year.

The Bad News-Just like every year of their existence, Coors Field will hurt them to have what is arguably the worst pitching this year.

San Diego Padres: The Good News-This team is a mirror of the Chicago Cubs: There pretty much isn't any good news. I guess Wil Myers is good news.

The Bad News-Where do I begin? Their entire team is basically a Minor League scouting team. They might have the worst offense, and pitching rotation in all of baseball: They're also the worst team in baseball, and I don't even think it's close. I say they lose about 105 games, maybe even more. This team is a complete disaster. Oh, and their fans will be angry that the San Diego Chargers have now moved to Los Angeles, ouch!

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