Want to Know What Makes a Man a MAN?


The ability to remain level headed through tough situations. When he's scared out of his mind but sets his own fears aside for his loved ones. When the world seems dark and bleak he remains hopeful.

What makes a man


To keep his woman and his family safe. Being willing to lay his life on the line in order to secure theirs. Not afraid to to the risks necessary for the betterment of the family and not self.


A man who knows his worth. A man who understands his quality, his skill, his potential. A man who understands he is a catch and doesn't settle for less than he deserves. A man who isn't afraid of a broken heart and walks away from situations undeserving of his time and efforts.


A man with God as his guiding light, a prayerful man. A man with patience and kindness, a man who encourages his wife and children to do the same.


A man who takes hold of his family. A man who establishes authority not in a domineering way, but in a way that benefits the family unit. A man that takes on responsibilities and ensures his family does the same. A guiding and a teaching man. A man full of wisdom.


A man who takes care of his family. A man who makes sure his wife and children have food to eat and clothes on their backs before thinking of himself.


A man who cares about what he looks like because he cares about the woman he loves. A man that wants to make sure his wife feels proud about who she is with when together. A man who grooms himself to look good for his woman and his woman only.


A man who isn't afraid to share his heart. While his heart may be well protected it is his wife and his children that are his soft spot. A man whose love for his family reminds him of all the good in the world.


A man who is truthful no matter how painful the truth. A man whose word can be trusted.


A man who stays true through the test of time. No matter what temptation he remains victorious. A man that won't be swayed by the greener grass.


Knowing his self worth also means knowing the bad. A man who remains confident and modest and always thinking of others. A man who feels secure enough in himself he doesn't need to scream confidence from the rooftops.


A man with intellect. A man that can challenge his woman's mind and stimulate his children's brains.


A man that can fix anything, or at least try. A man that can teach his wife a thing or two about power tools, lawn mowers, and cars. Also a man that reach the top shelf and open tough jars.


Someone who is silly and quirky. A little bit weird, but so much fun to be around. Someone who takes themselves seriously, but not too seriously.

*These are just a few of the things that I believe to make a man, Of course there are many more, but these were the first thoughts I had. Of course everyone will have a subjective view, but these are the things I value in a husband for myself.*


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  • Great Take. Finally an actually INTELLIGENT perspective from a woman on what it means to be a man, instead of all that new age liberal uni stuff. I am definitely a big believer in a man being a fixer-upper. That has seemed to disappear from the daily life of the male.

    • Thank you, I'm glad somebody liked it lol. It seems like anything positive here gets turned into something negative so so fast. Thank you for looking at the content of what was written and getting butt hurt like everyone else. xD

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    • Sugarpie, you already know by now that people here just want to fight you when you say something that rattles them, lol. Even when it's something good. Continue to be the lighthouse in the ocean; there is ALWAYS someone who gets something good out of it for their life, even if it's only one person.

    • Lol this is true. Thanks for always encouraging me! :)

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  • I also value these things, except the God fearing one. I don't want a religious man. Good take.


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  • Yes this is a what a man should aspire to. Thought it was well thought out take.

  • Wow, you had me going until "handsome". WTF does this have to do with, well, everything else on here? It kind of turns this into a "just wish that" kind of thing.

    • Well I did mention these are subjective views, I also said these are only a few of the many thoughts I have about this. These are just some of the traits I would like in a husband. As for the handsome thing I was more so concerned about grooming habits. I'm not looking for an Adonis, in fact I find most average people to be very very attractive. Even people that most would call "ugly." The handsome portion is about presenting yourself properly to the world. Making sure you're clean, put together. Taking care of yourself. There's nothing wrong with that, I'm sure most men would agree they don't want their wives getting obese, never combing her hair, or never showering. All people should take care of themselves for their partner.

  • No such men exist.

  • Lmao pretty sure having a dick is reason enough to make some "man " a "man" OP lmao

    • These are merely a few values I would prefer in a husband for myself. They are a few of the things that would make up a man in my eyes. Sure when talking about his sex then a penis is all he needs but that isn't what I'm talking about. Being a "man" in the sense that I mean is made up of more. Just like having a vagina doesn't make you classy, a "woman" to me would also need to be sweet, smart, loving, etc.

    • Lol you didn't mentioned classy so

    • I wasn't talking about women though. Just about the man for me. v_v

  • So if you're not all of these things you're not a man? Well, good luck with that.

    • No, I said there's much more to it at the end, and I've also said these are subjective views and are only a few of the things I value in a husband.

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    • I'm not mad. I understand that you probably made a unintentional mistake. I just want you to see it. Your 'justifications' suggest you don't quite.

  • nice take. but no man can be totally like this because no one is perfect

    • Well of course. These are just a few things I'd value in a husband, not necessarily a blueprint for all men to follow.

  • No real man would bow down to the wishes of another being: whether it's a supervisor or some imaginary Deity. Believing/fearing a God doesn't make a person a man, it makes them a boy who still believes Santa will bring them toys if they behave.

    • If that is how you feel then fine, but as I stated these are all subjective views. Your opinion is no more valuable than mine. I still hope you were able to enjoy the rest of what was written in spite of that segment you do not agree with. If you haven't all is well, take care. :)

  • You were defining a heterosexual, Christian man, but I fit most of those better than all the other guys on this thread lol.

    • These are just what I value in a man. I certainly don't expect many people on gag to be like what I've written, they've made that very clear themselves.

  • Congratulations you have just made yourself a contender for the most sexist article of the year award. Reverse article would have been removed.

    • A reverse article has been made and no it hasn't been removed. In fact the reverse article was quite beautiful and I enjoyed it very much. These are my personal beliefs and are only a few of the things I value in a man for myself. There's no need for you to get your panties in a wad.

    • Who knew that strength, being God-fearing, being a self-aware person, loving, modest, intelligent etc. were all horrible things to value in someone. I'm a terrible terrible person. You're right, I am SOOOOO sexist.

  • So if a man isn't strong enough or tall then he isn't man?

    • That isn't what I said at all this was supposed to be a positive post and it made me feel good writing it. I did mention there are many many other aspects that will make up a man and all of them are subjective. These are only a few of MY views and were literally the first things that popped into my head. These are things I would value among many others in a husband for MYSELF. This is not a blueprint for all men. Not everything written on gag about men is negative and hateful and cruel.

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    • Thankfully there exist females who feel like you. So sweet

    • Lol thank you. :)

  • You forgot to mention his exceptional ability to lay pipe!


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  • These are pretty much all universally attractive qualities for anyone regardless of gender.

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    • You are the one that wrote a whole take about how u think men should behave so I think u r the gender nazi.

    • Lol no I didn't I wrote about what I value in a man.